Babylon's Fall 1.1.0 adds new weapon type, faction, and ranked event

As part of Babylon’s Fall live service structure, new content and features will continue to arrive after launch. After a poor critical reception and low player activity, the team made a statement this week that shared that the game’s development is not in jeopardy, and that plans to develop and release additional content in the season-based structure will continue, as well as addressing feedback on the game’s faults.

Continuing the first season “The Eternal Ziggurat,” today’s update includes a new story campaign, which will add to the explorable areas in the game. Challenging quests called “Gauntlets” have also been added, as well as a new Great Axe weapon type and Molzamite faction.

Here’s a summary of the major bits below:

New content and features

  • Tower of Babylon: Blockade Zone has been added as part of a new story campaign.
  • Gauntlets have been added as a new type of content.
    • Gauntlets are “extremely challenging” quests that have built-in modifiers that will affect various elements of gameplay. You can check what these modifiers are before you engage in the quest. Completing them will reward powerful equipment and materials that can be used to refine the enchantments appended to your gear.
  • New infamous enemies have been added to the new areas, tougher targets that have a chance to drop powerful rewards.
  • Diodorus appears as a new Duel, in a content type where you face a boss in an arena.
  • Molzamites have been added as a fourth faction to select when creating a Sentinel. They are discribed as “large, powerful warriors” who dwell in deep underground caves. Gideon Coffin Booster Crystals have been added specifically for this faction, and they can be attained in exchange for Sentinel Signatums.
  • Great axes, or labrys, have been added as a weapon type. They feature a wide attack range intended for situations where you’re surrounded by enemies. When used by Molzamites, they will increase your defense and you will not recoil from enemy attacks.
  • The maximum power level (item level) is now 200, up from the previous cap of 150.
  • The maximum character level is now 22, up from the previous cap of 20.

Game Balance & Adjustments

  • Enchantment draw tables have been divided by weapon type and how difficult it is to fulfill their conditions will depend on that type. That means some weapon categories will be more effective or less effective when pared with a specific enchantments. The team has increased the number of enchantments that have their performance adjusted for the weapon type they are pared with. Note that weapons and armor that already have enchantments on them won’t have their performance changed, but they’ll be applied to any new equipment you pick up.
  • Critical hit chance has been adjusted.
  • A bug has been fixed that affected the activation rate of enchantments, causing them to be too easy to activate.
  • Barrier durability values have also been adjusted, due to than higher-than-intended effectiveness in comparison to enchantments that boosted the maximum HP.
  • Several specific pieces of equipment have had adjustments regarding how they interact with enchantments; you can check out the full details here.
  • The amount of materials and conches consumed when crafting has been reduced so that players are incentivized to use the feature more frequently. Some fixes have gone in to correct an issue where the upgrade materials required for certain pieces of equipment were incorrect.

New Features

  • A ‘Refine’ feature has been added which allows you to replace an item’s enchantment. From this menu you’ll be able to select an enchantment and replace it with a random enchantment if you have the required materials to do so. There’s no limit to the amount of times you can refine an enchantment, but be warned that you have to commit to a specific slot, so plan carefully.
  • The Quest Board will now display an objective icon for ranked and Siege quests, as an easy reference that your participation will count towards your seasonal ranking.
  • You’ll be able to check a list of enchantments on an equipment pack you’ve selected to purchase from the Conch Shop.
  • When selling items, the confirmation screen will now display the total amount of conches you’ll receive.

Events & Campaigns

NieR Automata Collaboration

Begin: Tuesday, March 29th, 2022
End: Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

This event will include limited-time special quests and costume items.

Gauntlet: Combustion Chamber II

Begin: Tuesday, March 22th, 2022
End: Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

This ranked event will have you collect Chapter Points when you complete the target quest. Your prize will vary depending on your rank at the end of the event.

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