All Saints' Wake seasonal event returns to Final Fantasy XIV on October 19

All Saints’ Wake limited-time seasonal event returns to Final Fantasy XIV from October 19th through November 1st. This iteration of the event is actually the second time this year we’ve had the event, due to the development of the Endwalker expansion needing more resources and delaying the October 2021 event to February 2022. Items available in previous iterations of the event can also be purchased from the Online Store at a discount.

Take a look at the event details below, and, while you’re here, check out the latest Live Letter information on Patch 6.25, set to release on Tuesday, October 18th. This patch will introduce Variant and Criterion high-difficulty dungeons, the next weapon enhancement series, the return of Hildibrand, and more.

“As the days grow shorter and the leaves turn shades of red and gold, the bite of autumn’s chill can be felt throughout the realm. The season of frights has begun at last, and the streets are decked with jolly jack-o’-lanterns and baleful bats. Preparations for a costume cortege proceed apace, but it is anyone’s guess what spooky surprises this event holds in store…”


A Mad Masquerade

Location: Speak to the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator @ Old Gridania [x10.3, y9.1]
Requires: Level 15, travel to Gridania.

“The Adventurers’ Guild investigator has the look of a man with a plan.”

Start: October 19, 2022 @ 1:00 AM (PDT)
Stop: November 1, 2022 @ 7:59 AM (PDT)


Wake Doctor’s Mask [head]
Wake Doctor’s White Coat [body]
Wake Doctor’s Rubber Gloves [hands]
Wake Doctor’s Bottoms [legs]
Wake Doctor’s Shoes [feet]

• Eat Pumpkin Cookie

Caged Wisp [tabletop]

All Saints’ Wake 2022

2021 (Feb 2022)



2020 (Replaced)



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