All Saints' Wake seasonal event returns to Final Fantasy XIV on January 20

After a several-month delay to accommodate the launch of the Endwalker exapnsion, Final Fantasy XIV‘s Halloween-themed “All Saints’ Wake” seasonal event will kick off January 20th and conclude on February 2nd. Despite the unseasonable timing, the development team stated that they didn’t want to waste the work put into the event, thus deciding to offer a spooky January to players rather than the usual late-October timing.

Exclusive items obtained during this limited-time event are clown-themed garb (including a hat, top, shortgloves, bottoms, and boots.) Clown facepaint can also be obtained to unlock via the Aesthetician. Furnishings include a haunted pumpkin outdoor set and an pumpkin flower vase for indoor tabletop surfaces.

To participate in the event, speak with the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator in Old Gridania [X:10.4, Y:8.4]. You must be Level 15 to participate and have travel access to Gridania.

“All Saints’ Wake will soon begin in Eorzea! To celebrate the festivities, the city-states and residential districts will be decorated for the occasion and the Continental Circus will be making their appearance once more!”

All Saints’ Wake 2022

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