Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary news due next month

Square Enix is preparing to deliver information surrounding Final Fantasy VII‘s 25th anniversary next month, according to character designer Tetsuya Nomura. News comes way of the latest Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier broadcast where Nomura told viewers on stream, “Next month we’re planning to publish information related to VII’s 25th anniversary. I wonder how far I’m allowed to share,” he teased before continuing, “Next month we will publish various things.”

Nomura’s comment comes following words from producer Yoshinori Kitase earlier this year, who teased the possibility of more on the Remake project, “Now that the 25th anniversary has begun, I’d like to get the Final Fantasy VII excitement going with everyone over the next year, and so I hope to share more news this year, so please look forward to it.”

Whether we see Remake there or not is up in the air – keep in mind Square Enix has several FFVII-related projects in the works, including the up and coming Ever Crisis. That said, we’re over the two year mark since the first part released. If ever there was a time to share more, it’s during this anniversary celebration.

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