NieR and Final Fantasy XIII sequels to get FPS Boost on Xbox platforms

As part of Microsoft’s Xbox 20th anniversary announcements, a slate of new titles from the Xbox 360 era are now backwards-compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. This list now includes 2010’s NieR or NieR Gestalt, which features an older protagonist and father of Yonah, as opposed to NieR Replicant and its 2021 remaster featuring a younger protagonist as Yonah’s brother. This title will also benefit from a ‘FPS Boost’ feature that will raise the ceiling for the game’s framerate to 60.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII were previously available as backwards compatible titles, but will now improve from the FPS Boost feature that will increase framerates to a ceiling of 60 per second. Players may remember slowdown in the more graphically intense areas of XIII-2 such as the sprawling and vertically-oriented Academia, which seem ripe to benefit from such an update.

The original Final Fantasy XIII and NieR Automata are also currently part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass offerings.

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