This Week in Events — Week 18, 2022

Lightning strikes War of the Visions, Emet-Selch skulks in to NieR, and newly-launched Echoes of Mana kicks off its first campaigns. We’ve collected postings for the various events and goings-on for Square Enix service games in the summary below.

Babylon’s Fall

  • From Tuesday, 5/3/2022, at 02:00 until the start of maintenance on 05/31/2022. Quest rankings are now open for players to compete at earning the most Chapter Points when they complete the target quest, Elpis: Very Hard! You can earn prizes based on your final ranking when the event period ends, so keep pushing yourself and aim for the top ranks!

Chocobo GP

  • Season 1 has been extended to 5/29/2022; gil will now carry over from Season 1 to Season 2 instead of applying to your seasonal score. 

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

  • Alphinaud’s LD arrives along with reworks and Level 90s. Terminal Disaster will grant Emissary of the Dawn, which increases BRV and HP damage and cannot be broken and inflicts Bio II and Miasma II, which increases BRV damage and triggers a HP Poison effect that activates before any action. Wakka also has a rework and Level 90s.
  • Kurasame’s extra costume is available for a limited time until Wed., May 18 at 01:59 UTC! From the manga “FINAL FANTASY Type-0 Side Story: The Ice Reaper”, this outfit is based on Kurasame’s Akademeia student uniform! Pick up this bundle while you still can!

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai A Hero’s Bonds

  • The Dark Swordsman No More & Shadow Vizier Soul Hunt is now live. Soul Crystals of Hyunckel (Amdo (Dark Armour Spear)) and Mystvearn are featured.
  • Chapter 11: The Strongest Sword will be added to the Dragon Tracks on 5/5 at 11:00 Pacific, and features Mystvearn as a boss.
  • Term 2 of the Rank Battle: Season 7 vs. Blue Dragon is now live and will run until 5/10 at 11:59 Pacific.

Echoes of Mana

  • The 1 Million Downloads Celebration Login Bonus is now available! Log in and get up to 1,000 Spirit Crystals & stamina recovery items!
  • Guided by the Great Tree Harvest arrives May 6th. An all new 4★ ally and 4★ memory gem will be featured in this harvest.
  • New floors in Twillwool Tower are now open! Clear floors 61 through 70 in this high level quest and get spell shards! Earth and wind elements are effective against the boss on Floor 70! So rally your effective allies to roll into battle!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • The fifth and final chapter of “The Return” is available. Fina saves the day with Rain and Lasswell as they uncover a new potential to their powers.
  • Join forces with new Neo Vision units Laguna, Kiros & Ward, and now Neo Vision Awakenable Zell from FINAL FANTASY VIII on their journey to fulfill their missions! Summon them with higher rates than usual from 5/6 (end of maintenance) to 5/18 (start of maintenance PDT)!

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

  • Focused Relic Draw is now available, with another chance to unleash a Sync Soul Break with Orran’s Urutan Annals.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

  • Comeback Campaign – Return to #FF7FS during the campaign period and get Shinra Pack Ticket x10! *Your account must be over 30 days old & inactive for over 14 days to qualify We have surpassed 7,000 returning players which means everyone will be getting Shinra Pack Ticket x2

Final Fantasy XI

  • The May 2022 Login Campaign is underway, where you can start collecting points on May 11th toward rewards including a Noble Chocobo mount. More information on the rewards you can collect here.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • The Maiden’s Rhapsody collaboration event with Final Fantasy XI concludes May 18th.
  • The collaboration event with the Japanese TV show GARO is now live! Don’t miss this chance to obtain special gear, mounts, achievements, and titles! The GARO-inspired gear can also be equipped by Shadowbringers and Endwalker jobs. New achievements and titles have been added as well, so be sure to give the event a try!
  • Results of the Weapon Design Contest have been posted on the Lodestone.

Marvel’s Avengers

  • Black Widow’s Widow 1998 Outfit is based on Natalia Romanova of Earth-1298, who first appeared in 1998. You can earn the Widow 1998 Outfit in Shipments, starting May 5.
  • Hulk’s Monster Heart Outfit has been added to the Marketplace on 5/5/2022 is inspired by Incredible Hulks Vol. 1 #632 (2011).

NieR Re[in]carnation

  • Variation: Blazing Daemon is coming soon. This event offers you the opportunity to earn 3 limited-time memoirs.
  • Abyss Tower: Blustery Grave II is on now! It’s been a little while since the first Blustery Grave tower, but now it’s back and better than ever! Traverse the tower and claim stacks of gems!
  • The Bloodless Captive summons are on now! Get F66x (Bloodless Captive) in a costume.
  • Variation: Blazing Daemon is on now! Equip resonant weapons to stack up on summon ticket drops! You’ll also have the opportunity to get your hands on 3 limited-time memoirs! Beat the boss for all those great rewards plus much more!
  • A collaboration event with Final Fantasy XIV has been announced for the Japanese client, in which Dragoon, Dark Knight, and White Mage artifact gear can be obtained for various jobs. A new story will involve one of the game’s villians: Emet-Selch.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

  • The Destined Battle: Otherworld Igomahl is now available. Collect Tattered Cloths, Corrupted Scales, Sinister Horns in event quests which can be exchanged for Jewels, SS-rank Accessory [Phoenix Earring], Battle Festival Platinum Tickets (for a limited time), and more.
  • The Romancing Festival Battle Festival will allow you to collect any Styles you may have missed that appeared prior to 7/29/2021. Previous Styles that appeared during 1/31/2022 to 4/29/2022 are not included.
  • New Styles are available during the Romancing SaGa Battle Festival
    • SS [Once Again, for the World] Monika
    • SS [Leave It to Mercs] Hector
    • SS [Hold Back Hell] Rouge
    • SS [The Sea, My Strength] Mariah
    • SS [With My Own Hands This Time] Gerard! 

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • The Persona 5 Royal collaboration event concludes May 31st, and will allow you to recruit Joker, Queen, and Violet units, as well as several Persona 5 themed Vision cards. The 7-day login bonus during this period will grant up to 2500 free Visiore.
    Watch the trailer.
  • From May 4th to May 10th, recruit the Ultra Rare Astrius unit, a Water element Willweaver with Sniper and Strider subjobs. Described as a vision born from the inner turmoil of a former Warrior of the Crystals who was torn btween his duties and his desire for freedom, his abilities include “Relase the Void,” “Cross Rend,” and “Indomitability.” Watch the trailer.
  • A Final Fantasy XIII-themed collaboration has been announced for the Japanese client in which you can recruit Lightning, Snow, and Hope units.

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