The 'Make it Rain' Campaign returns to Final Fantasy XIV's Gold Saucer on June 3

From Friday, June 3 until Monday, June 20, Final Fantasy XIV will feature the return of the ‘Make it Rain – Stay Strong Señor’ Campaign’ to the Manderville Gold Saucer, a mini-game hub that features many attractions and exclusive prizes that can be exchanged with MGP. This time, Señor Sabotender, the Saucer’s mascot, needs your help to freshen up his appeal.

Exclusive prizes include the “Show Left” and “Show Right” emote that seems to have near limitless potential for your own purposes.

To start the event, speak with Ollier in Ul’dah’s Steps of Nald [X9.4, Y9.2]. You must be Level 15 and unlocked travel to Ul’dah in order to participate.

In other FFXIV-related news, patch 6.15 will drop Tuesday, June 7th, and includes new content as well as an undoing of some recently-implemented PvP changes.


Final Fantasy XIV • Make it Rain Campaign 2022

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