Chocobo GP's final season out today, concludes content updates, halts currency sales

Chocobo GP‘s fifth and final season will begin today, introducing holiday-themed costumes and stickers and characters Croma and Volg. Season 5 will be the last season, where prize pass levels are used in Chocobo GP mode, and rankings will continue as if it is an off season period. Sales of mythril (a premium currency) have also been suspended with today’s update.

Mythril that you own can still be used at the in-game shop during Season 5 and beyond, but the shop itself and all purchased mythril will become invalid on January 6, 2023. No refunds will be offered for purchased mythril.

New items will continue to be added to the mythril shop in Season 5, but the same items may also be added to ticket or gil shops at the same time and become available to obtain without spending mythril. Items from the previous four seasons may also be added to the shop to be purchased without a premium currency.

Chocobo GP is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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