Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster updated with various adjustments and fixes

Recently released on Steam, iOS, and Android, Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster is a new version of the original Super Famicom title released in 1992. Featuring updated visuals, a newly-arranged soundtrack, and more, the the Pixel Remaster is part of a series revisiting the first six title in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Final Fantasy V, in particular, revisits the popular job system that allows its protagonists to freely mix and match abilities they’ve learned, and continues what would become a tradition of “Active Time Battle” turn-based encounters. The story follows Lenna, princess of Tycoon, as she ventures forth to find her father who is searching for the world’s remaining crystals to forestall impending doom. On her journey, she meets the adventurer Bartz, and amnesiac elder named Galuf, and the pirate captain Faris. They are blessed by the crystals and tasked with saving them from the clutches of the evil Exdeath, who seeks to deliver the world into nothingness.

Today, Square Enix updated the Steam version of the game with various adjustments and fixes to bugs experienced in the game. Additional updates are also planned to be deployed to fix other unresolved issues.

Check it out below:

Battle Adjustments

  • The ability “Cover” has been altered so it now activates when in critical condition.
  • In battles that cannot be escaped from, the ability “Hide” has been changed so it continues, even when all characters other than the hidden character are wiped out.
  • The ability “Barehanded” has been adjusted to reduce correctly when certain command abilities are used, such as “Rapid Fire” and “Jump”.
  • The HP reduction effect of “Thornlet” now continues throughout battle.
  • A fix has been implemented meaning that when a character wearing an accessory that grants additional effects is KO, Petrify or turned into a zombie, and those effects are ended, the effects will now automatically return after their status is restored to normal.
  • The status ailment resistance of some monsters has been decreased.
  • The behaviour of certain monsters using non-standard counters when hit by special kinds of attacks, such as multi-hit attacks, has now been fixed.
  • For some enemies, the conditions for a special counter occurring, for example, when defeated) have been adjusted, and if there is event, it will trigger correctly without skipping.
    There is an issue where counter actions and events may no longer occur if three or more consecutive attacks are performed. We plan to fix this issue in future.

Map/Event Adjustments

  • Movement speed has been decreased for the ability “Dash”.
  • Black Chocobo movement patterns have been adjusted, making capture easier.

Bug Fixes


  • There were some cases where using the abilities “Control”, “Catch” and “Release” in succession would cause the processing to slow down.
  • There continue to be some cases where the behaviour of “Release” is affected when the selected monster disappears before “Catch” is carried out, and a different monster is caught. Additionally, if a character leaves the party while monsters are caught, then they will have lost those monsters when they rejoin the party. We plan to fix these two issues in future.
  • The turn order may have performed unusually when using the time magic spell “Quick” with the ability “Dualcast”.
  • The game may have performed unusually when the ability “Mimic” is used under certain conditions.
  • Using the ability “Lance” on an enemy whose movements have been stopped would prevent the game from progressing further.
  • There were some cases where parameter changes for abilities and equipment may not have been properly reflected.
  • There were some cases where the ATB gauge was not correctly maintained when performing a counter action.
  • The enemy skill “Danse Macabre” also targeted party members who had temporarily left the battlefield.
  • When using a “Gold Needle” against certain monsters like “Stone Golems”, the game may have performed unusually, preventing the game from progressing further.
  • There were some cases where the effect of the “Gold Hairpin” that reduces MP consumed by half did not function correctly.
  • There were some cases where additional effects on equipped weapons did not occur correctly when afflicted with the “Zombie” status ailment, causing the game to perform unusually.
  • The motion when using the ability “Time Magic” “Iainuki” was incorrect.


  • There were some cases where the battle with the boss monster, “Necrophobe”, would not trigger under certain conditions. We have adjusted it so that this battle will trigger again if you load a save from before you entered the final floor, or if you load a completed game save created after this update has been released. If the bug has already occurred for you, then we apologise for the trouble, but ask you to use the above methods to resolve the issue.
  • There were some cases where the landmass settings on the world map and the movement speeds for vehicles were not correct.
  • The changes to landmass on the world map were not correct at a certain time.
  • There was a place on the sea at the beginning of the game where unintended battle encounters would occur.
  • There were some cases where you became unable to return to the vehicle that you were previously riding after certain events had occurred.
  • After exiting certain dungeons, the teleport destination may have performed unusually when using “Teleport” from another location.
  • In certain maps including the “Tower of Walse”, moving whilst afflicted with the “Toad” or “Mini” status may have prevented the game from progressing further.
  • There were some cases where certain conditions during dungeons or battles with a time limit would prevent the game from progressing further.
  • There were some cases were certain control inputs would cause events to occur repeatedly.
  • Reloading a quick save from certain points caused some battles that should have occurred to not trigger.
  • Reloading a quick save from certain points prevented the game from progressing further.
  • If you recovered to full HP (for example, by using a “Cottage”) whilst afflicted with the “Zombie” status ailment, then you would become unable to cure it with “Holy Water”.
  • In the sound player, some songs had errors in their play time.


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