Dragon Quest Treasures details story, characters and gameplay in new screenshots

Square Enix has provided a new look at Dragon Quest Treasures ahead of its launch on December 9 for Nintendo Switch. This side story focuses on Dragon Quest XI characters Erik and Mia who travel to the world of Draconia to recover the seven Dragonstones.

The pair, who live together on a Viking longship, dream of the day they can explore the world and search for some grand treasure. The story begins with their encounter of two creatures – Porcus and Purrsula – which see Erik and Mia taken away to the mysterious world of Draconia – a floating island where monsters roam and treasure awaits. It’s here where they’re tasked to find the seven items known as the Dragonstones.

Dragon Quest Treasures lets you control two main characters – Erik and Mia, whose development and progress is shared between them should you choose to swap leads.

Erik (Voiced by Mack Keith Roach)

Erik is a curious young man who lives on the Viking longship with his sister, Mia. He dreams of one day finding grand treasures and becoming incredibly rich. Erik’s Spirit Guide, Purrsula (voiced by Laura Aikman), is a cat-like creature rescued by Erik and co.

Mia (Voiced by Freya Skye)

Mia is a determined young woman with plenty of energy who lives on the Viking longship with her brother, Erik. She’s obsessed with treasure hunting and would love to get her hands on a real prize some day. Mia’s Spirit Guide is Porcus (voiced by Adam Diggle) – a pig-like creature who takes a liking to Mia and followers her wherever she goes.


The gameplay portion of Dragon Quest Treasures centers on the world being made up of numerous islands, each of which have their own individual characteristics and monsters. The Dragon Daggers will allow Erik and Mia to communicate and cooperate with said monsters. You’ll have the ability to fight side-by-side with a team of monsters, who come to your aid on the battlefield.

Working with your monster friends lets you find hidden treasures. Using the Fortune Finder, head in the direction indicated by the arrow on screen. Then, should your monsters get excited, activate the Fortune Finder to trigger their Treasure Visions and you’ll be able to see the location of buried treasure through their own eyes. Should the ground below start to glow brightly, that means the loot is there and you can start digging. Once you return to base, you can discover just how much your treasure is worth.

Treasure isn’t entirely safe, however, Erik and Mia will have to protect their loot from rival gangs who try and take it for themselves. You can also appraise treasure to know just how much it’s worth. Collecting loot grows your base and lets you rank up as treasure hunters. Some treasures may even net legendary items from the Dragon Quest series.

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