Final Fantasy XI celebrates 20th anniversary with May update

This year marks 20 years since Final Fantasy XI first made it on the scene. The game will be celebrating this milestone on May 16 and along with it a new version update. Players will be able to dip their toes into the first half of The Voracious Resurgence, Chapter 8. The story this time focuses on Maat, who has found himself in a bit of trouble.

Both Ambuscades will be reruns – volume 1 features Mamool Ja mages displaying their proper colors and improvements to make the battle more exciting. Volume 2 is the pteraketos battle with a special ability that makes it easier to deal damage than in the past.

We Are Vana’diel is also getting special content on May 16. More information on the May version update can be found here.

Additionally, Square Enix will be posting an anniversary livestream on May 8 starting at 3:45AM EDT. The stream promises to be five hours long and include new information on the game and several staff members to share their memories of FFXI’s development over the years.

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