Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis debuts new trailer, closed beta in Summer 2023

Originally expected to launch this year, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, will now be holding a closed beta test in Summer 2023. A new trailer has been launched, which you can view below.

A smartphone game that spans the Final Fantasy VII compilation, it features a uniform top-down style with super deformed characters on static backgrounds, not too dissimilar from the original game. Combat is also a turn-based, with various abilities consuming sections of a charging ATB meter.

Scenarios from Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII are included, as we see Zack Fair battle Ifrit in Wutai alongside scenes from the original Final Fantasy VII. Concluding the trailer is a shot of a young Sephiroth, hinting there will be additional scenarios we haven’t seen before that feature various character perspectives not previously seen.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is currently announced for iOS and Android devices.

English — FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS Winter 2022 Trailer

Japanese — FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS Winter 2022 Trailer

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