Endwalker Job Changes Impressions and Details

Nova Crystallis had the chance to participate in the recent Media Tour hosted by Square Enix allowing us to get a hands on preview of the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker.

If you haven’t seen our impressions of the media tour, you should check them out over here.

With every new expansion comes an increase in level cap, this time to level 90, and with that means new changes to the jobs including tweaks to old abilities and the addition of new abilities. I’ll be outlining all the major changes that you can expect to find once Endwalker releases. Keep in mind this is not a completely extensive list of all changes coming to Endwalker, just the main ones that I noticed.

Disclaimer: This article is based on play of an in-development build of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker, and content in the final version is subject to change.



The new poster-job for Endwalker. Just how does their cape move on the moon when there’s no atmosphere? Magic? Probably. Paladins get some pretty cool changes as well as the ability to summon down countless number of swords… perhaps you might say… an unlimited number of them.

Requiescat (Level 68)

Requiescat has changed to now grant 5 stacks of a Requiescat buff which now means instead of fitting spells in a 12s window, you just perform 5 spells with increased damage.

This change also means you no longer have increased healing potency.

Expiacion (Level 86)

Another upgraded ability, this time Paladin upgrades their copy of “Spirits Within” and gain this new ability which gives them an AoE component to the ability.

Intervention (Level 62)

The Ability has changed to align with the new changes to tanks damage cooldowns used for self and the main tank while off tanking.

Paladin’s ability grants Knight’s Benediction which does a heal over time.

Holy Sheltron (Level 82)

Holy Sheltron is an upgrade for Sheltron which acts as your personal buff that also grants Knight’s Benediction like Intervention.

The mitigation is a bit stronger than Intervention and you also block attacks.

“Blade of” Combo (Level 90)

Paladins get a new combo after Confiteor at level 90 which goes Blade of Faith, Blade of Truth” and finishes with Blade of Valor. The final spell, Blade of Valor leaves an AoE DoT which doesn’t stack with Goring Blade. The DoT potency ends up being roughly similar, but the overall combo itself has higher damage.


Warriors are known for their Fell Cleave spam, this time they can become a Fell Cleave, which they need after they removed several from their rotation. Not much has changed for Warrior, but they do get some good utility and dropping gauge on some of your abilities will give you more time to Fell Cleave I suppose.

Nascent Flash (Level 76)

This ability was upgraded to align with other tank abilities for off tanking.

Grants “Stem the Flow” and “Stem the Tide” which reduces damage and nullifies damage respectively.

Bloodwhetting (Level 82)

This ability is an upgraded version of “Raw Intuition” (which was also given a heal on weaponskill effect).

This ability is what you’d use if you’re currently tanking. You will basically use “Nascent Flash” or “Bloodwhetting” based on if you’re currently tanking or not.

Upheaval (Level 64)

No longer costs “Beast Gauge”. Also shares a cooldown with a new ability “Orogeny”.

Orogeny (Level 86)

This is effectively an AoE version of “Upheaval” and shares a cooldown with it.

Equilibrium (Level 58)

Adds a regen over time at Level 84.

Onslaught (Level 62)

No longer costs “Beast Gauge”. Gets 3 charges at Level 88.

Shake it Off (Level 66)

Now is given a party wide heal at Level 76.

Inner Release (Level 70)

You now are granted 3 stacks of “Inner Release” instead of a time window, it basically works as “Inner Release” used to work, but now you are limited to only 3 actions in the buff window.

The ability also extends your “Surging Tempest” buff (the new name for “Storm’s Eye”) by 10s allowing you to have more flexibility with your rotation.

At Level 90 it grants the “Primal Rend Ready” on execution.

Primal Rend (Level 90)

The big move where the Warrior becomes the “Fell Cleave”.

You get access to this skill after using “Inner Release”, so in your IR windows you will likely be hitting 3 “Fell Cleave”s and then “Primal Rend” once you hit Level 90.


Gunbreakers get a pretty decent upgrade this expansion. The upgrade to Heart of Stone is pretty strong, arguably a little stronger than perhaps some of the other tanks’ counterpart abilities.

Aurora (Level 45)

Now has 2 maximum charges.

Bloodfest (Level 76)

Upgrades to give 3 “Cartridges” to your “Powder Gauge” at Level 88.

Heart of Corundum (Level 82)

This is an upgrade of “Heart of Stone”.

This ability is in line with the other tank abilities. Gunbreaker’s unique effect is the “Catharsis of Corundum” which will heal the target when they fall below 50% or when expires.

Hypervelocity (Level 86)

Granted when under the effect of “Ready to Blast” from executing “Burst Strike”. You use it via “Continuation”.

Double Down (Level 90)

A pretty big nuke with an AoE falloff that costs 2 “Cartridge” gauge.

Dark Knight

Shadowbringers’ poster-job hasn’t received any major updates this time around, except you do get another line AoE but this time it’s called Shadowbringer so that makes up for it… right?

Unmend (Level 15)

Executing “Unmend” now reduces the cooldown of “Plunge” by 5s.

Delirium (Level 68)

This change falls in line with the changes to “Inner Release” with Warrior and now just grants 3 stacks of “Delirium” to use on “Quietus” or “Bloodspiller”.

Oblation (Level 82)

A pretty simple but readily available cooldown to use for damage either on yourself or on the main tank if off tanking.

Salt and Darkness (Level 86)

Dark Knights are going to be very salty with this new ability. It’s just an action that you gain after laying down “Salted Earth”. Lots and lots of Salt.

Shadowbringer (Level 90)

Summon the power of an entire expansion and execute yet another straight line damage AoE ability.

Your “Living Shadow” can execute “Shadowbringer” as well which might be too many shadows.


White Mage

Classic. White Mage continues its theme of Holy Magic with a bit of water thrown in the mix. Their new Lilybell ability will allow them to spam more Glares and continue to ignore healing their party which is a good thing honestly. Also, we skipped Glare II and Holy II, probably because we’re just that good and don’t need them.

Thin Air (Level 58)

Now only affects the next spell. “Thin Air” was mainly used on using “Raise” which seems to align with this change even more, but the loss of this ability as a normal buff will be felt in some higher end content.

Divine Benison (Level 66)

Grants 2 charges at Level 88.

Glare III (Level 82)

Oddly enough, White Mage gets new abilities that skip II and go straight to III. It may have something to do with the -ra,-ga suffixes in Japanese.

This is an upgraded version of Glare.

Holy III (Level 82)

An upgraded version of “Holy”.

Aquaveil (Level 86)

Reduces damage taken by a party member by 15% for 8s.

Lilybell (Level 90)

Another excuse to continue spamming Glare III and not heal your party.

This ability will handle raidwide AoE damage and heal up to 5 times for 400 potency.

All remaining stacks will heal for 200 potency after the effect runs out.


Sadly, Scholar did not get that much in the way of changes for Endwalker. They did however get the ability of running away, which may prove to be very vital in endgame raids. Only time will tell.

Broil IV (Level 82)

Deals damage with a potency of 295.

Art of War II (Level 82)

Deals damage in an AoE with a potency of 180.

Protraction (Level 86)

Increases maximum HP of party and self by 10% and restores amount increased with an additional effect of healing buff by 10% for 10s.

Expedient (Level 90)

It makes you go fast in battle.
It also reduces damage taken by 10%
It lasts for 20s.
Allows you to run away from your problems.


Astrologian has changed in Endwalker from a mixed Shield or Regen healer based on a stance to now a regen focused healer much like white mage is. As such, all of their aspected moves will do regen healing.

Draw (Level 30)

Draw will now grant “Clarifying Draw” which lets you use “Redraw”. Has a max of 2 charges.

Redraw (Level 40)

Redraw can now be only executed once when you draw a card.

Divination (Level 50)

Divination no longer uses seals and instead is just a normal party buff.

Astrodyne (Level 50)

This Ability is where your seals went. They’re called “starsigns” and will grant you effects that stack based on how many sign types you have.

Crown Play (Level 70)

The “Minor Arcana” ability now works like how it used to where it grants you a card either “Lord of Crowns” or “Lady of Crowns” which is an AoE damage or heal respectively.

Lord of Crowns (Level 70)

Deals AoE potency to enemies.

Lady of Crowns (Level 70)

Deals AoE healing to self and party.

Fall Malefic (Level 82)

An upgrade to “Malefic III”.

Gravity II (Level 82)

An upgrade to “Gravity”.

Exaltation (Level 86)

Reduces damage taken by self or target party member by 10% for 8s. Additionally, restore HP at the end of the effect for 500 potency.

Macrocosmos (Level 90)

This spell works a bit like how “Earthly Star” does in that it’s an ability that can pop at the end or you can trigger it early.

It compounds the damage taken and heals 50% of it to the party when the buff expires or when triggered.

Melee DPS


As someone who has played Monk for a very long time, I was overjoyed upon seeing the job action trailer and all the changes they finally made to Monk. After seeing what’s to come for Endwalker, I’m very much looking forward to playing it again as my main job.

Meditation (Level 15)

Monks now get the ability to gain chakra stacks at an earlier level to make up for now losing greased lightning in their kit.

Thunderclap (Level 35)

Gone is “Shoulder Tackle” and in comes “Thunderclap” in its place. This move is a targeted gap closer with a range of 20 yalms. You can use it on friends or foes to close any gap. You get 3 charges at Level 84.

Steel Peak (Level 15)

It’s back baby! “Steel Peak” is back! This ability is going to be your chakra spender at Level 15.

Perfect Balance (Level 50)

Now grants you 3 stacks of “Perfect Balance” which allow you to execute any weaponskill regardless of form. Has 2 charges and is on a 40s recast timer. At level 60 you will gain a “Beast Chakra”.

Howling Fist (Level 40)

It’s back baby! “Howling Fist” is back! This is your AoE chakra spender at Level 40.

Masterful Blitz (Level 60)

This ability changes based on which “Beast Chakra” you have stored up.

You will use “Perfect Balance” to gain the “Beast Chakra” which allow you to then use a given ability.

Elixir Field (Level 60)

You use “Elixir Field” when you have 3 of the same “Beast Chakra”. This will likely be executed under a “Dragon Kick” and “Bootshine” combo as “Leaden Fist” is still in the game.

Celestial Revolution (Level 60)

This skill would appear to be only used if you need to recover from a mistake and shouldn’t be intentionally used. The lower potency makes it pointless to use otherwise.

Flint Strike (Level 60)

“Flint Strike” is used when you have 3 different “Beast Chakra”. The exact skill combination will be based on your rotation.

Tornado Kick (Level 60)

“Tornado Kick” acts as the big “Nadi” spender at Level 60. You need to have both the “Lunar Nadi” and “Solar Nadi” as well as 3 of any given “Beast Chakra” to execute.

Brotherhood (Level 70)

Upgrades at Level 88 to allow for the buff “Meditative Brotherhood” to gain a 100% chance of getting a Chakra when your party executes a weaponskill.

Riddle of Wind (Level 72)

It’s back baby! Okay, not really. Riddle of Wind this time just reduces auto-attack delay by 50% for 15s. Acts a bit like Final Fantasy XI Monk’s “Hundred Fists”.

Anatman (Level 78)

Put your fists together and think about why this ability still exists in this state.

Shadow of the Destroyer (Level 82)

Upgraded version of “Arm of the Destroyer” which also guarantees critical hit when in Opo-opo form.

Rising Phoenix (Level 86)

Replaces “Flint Strike” at Level 86.

Phantom Rush (Level 90)

While this may be named after Sabin, this move looks a lot like Tifa’s Starshower from Final Fantasy VII Remake and I love it.

Replaces “Tornado Kick” at Level 90.


Dragoons jump around and poke things with their spear. They continue to do this in Endwalker. Not a ton has changed with Dragoon to be honest, but the changes they did didn’t add bloat to their bar, so that’s good.

Life Surge (Level 6)

Grants 2 charges at Level 88.

Spineshatter Dive (Level 45)

Grants 2 charges at Level 84.

Raiden Thrust (Level 76)

Replaces “True Thrust” when buffed with “Draconian Fire” which you get from performing your combo successfully.

Draconian Fury (Level 82)

Replaces “Doom Spike” when buffed with “Draconian Fire” which you get from performing your combo successfully.

Heavens’ Thrust (Level 86)

Replaces “Full Thrust”.

Chaotic Spring (Level 86)

Replaces “Chaos Thrust”.

Wyrmwind Thrust (Level 90)

You gain access to “Wyrmwind Thrust” from gaining 2 “Firstminds’ Focus” which you get from successfully executing “Raiden’s Thrust” or “Draconian Fury”.


Ninjas got some augmentations of their current abilities for Endwalker, along with some changes to some of their old ones.

Assassinate (Level 40)

No longer tied to anything and upgrades later.

Dream Within a Dream (Level 56)

Replaces “Assassinate”.

Huraijin (Level 60)

An skill that will instantly grant “Huton”. It’s not as powerful as “Armor Crush”, so this will be a situational skill if you need to get “Huton” back fast.

Bhavacakra (Level 72)

Increased potency when using “Meisui” at Level 88.

Phantom Kamaitachi (Level 82)

Used while in “Bunshin” and has your shadow clone deal a big hit with AoE falloff.

Hollow Nozuchi (Level 86)

Executed simultaneously with “Hakke Mujinsatsu” if part of a combo.

Forked Raiju (Level 90)

You gain the ability to execute “Forked Raiju” after using “Raiton”.

Fleeting Raiju (Level 90)

This replaces “Forked Raiju” allowing you to do even more damage.

These “Raiju” skills effectively give you a 1, 2, 3 “Raiton” combo which is cool.


After spending many moons folding steel over 1000 times and studying the ways of the blade, I can safely say that Samurai has got some pretty cool new abilities in Endwalker.

Third Eye (Level 6)

No longer procs anything, those abilities were also removed. Instead increases your gauge.

Meikyo Shisui (Level 50)

Now will grant the appropriate buffs from their respective combos when successfully executing “Gekko” and “Kasha”.

Ikishoten (Level 68)

Now grants “Ogi Namikiri Ready” at Level 90.

Tsubame-gaeshi (Level 76)

Now given 2 charges at level 84.

Shoha II (Level 82)

The sequel to “Shoha”. This is an AoE version of “Shoha”.

Hyosetsu (Level 86)

A new AoE combo off of “Fuga” which does more potency than “Oka” and “Mangetsu” which makes it ideal for your AoE phase.

Ogi Namikiri (Level 90)

A weapon skill that you gain access to upon using “Ikishoten”. This operates much an “Iaijutsu”. Turns into “Kaeshi: Namikiri” upon execution.

Kaeshi: Namikiri (Level 90)

Executed similarly to how “Tsubame-gaeshi” does for “Iaijutsu” and does a second hit after the first.

In total, assuming you buff the first hit of “Ogi Namikiri” with “Hissatsu: Kaiten”, you’re looking at 2,400 potency attack! Now this is power.

Physical Ranged DPS


Bard has some pretty good quality of life change with the charges of Bloodletter and Rain of Death as well as giving them a party buff that they can actually get themselves! I’m looking at you Battle Voice…

Bloodletter (Level 12)

Gets 2 charges at Level 84.

Rain of Death (Level 45)

Gets 2 charges at Level 84.

Troubadour (Level 62)

Reduces recast to 90s at Level 88.

Ladonsbite (Level 82)

Replaces “Quick Knock” (100 potency).
Deals AoE potency of 110 in a cone.
30% chance to reset timer for “Bloodletter” and “Rain of Death”.

Mage’s Ballad (Level 30)

Now lasts for 45s.
Grants “Mage’s Coda” at Level 90.

Army’s Paeon (Level 40)

Now lasts 45s.
Grants “Army’s Coda” at Level 90.

Battle Voice (Level 50)

Still doesn’t grant the buff to yourself.

The Wanderer’s Minuet (Level 52)

Now lasts 45s.
Grant’s “Wanderer’s Coda” at Level 90.

Apex Arrow (Level 80)

Grants “Blast Arrow Ready” for 30s when “Soul Gauge” is 80 or higher. Action changes to “Blast Arrow” when under the effect “Blast Arrow Ready”. Given at Level 86.

Radian Finale (Level 90)

Increases damage dealt for self and nearby party members for 15s.

Potency is based on how many number of “Coda” are active.

1 Coda: 2%
2 Coda: 4%
3 Coda: 5%


Machinist didn’t seem to get a lot this expansion. At least their robot is still cool… right?

Reassemble (Level 10)

Grants 2 charges at Level 84.

Tactician (Level 56)

Reduces recast to 90s at Level 88.

Scattergun (Level 82)

Replaces “Spread Shot”.
Delivers an attack with a potency of 150 in a cone in front of you, increases “Heat Gauge” by 10.

Crowned Collider (Level 86)

Automaton Queen ability. Delivers an attack with a potency of 750. Potency increases as “Battery Gauge” exceeds required cost.

Chainsaw (Level 90)

Delivers an attack with a potency of 550 with 65% AoE falloff. Increases “Battery Gauge” by 20.


Dance in the moonlight on the moon. Dancers this expansion got a couple new abilities along with some nice quality of life changes with some of their actions turning into dance steps while dancing.

Windmill (Level 15)

Action changes to “Emboite” while dancing.

Bladeshower (Level 25)

Action changes to “Entrechat” while dancing.

Rising Windmill (Level 35)

Action changes to “Jete” while dancing.

Bloodshower (Level 45)

Action changes to “Pirouette” while dancing.

Devilment (Level 62)

Grants “Flourishing Starfall” at Level 90.

Flourish (Level 72)

In addition to the other effects, it also grants “Fourfold Fan Dance” at Level 86.

Improvisation (Level 80)

Dance and gain stacks of “Rising Rhythm”.

Stacks increase every 3 seconds up to 4 stacks. Additional effect is creating an AoE heal for yourself and party members with a potency of 100 for 15s.

Improvised Finish (Level 80)

Creates a barrier around self and nearby party members. Damage absorbed increases per stack of “Rising Rhythm”.

0 Stacks: 5% of max HP.
1 Stacks: 6% of max HP.
2 Stacks: 7% of max HP.
3 Stacks: 8% of max HP.
4 Stacks: 10% of max HP.
Duration: 30s.

Technical Finish (Level 80)

Action changes to “Tillana” upon execution at Level 82.

Tillana (Level 82)

Delivers an attack to nearby enemies with a potency of 360 for the first and 50% for the remaining.

Grants “Standard Step” and “Esprit” to self and your “Dance Partner”.

Fan Dance IV (Level 86)

Delivers an attack in a cone before you with a potency of 300 for the first enemy and 50% for the rest. Can only be executed under the effect of “Fourfold Fan Dance”.

Starfall Dance (Level 90)

Delivers a critical direct hit to all enemies in a straight line before you with a potency of 600 for the first and 75% for the remaining. Can only be executed under the effect of “Flourishing Starfall”.

Magic Ranged DPS


As with every expansion, it seems Summoners never fail to get some crazy changes to their job. Endwalker is no expansion. You actually get to summon full sized looking summons! Of course, they’re not the real Primals, that would be really bad… Summoner got some pretty extensive changes like Monk.

As such, I’m going to split up these actions into brackets to better explain the new leveling path of Summoner and how the actions get replaced.

Ruin (Level 1)

Deals 160 potency.

Radiant Aegis (Level 2)

Creates a barrier around self that absorbs 20% of your max HP for 30s. Gets 2 charges at Level 88.

Aethercharge (Level 6)

Increases potency of “Ruin” and “Ruin II” by 50 and “Outburst” by 20.

Grants you the ability to use your summons in combat.

Ruin II (Level 30)

Replaces Ruin. Deals 270 potency.

Gemshine (Level 6)

Executes a specific single target spell based on which summon you have out.

Outburst (Level 26)

This will be your AoE spamming move.

Precious Brilliance (Level 26)

Executes an AoE spell based on which summon you have out.

Summon Ruby (Level 6)

Summons “Ruby Carbuncle” and have it execute “Glittering Ruby”.

Rushes target with 300 potency.
Grants 2 stacks of “Fire Attunement”.

Summon Topaz (Level 15)

Summons “Topaz Carbuncle” and executes “Glittering Topaz”.

Rushes target with 300 potency.
Grants 4 stacks of “Earth Attunement”.

Summon Emerald (Level 22)

Summons “Emerald Carbuncle” and executes “Glittering Emerald”.

Deals damage with potency of 400.
Grants 4 stacks of “Wind Attunement”.

At this early level, you will be summoning Carbuncles. Once you get your first summon at Level 6, you’ll also get “Aethercharge” which is how you are granted the ability to summon it. As you unlock Topaz and Emerald, the ability will grant you the ability to summon them as well.

Summon Ifrit (Level 30)

Summons “Ifrit-Egi” and executes “Burning Strike” (“Inferno” at Level 50).

Rushes forward and deals 600 potency in a cone with 60% AoE falloff.

Grants 2 stacks of “Fire Attunement”.
Grants “Ifrit’s Favor” (Level 86).

Summon Titan (Level 35)

Summons “Titan-Egi” and executes “Rock Buster” (“Earthen Fury” at Level 50).

Rushes forward and deals 600 potency with 60% AoE falloff.

Grants 4 stacks of “Earth Attunement”.

Summon Garuda (Level 45)

Summons “Garuda-Egi” and executes “Aerial Slash” (“Aerial Blast” at Level 50).

Deals wind damage to target and nearby enemies with potency of 600 for the first and 60% for the rest.

Grands 4 stacks of “Wind Attunement”.
Grants “Garuda’s Favor” (Level 86).

Between Level 30 and Level 45 you will gain access to the Egi versions of the Primals. At Level 50 they will gain upgraded versions of their summoning moves. For example, “Burning Strike” becomes “Inferno”.

Dreamwyrm Trance (Level 58)

Replaces “Aethercharge”.
Enters “Dreadwyrm Trance” for 20s.
Changes “Ruin III” to “Astral Impulse”.
Grants access to your summons.

Astral Flow (Level 60)

This is the ability that you’ll use to execute an ability based on what summon you’re in. More explained later.

Searing Light (Level 66)

Increases damage dealt by self and party by 3% for 30s.

Astral Impulse (Level 58)

Replaces “Ruin III” while in “Dreadwyrm Trance”. Deals single target potency of 430.

Astral Flare (Level 58)

Replaces “Outburst” while in “Dreadwyrm Trance”. Deals AoE potency of 180.

Deathflare (Level 60)

An “Astral Flow” ability used under the effect of “Dreadwyrm Trance”.

Deals potency of 500 potency to target and 60% AoE falloff.

Summon Bahamut (Level 70)

Replaces “Dreadwyrm Trance”.
Enters “Dreadwyrm Trance” and summons “Demi-Bahamut” for 20s.
Changes “Ruin III” to “Astral Impulse”.
Grants access to your summons.

Executes “Wyrmwave” automatically (not based on your attacks).

Tri-disaster (Level 74)

Deals AoE potency of 120. Is replaced by “Astral Flare” when under the effect of “Dreadwyrm Trance”.

Once you reach Level 58 you’ll start getting access to your Dreadwyrm abilities leading into 70 when you summon “Demi-Bahamut”. You’ll notice the two spells “Astral Impulse” and “Astral Flow” which will replace your single target and AoE filler move while in Dreadwyrm. You also will notice that “Deathflare” is a “Astral Flow” ability. This means that when in “Dreadwyrm Trance”, “Astral Flow” becomes “Deathflare”.

Ruby Rite (Level 72)

Casted spell with a potency of 430.
“Fire Attunement” Cost: 1

Topaz Rite (Level 72)

Instant cast potency of 330.
Grants “Titan’s Favor”
“Earth Attunement” Cost: 1

Emerald Rite (Level 72)

Instant cast potency of 230.
“Wind Attunement” Cost: 1

At Level 72 you get “Ruin Mastery III” which enhances “Gemshine” to use these “Rite” spells based on which summon you have out. You can see they each will cost 1 Attunement of the appropriate element. If you look at the summons above, you’ll see that Ifrit is given 2 Attunement, while Titan and Garuda are given 4 Attunement. This plays into the rotation of the job which will be explained more later.

Summon Phoenix (Level 80)

Enters “Firebird Trance” and summons “Demi-Phoenix” for 20s.

Executes “Scarlet Flame” automatically.
Grants access to your summons.

Changes “Ruin III” to “Fountain of Fire” and “Tri-disaster” to “Brand of Purgatory”.

Fountain of Fire (Level 80)

Replaces “Ruin III” while in “Firebird Trance”. Deals single target potency of 430.

Brand of Purgatory (Level 80)

Replaces “Tri-disaster” while in “Firebird Trance”. Deals AoE potency of 180.

Rekindle (Level 80)

Restores own or target party member’s HP by 200 potency.
Additionally grants “Rekindle” to target for 30s which heals over time when HP falls below 50% or when the buff expires. “Rekindle” buff execution is a 200 potency regen for 15s.

Is an “Astral Flow” ability and is only accessible in “Firebird Trance”.

As you can see at Level 80 when you gain Phoenix, your single target and AoE are “rebranded” to the Phoenix abilities. They do the same potency, but will just look different. You may also notice that the interaction with “Fountain of Fire” and “Brand of Purgatory” is different now. The “Astral Flow” ability for Phoenix is “Rekindle” which is a heal with a regen.

Ruby Catastrophe (Level 82)

Casted AoE spell with potency of 180.
“Fire Attunement” Cost: 1

Topaz Catastrophe (Level 82)

Instant cast spell with AoE potency of 140.
Grants “Titan’s Favor”.
“Earth Attunement” Cost: 1

Emerald Catastrophe (Level 82)

Instant cast spell with AoE potency of 100.
“Wind Attunement” Cost: 1

These are the AoE versions of the Attunement spells which you access through “Precious Brilliance”.

Crimson Cyclone (Level 86)

Rushes forward and deals 430 potency for the first enemy and a 65% AoE falloff. Only accessible with “Ifrit’s Favor”.

Crimson Strike (Level 86)

Deals damage to target and enemies around with potency of 430 for the first and 65% for the rest. Combos off of “Crimson Cyclone”.

Mountain Buster (Level 86)

Deals damage to enemies in an AoE 150 for the first and 70% for the rest. Only accessible with “Titan’s Favor”.

Slipstream (Level 86)

Deals wind damage to target and enemies nearby with a potency for 430 for the first and 65% for the rest. Creates a windstorm DoT on the ground with a potency of 30 for 12s.

These are all the “Astral Flow” abilities for the three summons. Each has a unique way in how you execute it. For example, Ifrit you will perform the two long casts to use your 2 Attunements, and then gap close into the enemy and then perform the combo action to complete the Ifrit Phase. Whereas if you’re using Titan, you instead weave the single target/AoE instant cast with the instant cast “Mountain Buster” back to back as each Attunement spell grants you 1 Favor to spend on “Mountain Buster”.

Summon Ifrit II (Level 90)

Summons “Ifrit” and orders it to execute “Inferno”. Deals damage to target and nearby enemies, 700 for the first and a 60% falloff.

Summon Titan II (Level 90)

Summons “Titan” and orders it to execute “Earthen Fury”. Deals damage to target and nearby enemies, 700 for the first and a 60% falloff.

Summon Ifrit II (Level 90)

Summons “Garuda” and orders it to execute “Aerial Blast”. Deals damage to target and nearby enemies, 700 for the first and a 60% falloff.

Last but certainly not least, we have the big summons! They do everything the Egis do, they just do more damage and are visually a lot bigger. Phew, that was a lot, hopefully you can follow most of that. I couldn’t get to everything, you’ll just have to see how it plays for yourself in Endwalker!

Black Mage

Black Mage received a lot of quality of life changes in regards to how their spells work and upgrade. Overall I think Black Mage is in a really good place based on these changes. Please continue to stand in all the AoEs you want.

Blizzard II (Level 12)

Blizzard II is now a ranged AoE spell! It even has a new icon! It also grants max stacks of “Umbral Ice”.

Fire II (Level 18)

Similarly to “Blizzard II” it will grant you the max number of “Astral Fire” stacks for your level.

Freeze (Level 40)

This spell now acts more like an AoE version of “Blizzard IV”. At Level 58 it grants 3 “Umbral Hearts”.

Foul (Level 70)

Now is an instant cast.

High Fire II (Level 82)

Deals 100 potency AoE damage and grants “Astral Fire III”. While in “Astral Fire” will also grant “Enhanced Flare” for 30s. Maximum charges is 2.

High Blizzard II (Level 82)

Is just a more powerful “Blizzard II”. AoE Potency is 100.

Amplifier (Level 86)

Grants “Polyglot”. Can only be executed while under the effect of “Astral Fire” or “Umbral Ice”.

Paradox (Level 90)

Deals damage with potency of 510.
“Astral Fire” Bonus: 40% chance to proc “Firestarter”.
“Umbral Ice” Bonus: Requires no MP to cast and refreshes “Umbral Ice”.

Can only be executed under the effect of “Paradox”. Granted by swapping from “Astral Fire III” to “Umbral Ice III” or from having “Umbral Ice III” and gaining 3 “Umbral Hearts” then swapping to “Astral Fire”.

Red Mage

Red Mages have an alternative resource called “Mana Stacks” which are received fairly early on. It seems that the changes to Red Mage are Ver-ry cool! Get it…? Anyway, you get these new “Mana Stacks” by executing any of the “Enhanced” versions of the melee skills. Each one will give you one stack. This change allows Red Mages to execute their Verflare/Verholy finishers even when doing AoE.

Verthunder (Level 4)

Upon gaining 3 “Magic Stacks” it’s upgraded to “Verflare” at Level 68.

Veraero (Level 10)

Upon gaining 3 “Magic Stacks” it’s upgraded to “Verholy” at Level 68.

Displacement (Level 40)

Gains 2 charges at Level 72.

Engagement (Level 40)

Gains 2 charges at Level 72.

Verthunder III (Level 82)

Upgraded version of “Verthunder”.

Upon gaining 3 “Magic Stacks” it is upgraded to “Verflare”.

Veraero III (Level 82)

Upgraded version of “Veraero”.

Upon gaining 3 “Magic Stacks” it is upgraded to “Verholy”.

Magick Barrier (Level 86)

Reduces magic damage taken by self and party members by 10% while increasing HP recovered by 5%.

Resolution (Level 90)

Deals unaspected damage to all enemies in a line with a potency of 750 for the first and 60% for the rest. Combos off of “Scorch”.

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