This Week in Events — Week 28, 2022

Collected below are the latest events from Square Enix’s repertoire of service games, including limited time campaigns and content updates.

Check out what’s new this week!

Babylon’s Fall

  • 5/31 — 11/29: Season 2 – The Light of Aaru
  • 5/31 — 7/11: New items have been added to the Garaz Shop. The shop inventory has been expanded with exciting new gear to decorate your Sentinel, such as the refined beauty of the Crystal Attire Pack and the Gigant Gallu Attire that lets you dress up just like a Gigant Gallu!

Chocobo GP

  • Chocobo GP patch (Ver.1.1.0) is now live, featuring updates for the upcoming Season 2! [5/31]
  • Prize level rewards for Prize Pass holders will also be available for purchase at the Ticket Shop from Season 2 onwards in #ChocoboGP! Any Gil you earn during a season will be carried over into the next season too.
  • Some rascals from the Chocobo series are making their way into #ChocoboGP! Chip from Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon series and the Kwackeys from #FinalFantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon have joined the race in Season 2.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

  • Jecht’s costume is now available for a limited time! This special costume is based on Jecht’s Final Aeon appearance in FINAL FANTASY X! Deck out Jecht today with this wardrobe bundle! [7/11]
  • Kam’lanaut’s BT & FR arrive! Transcandescent Blade’s BT effect inflicts Bondage from Antiquity after ally attacks, increasing BRV DMG taken & preventing actions! Djinn Blade is a combo attack w/ Seifer, and its HP Bonus Effect increases from on-turn ice damage! [7/12]
  • PLD Cecil’s BT returns realizable, plus his & Kimahri’s reworks/LV90s! With C85, Kimahri’s EX inflicts Total Blindness for 1 addt’l turn, and his other reworked abilities deal more HP atks! Cecil’s reworked LD passive now grants Crystal Entrusted at quest start! [7/12]
  • The second Summer Retweet Campaign is here! If the Kam’lanaut BT/FR showcase receives 750 retweets, players will be rewarded with High Power Stones and more! This campaign ends July 27 UTC! [7/12]
  • Six-Warrior Quests Area 1 is now available in #DissidiaFFOO! Face challenging foes with a team of six warriors in the debut of this new permanent mode! In addition, take on the limited-time co-op missions in an all-new Token Challenge available until July 27th UTC! [7/13]
  • Six-Warrior Quests Area 1 brings two all-new Event Draws to #DissidiaFFOO! These draws feature Kam’lanaut’s new Realizable BT “Celestial Caliber (XI)” and FR “Expurgator (XI)”, along with Cecil (Paladin)’s BT! As part of the Summer Festival, the first multi draw is FREE! [7/14]
  • Check out Kam’lanaut’s costume in #DissidiaFFOO! This costume is based on Kam’lanaut’s civilian attire as Archduke of Jeuno in FINAL FANTASY XI! Don’t miss out on this limited-time bundle!

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai A Hero’s Bonds

  • Weapon Trial: Elemental Baton begins 7/12 at 11:00 pm PDT! You can get the 4★ Elemental Baton from this event. Its trait has a small chance to temporarily raise the user’s Ice damage when using a special move, so try using it to boost allies proficient in Ice! [7/11]
  • The Dark Army & Icicle Treasure Hunt begins on 7/12 at 11:00 pm PDT! Featuring: Icicle Rod (Freezing Fingers special move) Freezing Fingers is a long-range AoE that inflicts magical Ice damage, lowers the target’s Ice Resistance, and also has a high chance to inflict Paralyse! [7/11]
  • Weapon Trial: Elemental Baton is now live! You can get the 4★ Elemental Baton weapon as completion rewards, from the Event Exchange, and as drops from Intermediate or Advanced quests! Equip it to increase the number of event tokens that drop from this event’s quests. [7/13]
  • The Dark Army & Icicle Treasure Hunt is now live! Featuring: Icicle Rod (Freezing Fingers special move) Sword of Light (Grand Cross special move) Paid Gems Only! Limit One! 4★ Guaranteed Treasure Hunt ×10 will also be available! It guarantees one 4★ piece of equipment! [7/13]
  • Term 3 of Rank Battle: Season 9 begins on 7/14 at 11:00 pm PDT! The boss of Term 3 is the Demon-at-Arms! Watch out for its continuous attacks! Keep an eye on its attack motions and look for the right moment to counterattack! [7/13]
  • Term 3 of Rank Battle: Season 9 vs. Demon-at-Arms is now live! Term 3 runs from 7/14 at 11:00 pm to 7/20 at 10:59 pm PDT. Don’t forget to collect your rewards when you check your results from Term 2 in the Battle Arena! [7/15]
  • The Ice Boost Soul Hunt is now live! Soul Crystals of Matoriv and Flazzard are featured! Paid Gems Only! Limit One! 4★ Guaranteed Soul Hunt x10 is also live! It guarantees one 4★ Soul Crystal! [7/16]

Dragon Quest Tact

  • The DQTACT 1.5 Year Anniversary is in session! Login and claim 10 SP-Scouts in the 1.5 Year Anniversary Scout every day, up to 100 FREE SP Scouts including the Guaranteed S 1.5 Year Anniversary SP Scout Voucher! Share which characters you got from your free scouts! [7/10]
  • Beware Tacticians, the S-Rank Fallen Angel Corvus has arrived! Corvus will not be an easy monster to take down with perks like “Fallen Angel Wings” that can raise his evasion rate by 100% for 3 turns! Will you be pulling for Fallen Angel Corvus? [7/11]
  • The special commemorative Metal Card returns as part of the 1.5 Year Anniversary celebrations! This Metal Card will allow Tacticians to gain an additional 10,000 Tact Points alongside a bonus of 50,000 Gold! [7/12]
  • DRAGON QUEST IX continues into its third addition that’s now available! Move out with Exploration Team Majellan for new event monsters, find the Most Mysterious Demon Map and check out new SP Scout featuring Corvus! [7/13]
  • With all the excitement around all the events in DQTACT, don’t miss out on these events being added to the Reminiscence! Tacticians can now access these events permanently and earn event-exclusive rewards including monsters, equipment and more! [7/16]

Echoes of Mana

  • The Conqueror Harvest Now Available Featuring new ally 4★ Larc -The Conqueror- and 4★ memory gem “Colliding Convictions”! First 10-harvest is half off! [7/11]
  • Gear dungeon Frostfire Hall Felvelours has been added! Get the Beiser Series gear to boost fire DMG and the Wendel Series gear to boost water DMG! [7/13]
  • Upcoming: Unyielding Loyalty Harvest begins July 15th (UTC)! New ally 4★ Sierra -Unyielding Loyalty- will arrive! First 10-harvest is half off! [7/14]
  • New EP Trader Item! Benevodon Spirit Icon has been added to the “Ice & Fire” EP Trader! Collect EP and head on over to the trader for a good deal from Lady Moti! [7/14]
  • Today is the anniversary of #LegendOfMana, first released on July 15th, 1999 in Japan! Join us for the celebration in #EchoesOfMana with the anniversary campaign now underway including a Dudbear Sticker giveaway, login bonuses & more! [7/14]
  • Unyielding Loyalty Harvest Now Available — Featuring new ally 4★ Sierra -Unyielding Loyalty-! First 10-harvest is half off! [7/15]
  • We’re celebrating 3 million downloads with campaign goodies for you including… Login Bonuses: Get a 4★ ally-echo harvest ticket & more! Mission Rewards: Get 3K+ Spirit Crystals, a 4★ Benevodon Spirit Icon & more! Check in-game News for details! [7/15]
  • High level quest Deviant Fruit is now available! Schedule: Permanently available from July 15 6:00 (UTC) Special anomaly effects in these quests impact your party! Master these effects to your advantage and fight your way to victory! [7/15]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Face your fears and battle against the Dark Ancestral Dragon in the new limited time quest, Malefic Red-Eyes Dark Dragon! Subdue the ferocious dragon with your team to get various rewards! [7/10]
  • Your next big adventure is right around the corner! Summoned by a rookie moogle, Dark Fina -Warrior’s Prayer- and Rain -Warrior’s Prayer- are finally in the world of Lapis! Summon them today and make your wishes come true! [7/11]
  • Go big or go home with Lehftia -Warrior’s Prayer-, Poppy -Warrior’s Prayer-, and now donned in armor Lasswell -FFIV Form-! Summon these new Neo Vision units with higher rates than usual from 7/14 (end of maintenance) to 7/27 (start of maintenance) PDT! [7/14]
  • Prepare yourself for a challenging battle as Asura is now at the peak of her strength! Advance to the Asura’s Palace and clear the New Trial of Asura to unlock her 3★ form! [7/16]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

  • Final Fantasy Record Keeper ends service for global client on September 29.
  • Newfound Compassion Relic Draw Phase 2 is now available! Another chance to unleash an Sync Soul Break with Celes’s Runemaster (VI)! Log in to the game now for more details! [7/10]
  • Summer Sun Relic Draw Festival Phase 4 is now available! This is your first chance to unleash a newly added Dual Awakening with Vivi’s Rune Staff (IX)! [7/11]
  • Summer Sun Relic Draw Festival Phase 5 is now available! Another chance to unleash a Dual Awakening with Ashe’s Femme Fatale (XII)! Log in to the game now for more details! [7/14]
  • Dream Relic Draws are now available! If you purchase a Relic Draw x11, you can choose one or more bonus relics from the corresponding list! Log in to the game now for more details! [7/15]
  • Get ready for a fierce battle in the new highly difficult quest, Twelve Types Takedown: Gloomwing! Test out your skills in battle against the Gloomwing, and earn rewards based on level difficulty. Check out the in-game news for more info! [7/15]

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

  • The First Soldier Championship North America Tournament page has been updated! Registration will open soon! A tournament to determine the strongest team of SOLDIER candidates with a cash prize pool of $10,000 USD. See here for official tournament details [7/7]
  • Character voiced emotes V. Holo are available in the Premium Shinra Packs (V. Holo I) Introducing #Cloud’s V. Holo♪ (CV: Cody Christian) Let’s hear his famous line ring across the battlefield! [7/13]
  • Blitz Mode: Shinra Building Ends 7/19 (Tues.) 1:59 UTC! Have you had a chance to try out the Blitz Mode updated with new features? It’s available for a limited time only, so be sure to give it a try before it’s gone! [7/15]

Final Fantasy XI Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Marvel’s Avengers

  • Amazon Prime Members, assemble! Prime Gaming members can claim the first in a series of limited-time Drops. The first Drop features Thor and includes the Asgardian Outfit, a Nameplate, a 3-day Hero’s Catalyst, and a 3-day Fragment Extractor. [7/11]
  • All Thor Cosmetics (excluding Exotic rarity) as well as Thor Variant Outfits are 50% off until 7/14! [7/11]
  • ANOTHER! Pick up Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder 004 Nameplate in the Marketplace FREE now to add to thine mighty collection! [7/15]

NieR Re[in]carnation

  • Don’t forget, the Summer[in]carnation Pack is currently available at the shop! [7/11]
  • Get ready for the latest chapter of The Sun and the Moon! Chapter 4 will arrive on July 14 PST! [7/12]
  • Evening Sun Swimwear is on now! [7/12]
  • Variation: Gloomy Armed Aberration is on now! Complete quests and collect summon tickets to earn event-exclusive items! [7/12]
  • New Dark Memory Quests are coming soon! [7/13]
  • The latest chapter of The Sun and the Moon is here! The new chapter, Proof of Zero features Yurie, an AI created to rule over the future world with an iron fist! [7/14]
  • Marie and Yurie’s Dark Memory quests are here! [7/14]
  • A new chapter brings new multi-step summons! Get your guaranteed four-star weapons and other bonuses as well! [7/15]
  • A sweet and simple campaign. 3,000 gems for everyone! [7/16]

Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

  • Pre-registration has opened for Google Play and the App Store. Official release is planned for July 27th, 2022.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

  • Need to upgrade your new SS-rank Gear and Accessories? The perfect campaign has arrived! Glowstone Drops are now doubled after completing all Ruins Exploration quests! Collect them now and start upgrading your equipment! This campaign ends 7/17 PDT so don’t miss out! [7/10]
  • New Arc Celebration Round 1 brings Romancing Festival Liam and friends to #SaGaRS! Add new Styles SS [My First World] Liam, SS [A New Journey Begins] Monika, SS [A New Land] Leslie, and SS [Trials Up Ahead] Rouge! [7/14]
  • The Remembrance Battle has arrived in #SaGaRS! Take on high difficulty battles with parties of the designated type of weapon! Complete these battles to get rewards such as Remembrance Weapons, Memory Shards and more! [7/16]


  • Event starting 7/11 at 8:00 (UTC+0)! -Armor Event: Race of a Lifetime Check the in-game notice for more details! [7/10]
  • 24th Gran Colosseum Finals are Underway! The Library’s deadliest guilds have reached the finals! Finalists, keep an eye on the schedule! You won’t want to miss out on these rewards! Check in-game for further details. [7/10]
  • Events starting today! -Armor Event: Race of a Lifetime -STEP Grimoire: Advent of the Sacred Flame & Buckhorn Hunter -Gold & 3 Vials/Twilight Crystal Set Check the in-game notices for more details! [7/11]
  • Events starting today! -STEP Grimoire: World Trajectory (Pinocchio & Sleeping Beauty) -More Twilight Crystals Promotional Event Check the in-game notices for more details! [7/14]
  • Characters Added to Act of Reality 7/22 From 7/22, the tales of two favorite characters will be added to Act of Reality. Play and see for yourself the turn their lives take. We aren’t promising any happy endings. [7/16]

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Prove devotion upon UR Sadali Crysthea’s arrival in #WOTVFFBE! Complete the Sadali Crysthea Release Celebration Training Challenge Missions to obtain Sadali Crysthea Unit Shards, Rainbow Vision Spheres, and more! [7/10]
  • The Arena Map has been updated to “Cathedral Rear Courtyard”! The Map Effects raise Ice Resistance and Wind unit MAG so remember to adjust your Party Formation accordingly! [7/12]
  • The fun continues as we celebrate 12 Million Downloads in #WOTVFFBE! – Earn up to 2,100 free Visiore and more from the Login Bonus
    • Enjoy the halved NRG consumption in Day/Training Quests
    • Get double item drops in Daily Quests
    • Receive triple the amount of Guild Medals [7/13]
  • Armor up and assemble your units because the FINAL FANTASY X Guild Raid is here! Take on powerful Raid Bosses with your Guild members and compete with other Guilds to earn Titles and Guild Medals, which can be traded for awesome rewards at the Exchange Shop. [7/14]
  • Prepare to strategize for the upcoming tournament, Guild Battle Supremacy, in #WOTVFFBE! Participate starting: – 00:00, 7/21/2022 to 23:59, 7/30/2022, World Time (PST) – 01:00, 7/21/2022 to 00:59, 7/31/2022 (PDT) [7/15]
  • Complete the “Culmination” Release Celebration Training Challenge Missions here in #WOTVFFBE! Clear these to obtain “Culmination” Vision Card Shards, Rainbow Vision Spheres, and more! [7/16]

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