Octopath Traveler II overview details the game's new and returning features

Fresh off the announcement of Octopath Traveler II at today’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix shared an overview of the title’s updated features in a new blog post. Set to release February 24th, 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC, this game marks the first simultaneous multiplatform launch for the series.

It’s interesting to note that this game features a whole new premise with a new cast of characters, who will now interact more often — a criticism of the first game’s handling of its eight disparate stories. The ‘Break and Boost’ battle system returns, and a new Latent Power gauge will allow you to execute flashy special moves.

The HD2D style Square Enix has developed “evolves” here, with some 3D camera work in combat and more animation applied to the sprites to increase their emotiveness.

Check out what Square Enix had to share below:

Eight new travelers, each with their own stories

In OCTOPATH TRAVELER II, you choose one of eight characters and set off on an adventure. Along the way, you’ll meet the other seven characters, and maybe even join them on their own adventures!

All these characters come from different walks of life, making for a particularly varied and interesting group of heroes. They’re also equipped with their own unique path actions that can be used in and out of battle, making each one feel completely unique!

The new playable characters in this game are:

a Warrior

a Dancer

a Merchant

a Scholar

a Thief

a Cleric

a Hunter

a Apothecary

Set in a fascinating world with a day/night cycle

OCTOPATH TRAVELER II is set in the world of Solistia – a vibrant setting that’s comprised of Eastern and Western continents divided by the sea.

It’s a time of trade and industrial revolution – large vessels navigate busy sea routes, and the power of steam has given birth to new technologies. Some people live in luxury, cheering to the glamorous stars of the stage. Others struggle each day, brought to tears by war, plague and poverty.

Over the course of the game, you’ll be able to traverse each area of this diverse world, uncovering the secrets and stories hidden throughout. You’ll be able to do this at all times of the day too, as Solistia has a full day/night cycle.

The places you visit and what you can do there will change depending on whether it’s day or night, which creates even more opportunities for exploration and discovery!

A completely standalone game

If you’re wondering whether you need to have played the original OCTOPATH TRAVELER to enjoy this follow-up, the answer is: no you don’t.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER II is a completely standalone game – the world is unique, the characters are brand new, and their stories are told entirely within this game. If you’ve never played an OCTOPATH TRAVELER game before, you can jump straight into this one and enjoy the eight-fold adventures!

But if you have played the previous game, you’ll feel immediately at home. You’ll notice how every element of that game has been enhanced, with more exciting battles, richer storytelling, and a massive new world that’s full of secrets to discover.

Characters have multiple Path Actions

Path Actions are special commands that let you interact with NPCs in various ways. In the original OCTOPATH TRAVELER, each playable protagonist had access to a single Path Action, but in OCTOPATH TRAVELER II, they can use two – one during the day, and one at night!

For example, as the warrior Hikari, you can challenge people in towns to a duel during daytime, and potentially learn new skills. But at night, you can bribe residents, splashing the cash to uncover hidden items or learn secrets about people.

Every character has their own Path Actions, but we’ll let you learn what they are (and how to best use them) for yourselves…

The Break and Boost battle system is back!

The Break and Boost system that made battles so strategic in OCTOPATH TRAVELER returns for the new game.

Each turn, you accumulate BP (Boost Points). You can then then use them to augment actions.

BP can increase the number of attacks dealt, the damage inflicted, the duration of support effects, the potency of healing skills, and more. You’ll have to choose wisely whether to use them for offense or defense.

With these mechanics, every battle is a satisfying challenge that asks the player to think tactically about their approach.

Latent Power adds a new layer to combat

As you’d expect, the Break and Boost system has been refined from the original to be even more exciting, but combat has some additional elements too, such as Latent Power!

During battle, a new gauge fills up as you deal damage and break foes. Once full, the character can unleash a powerful – and gloriously flashy – new ability!

These can be game changers in a fight, particularly against the brutal bosses, and add another strategic layer to this multi-layered combat system.

Characters interact more, and share additional stories

One of the most common requests from players of OCTOPATH TRAVELER was that they wanted to see the different protagonists interact with each other more. Consider that feedback well and truly received!

In OCTOPATH TRAVELER II, there are more interactions between the different members of the group. Additional stories will unfold between the protagonists as their journey progresses, deepening the characters and their relationships.

The HD-2D art style has evolved!

The OCTOPATH TRAVELER series pioneered the HD-2D art-style, and OCTOPATH TRAVELER II takes it to a whole new level!

Environments are more detailed, with more varied camera angles. Character sprites are more varied, with even more animations to get their emotions across. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But you don’t need us to explain it to you – just look at the trailer and the screenshots on this page and you’ll understand how beautiful the game truly is!

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