Harvestella previews the Town of Spring, characters, and daily life activities

Today, Square Enix shared an update on Harvestella, a “life simulation RPG” that combines farming, crafting, socializing, and combat. This time around, we get a look at Nemea, the Town of Spring, replete with blooming cherry blossoms thanks to a mystical “Seaslight,” a crystal that controls the seasons.

We also get a look at the various systems you can engage in playing Harvestella, including Nemea’s Istina, a notable character you’ll encounter in the game. Important characters will join you in combat as allies, and each will have a character story that you can pursue based on their various plights.

Crops can be harvested and turned into meals — and Square Enix shared the Spring menu. But you can also go fishing once you obtain a requisite rod and cook up your catch or sell them for cash. In fact, that’ll be a source of revenue for a lot of your efforts: selling fruit and veggies you grow on your farm or harvest in the field.

Harvestella releases on November 4, 2022 for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The Town of Spring — Nemea

Welcome to Nemea! In this beautiful town, the flowers bloom all year round due to the influence of the nearby Spring Seaslight. Once night falls, the town shows a different side. Cherry blossoms dance against the night sky in a dreamlike display.

Despite its beauty, there is trouble in the town of Nemea. A giant egg has appeared on the Spring Seaslight – one of the giant crystals that governs the seasons. Ever since, unfamiliar monsters have been flying into town and attacking the residents!

When you visit Nemea, you become involved with the investigation of the Seaslight, alongside Asyl – a member of the Argus Brigade that protects the town.

You can see the Spring Seaslight from the observation deck in Nemea. Your group sets out to investigate the Seaslight…  but what will you find waiting for you there?

Nemea concept artwork by Isamu Kamikokuryou.

Resident of Nemea — Istina

“Next, we’ll introduce you to one of the memorable characters you’ll meet in this blooming place: Istina. Istina is a teacher who lives together with the children at the town’s orphanage.

She’s intellectual, quiet, and rarely displays her emotions openly. She enjoys reading about different places in the world and often reads aloud to the children.

This is how she spends her days and she’s beloved by the townspeople. However, it’s said that she only arrived in Nemea a few years ago.

Upon meeting the protagonist, she must confront the past that she’s kept hidden…”

Job — Sky Lancer

“When it comes to battle, you have access to multiple jobs, which define the weapon and abilities you can use in combat. Last time we showed you the Fighter, Mage and Shadow Walker jobs – this time we’re revealing the Sky Lancer.

When you recruit a character who has a certain job, the protagonist will also be able to use that job! In the screenshot above, you can see how working with Asyl has unlocked the Sky Lancer for use!”

Socializing — Character Stories

“Characters that can join you in battle as allies and other important characters each has their own Character Story.

These stories focus on the problems that each character faces.

As you progress through a Character Story, learning more about each character’s thoughts and feelings, your closeness to them will increase. This grants a range of benefits in combat, and you may even receive rewards!”

Daily Life — Special Spring Produce

“Farming is one of many Daily Life activities you can do in HARVESTELLA. By planting crops and tending to them diligently, you’ll be able to harvest them to either sell or use yourself in crafting and cooking.

These crops can be used as ingredients in mouthwatering meals. Here’s a look at just some of them – apologies if this gets your stomachs rumbling!

Of course, there are many more types of special spring produce you can grow, and plenty more meals to make. But to publish more pictures of food would just be cruel, so we’ll let you discover them for yourselves.”

Spring Crops

Spring Cuisine

Daily Life — Fishing

“Fishing is another way to happily wile away the hours in HARVESTELLA. You’ll be able to do it when you obtain a fishing rod.

Find a fishing point, and you can cast your line and catch some fish. Just as with crops grown on your farm, you can ship fish for money, or keep them to use in cooking.

What you can catch depends on your location and other conditions. Perhaps you may even catch something other than a fish…

You can even upgrade your fishing rod, which will let you catch even rarer fish!”

Daily Life — Shipping

“You can earn money in HARVESTELLA by shipping fruit and vegetables that you harvest from your fields. You can use machines that you’ve crafted to create processed goods, which ship for an even higher price.”

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