New Final Fantasy XVI trailer expected to release 'soon'

Merely a week since we heard Final Fantasy XVI is in the final stages of development, producer Naoki Yoshida could not help, but share even more news about the game by way of a special broadcast focusing on the upcoming collaborative event between NieR Reincarnation and Final Fantasy XIV.

In a translation of the broadcast provided by @aitaikimochi, Yoshida shared to viewers that the development team have been working hard and dedicated a long time debugging and polishing the game. He also mentioned that he spent much of the Golden Week holidays making adjustments to the marketing plan of Final Fantasy XVI, and expressed a desire to give the team as much time as possible to continue polishing the game.

Most noteworthy of all, Yoshida revealed that a brand new trailer for the game is expected to drop “soon”, but no exact date or time was shared. Sit tight just for a little while longer, folks.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PlayStation 5.

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