Final Fantasy XIV to perform maintenance December 8 to address congestion issues

If you’ve been having trouble trying to play Final Fantasy XIV in recent days, you’re not alone. Starting with the Endwalker expansion’s early access phase last Friday, an enormous amount of players are attempting to log in and play — the most since the launch of A Realm Reborn in 2013. So says producer and Naoki Yoshida in his latest update addressing the issues players are experiencing, which include long queues and frequent disconnections from said queue.

Maintenance will be conducted early on Wednesday morning, where all Worlds will be down for about four hours. The team is hoping to update the source code used by the lobby server to fix some of the errors involved, and will also be using development servers to augment servers. Errors generally happen when the lobby server exceeds 17,000 players, and this process will increase that cap to 21,000 players.

In other times, the team would purchase and install new severs to add additional worlds, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a strain on the semiconductor supply chain, a needed component to assembling new servers. Alongside the record number of logins, this is a factor that is inhibiting to the team from resolving these issues. They are offering compensation to players with 7 days of free game time, which may increase depending on how things resolve.

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