Chocobo GP details modes, magic stones, and tracks

Chocobo GP is a new kart racing game that features Final Fantasy series mascots, characters and racetracks. Currently, it’s announced for a 2022 release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. While you may want to think of it as a new entry in the Chocobo Racing series that started on the PlayStation, Square Enix considers this game its own work. This is according to a report via 4gamer where they share new footage and images from the game.

The premise of Chocobo GP is that racers assemble and compete in order be granted one wish of their choosing. Starting out, you’ll have access to a tutorial mode that will teach you the game’s basic functions, and it’s recommended to try this out first before you race in earnest. You can compete in a “Series Race” that consists of four courses with ranking that tabulates after each finished race, “Custom Race” where you can set the rules manually, “Time Attack” mode where you can challenge your personal scores, and the online mode is held in tournament style.

There are three gameplay elements you’ll need to be aware of in Chocobo GP. The first is drifting (mapped to the R button), which is a common feature in games such as these, where mastery of this feature will allow you to move around corners and obstacles with greater speed. Release out of a drift at the right time and you’ll get a speed boost, but if you bump into another racer you might not gain the full effect.

Driving over magic stones set at various points along the course will let you use a magic spell while driving. “Fire” will shoot fireballs toward racer ahead of you. “Water” will set an obstacle on the course that will slow other races down if they get too close. “Aero” will trace the track ahead of you when deployed and blow others off course. “Death Sentence” will cause a racer to crash after a set amount of time and “MBarrier” will protect you from the effects of magic for a certain amount of time. A special ability gauge will fill up at the bottom left of the screen and when full, a racer’s special ability can be activated and put yourself at a larger advantage as they are much stronger than magic stones.

Three tracks were previewed: Cid’s Testing Track and Gold Saucer are both “short” tracks while Zozo is a “high-speed” track. Each have their own atmosphere and stage gimmicks.

In the footage below (via Famitsu) you can check out three different tracks being played.

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