Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Season 3: all new content explained

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier enters its third season with the introduction of a new batch of content titled “Highway Star”. Running now through August 31, 2022, the mobile battle royale continues to grow and prove Square Enix is dedicated toward its long-term success. Previous updates have added new classes, weapons and events, so what makes Season 3 special? Well there’s actually quite a bit to work with here.

Going hands-on with Season 3 the first thing you’ll notice is an all-new map set plateside in the sprawling city of Midgar. It’s a drastic change from the previous under city and slums locations. A new class has also been added by way of the Machinery type – a combat type that wields a hammer and can put together gadgets that interfere with enemies and give you a mobility increase. The Machinery type is unique because it comes packed with abilities and skills that allow for higher levels of customization over previous classes.

Of course, a new Season wouldn’t be complete without new items to be had. Players can obtain the new Water materia that’s good for tossing something at opponents behind cover. You can grab this materia through treasure chests or in the training mode. New weapons added include the Serpent Launcher and Dual Wheeler – the first of which fires rockets and the second is an assault rifle that charges with MP. Other items include new offensive and defensive accessories that reduce various elemental damage depending on their elemental type.

It’s worth noting the previous Season was very much focused on sky elements – what with the addition of Bahamut and the dragoon class. With Season three we’re above ground but only so much, which works because it introduces the larger city environment of Midgar’s topside to explore. If you played Final Fantasy VII Remake you’ll probably recognize the sprawling highways, town squares and reactor locations. It’s nice to see that they’ve added this change of scenery.

The addition of the Machinery type class lends a new style of play because it features a hammer weapon and other gadgets. It’s a unique spin on the classic Machinist class in other Final Fantasy games. It’s flashy, fun and although it may seem somewhat slower than say, the dragoon style, it’s a hard-hitter you’ll want to mess around with.

All in all, First Soldier’s Season 3 is a good one. With the addition of new locations and a new style, it’ll be interesting to see what other places and job types they pull from next.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is now available as a free download with in-app purchases through the AppStore and Google Play.

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