Tactics Ogre Reborn details the Warren Report, Challenge Locations, Relics, and Monster Classes

With just days to go before Tactics Ogre Reborn arrives, Square Enix has shared information some key features in the game, including the exhaustive Warren Report that catalogues just about everything you see and do in the game.

Also highlighted are challenge locations, in which which you can put your party to the test against difficult encounters that may branch off into different paths, including the notorious Palace of the Dead. We also get a look at the various monster classes you can recruit to your team, as well as a newly-implemented relic equipment that can be boosted by combining duplicates.

While you’re here, you can check out some of the overall changes and tweaks Square Enix has implemented with the Reborn version.

Tactics Ogre Reborn arrives on November 11th for PS4, PS5, Switch, and Steam. A ‘Standard Digital Edition’ comes with a digital mini-soundtrack (3 tracks) while the ‘Digital Premium Edition’ will get you the full digital soundtrack (74 tracks).

The Warren Report

The Warren Report chronicles your deeds in Valeria, contains profiles of characters you meet and news of what’s occurring throughout the land, as well as useful information about the game and how to play, all presented in a database format.

But it’s more than just a database. It also contains event scenes that can’t be found anywhere else, and reading information in the Warren Report can even unlock new locations to visit. So be sure to check back often to see what’s new!

Challenge Location — Phorampa Wildwood

A vast forest with challenging terrain, known as a treacherous breeding ground for all manner of strange beasts. Enemies with classes otherwise unavailable in the early stages of the game can be found here, so it’s an ideal spot to track down new recruits for your forces.

Each stage you clear unlocks a further challenge deeper within. There’s no turning back during this gauntlet of battles, and no shops to restock supplies, so go prepared!

After completing the location, you can “Withdraw” and reenter again as many times as you like.

Challenge Location — Palace of the Dead

The Palace of the Dead is a daunting location filled with plenty of powerful enemies, and can be unlocked by meeting certain conditions. Bring a well-prepared party if you plan to reach the depths of the palace.

Long ago, an evil mage ventured into the Palace of the Dead in search of great power. Though many have entered, none have ever returned.

A dungeon that descends seemingly without end. What evil awaits in the deepest depths?

Special events can be found within.

The Palace of the Dead holds some sort of secret… Defeat the deadly enemies that dwell within to claim powerful items and spells.

Challenge Location — The Pirate’s Graveyard

Shipwrecks adrift on the ocean currents gather in this graveyard. Reports of ghosts and misshapen creatures pour in without end. Many pirates have entered the graveyard hoping to claim the treasures within, but none are known to have returned.

A twisting maze carved by underground rivers and the ceaseless ocean tides.

Terrible creatures and the restless souls of mariners lost at sea are said to wander here…

Defeat powerful enemies in a gauntlet of battles to find the pirate’s treasure rumored to rest in the furthest reaches of the graveyard.

New Feature — Relics

Among the equipment you’ll find in certain dungeons are new items called relics, which have different properties from normal items. You can combine relics with the same name in shops to upgrade various stats, such as attack type, element, and racial resistance. Stack the upgrades to help you take on even more powerful enemies.

Some relics with the same name may have different stats and there is a cap on the resistance stats that relics can reach.

Side Stories

Countless other side stories await, including additional stories and dungeons available after completing the main story.

From traversing the various branches of the story to creating the ultimate weapons, the end of the game is just the beginning of the adventure!


Tip: After being incapacitated in battle, spirits from the world of darkness will revive after a certain amount of time passes. However, clerics can use the divine magic Exorcism to put them to rest.


A skeletal warrior summoned from the world of darkness using necromancy. Able to wield a wide variety of weapons.


A skeletal warrior summoned from the world of darkness using necromancy. Able to wield a wide variety of weapons.


Mages from the world of darkness who have transcended death. They wield high level magic and abilities.


These manmade monsters are constructed of materials such as clay and stone. Originally created as guardians, now they answer to no master.


Girded with iron-hard scales, they scatter any who stand against them with mighty tails and fearsome breath.


Magical beasts with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle. Since they soar high on the wind, rough terrain and elevation differences have no effect on them.

Tactics Ogre Reborn — Lead Staff

Hiroaki Kato

Takashi Katano

Game Design Director,
Story Writer & Supervisor:
Yasumi Matsuno (ALGEBRA FACTORY)

Lead Game Designer:
Naoto Takahashi

Lead Event Designer:
Jun Akiyama

Lead Menu System & World Design:
Takeshi Iwabuchi

Character Design:
Akihiko Yoshida (CyDesignation)
Tsubasa Masao (DeNA)

Hitoshi Sakimoto (Basiscape)

Sound Director:
Tomohiro Yajima

Hiroshi Minagawa

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