Final Fantasy XIV 6.21 nerfs final Abyssos boss HP, buffs tanks

In the 6.21 patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV, which will be available shortly after the maintenance session to implement it, some adjustments have been made to the final boss featured in the Pandaemonium: Abyssos dungeon — specifically the Savage difficulty version of it. Typically, this mode features a unique second form of the boss not seen in the normal or “story” version of the raid.

The team writes:

“In our endeavor to create an encounter more challenging than Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage), the team responsible for final adjustments spent a great deal more time than usual working on balance for this raid battle.

Under normal circumstances, the DPS of this team serves as a base for determining a boss HP value that results in clears as close to the time limit as possible. However, as extra time was dedicated to testing this battle, the team’s overall performance proved to be higher than usual. As a result, the base values used for adjustments were too high, with final values roughly 1% higher than intended.

We have reduced the boss’s HP to bring the battle in line with our initial balance projections. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

This raid tier was something of an experiment for the team. Typically, the Savage difficulty version would be released day-and-date with the Normal mode version, leading to a mad dash through patch content for raiders seeking to challenge the hardest raids. Opting for a bit of time for these players to enjoy the content at a somewhat more leisurely pace, the Savage mode version was pushed a week later.

Naturally, with more time to collect gear and boost item levels, the team adjusted the raids in an attempt to compensate, though it appears it may have been a bit too much.

It should also be noted that players challenging the Savage mode of Pandaemonium Asphodelos, the first tier of the raid introduced with Patch 6.05, will have the benefit of the Echo buff — increasing players’ maximum HP, damage dealt, and healing potency by 10%. Note that this percentage won’t increase the more you wipe, unlike other instances of this buff.

Additionally, both Paladin and Warrior have had some actions buffed – check them out below:


Holy SpiritPotency has been increased from 280 to 300.
Requiescat potency has been increased from 560 to 600.
ConfiteorPotency has been increased from 900 to 1,000.
ExpiacionPotency has been increased from 340 to 420.
Blade of FaithPotency has been increased from 460 to 480.
Blade of TruthPotency has been increased from 540 to 560.

Warrior (Marauder)

Storm’s PathPotency has been increased from 130 to 150.
Combo potency has been increased from 410 to 430.
Storm’s EyePotency has been increased from 130 to 150.
Combo potency has been increased from 410 to 430.
Fell CleavePotency has been increased from 460 to 470.
UpheavalPotency has been increased from 350 to 360.

The team also issued a statement about “illegitimate” use of waymarks — special in-game markers that can be placed in the field to coordinate a team through an encounter. When pared with with third-party tools, the team states that this presents an unfair advantage.

While they won’t be taking punitive action against players who use this method for Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage), the team is planning to enlarge certain fields to allow for a legitimate method to place waymarks in an advantageous way that does not necessitate the use third-party tools.

“Waymarks are markers that can be placed on the field, and therefore can only be placed when they are in contact with the ground.

When placing individual waymarks, they are validated by whether or not they are in contact with the ground; if they are not, then the waymark cannot be placed. However, in the case of duties where the battle area changes during combat, players are permitted to place waymarks for the changed battlefield after completing the duty and save them to be used in the future. As such, waymark placements loaded from save slots are not validated by whether or not they are in contact with the ground.

In this case, third-party tools were used to illegitimately place waymarks at coordinates where they normally could not be placed. This placement was then saved and loaded by different players, resulting in the circulation of waymarks with illegitimate coordinates.

Following an investigation, we have identified the original player who illegitimately placed the waymarks and will be issuing an account penalty for illicit activity.”

Final Fantasy XIV • Pandæmonium Abyssos — Normal

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