Marvel's Avengers previews "War for Wakanda" expansion out tomorrow

Marvel’s Avengers new War for Wakanda expansion arrives Tuesday, August 17th at no additional cost to players who purchased the base game. This expansion will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics call it the “largest and most ambitious expansion since launch” and detailed more information about it in their latest War Table broadcast.

War Table Summary

  • War for Wakanda — Scenario
    • Evan Narcisse, author of the Rise of the Black Panther comics, is writing the War for Wakanda scenario.
    • Narcisse and the writing team took inspiration from many different story arcs in the Black Panther comics sucks as “Who is the Black Panther” by Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr. and “A Nation Under Our Feet” by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze. From those inspirations, they created a new, original adventure.
    • The scenario takes place after A-Day, which is featured in the Reassembled campaign.
    • King T’Challa [CV: Christopher Judge] is the Black Panther and rule of Wakanda.
    • Ulysses Klaue [CV: Steve Blum] appears as an antagonist.
    • Okoye [CV: Debra Wilson], captain of the Dora Milaje, is also featured in War for Wakanda.
    • Zawavari [CV: Dave Fennoy], a mystic who has a tense, fraught relationship with the Wakandan royal family, is also featured.
    • Princess Shuri [CV: Erica Lutrell], T’Challa’s younger sister and head of technological development, also appears in War for Wakanda.
    • Crossbones (Brock Lumlow) will appear as an antagonist, specifically Klaue’s head lieutenant.
    • The team tapped Beth McGuire, the dialect coach from the Black Panther film, to work on the Wakandan accent.
  • War for Wakanda — Gameplay
    • Black Panther is an agile character that attacks with his suit’s claws.
    • Out of My Sight is Black Panther’s signature attack which can be charged with intrinsic energy to perform the Kinetic Slash, a spiraling uppercut. From this move, Black Panther can branch in and out of the Spinning Strike light combo.
    • The Intrinsic Meter can be charged by blocking and parrying to store kinetic energy, which can then be released in a Percussive Blast, which unleashes all your stored energy in a large kinetic burst that knocks away nearby enemies and boosts his melee damage for a short time.
    • You can parry just before an enemy attack connects to turn their attack into a blast of kinetic energy that will knock them back and stagger nearby foes. Enemies who have been parried are easier to interrupt with attacks.
    • Daggers constructed from energy and Vibranium and be used as a long-range attack. The basic version will embed into enemies and make them more vulnerable to melee damage.
    • Kimoyo Beads can target enemies or allies and provide either detrimental or restorative abilities to their targets. The beads can be upgraded and provide additional support or offensive capabilities such as armor against attacks, destroying incoming projectiles, shooting enemy targets, or dealing damage over time.
    • Additional skills can be unlocked to supercharge sprint, evasion, signature and combo finisher attacks using intrinsic energy.
    • The assault heroic King’s Mercy is a vibranium spear that can pin multiple targets and deal out large amounts of damage. This spear can be customized to explode on contact or create multiple smaller spears for rapid fire.
    • The support heroic Bast’s Chosen will summon Panther Goddess Bast to charge through enemies and empower Black Panther with energy from the Ancestral Plane boosting defensive capabilities. Unleash supercharged attacks without expending any intrinsic energy.
    • Black Panther’s ultimate heroic can be customized to revive downed heroes, weaken nearby enemies, or summon spectral warriors to fight alongside you in battle.
    • Black Panther has the same amount of skills and gear as other playable characters. He will have around 40 outfits and a “full suite” of emotes, takedowns, and nameplates for the marketplace.
  • War for Wakanda — Overview
    • A new jungles of Wakanda biome has been added, as well as the Wakandan capital Birnin Zana, which houses a new outpost. This outpost features King T’Challa’s throne room as well as a command center, Shuri’s lab, a spiritual annex on the lower floor.
    • War for Wakanda’s mission design is built on the foundation of the Reassembled campaign but with new objectives that highlight dangerous traversal, exploration, and puzzles.
    • Almost all of the expansion is multiplayer-enabled, apart from the introductory mission.
    • As previously stated, Ulysses Klaue, or Klaw, is an antagonist in this expansion and will have an all-new origin story. His soldiers use vibranium and sonic-powered weapons.
    • Spider-like Crawler enemies come in small “Scout” variants and large “Hunter” variants.
  • Marvel’s Avengers — Quality of Life
    • The in-game menu has consolidated many tabs into a unified character page. Manage gear, skills, cosmetics, challenge cards, emotes, and takedowns on one page.
    • Improvements to comparing items have been added.
    • Improvements to locking gear for safety from dismantling has been added.
    • Dismantling multiple items at once has been added.
    • Direct access to your gear locker from anywhere has been added.
    • Additional UI improvements will be released later.

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