New Final Fantasy XVI screenshots detail the world and battle system

In the latest trailer titled “Revenge“, Final Fantasy XVI protagonist Clive Rosfield is driven by revenge around events that transpire in his youth. While the motives and details behind this event remain unclear, he nevertheless embarks on a journey that the game’s story will revolve around.

As Dominants, they are able to summon massive and powerful “eikons”, beasts that correspond to the pantheon of Final Fantasy series summons, to their own peril. Alongside Clive is his canine companion Torgal, and various AI controlled party members that will come and go as the story transpires. Such allies are Jill Warrick, the dominant of Shiva, and Cidolfus Telamon, the dominant of Ramuh.

Clashes between Dominants who have summoned eikons into their bodies. They are large scale battles depict the the eikons on a huge scale.

High-speed battles where you switch between the power of numerous eikons that dwell within Clive.

The story-focused mode is recommended for players who want to fully enjoy the story. Eikonic abilities can be activated with simple operations, automatically evade enemy attacks, and concentrate on the story while enjoying the exhilaration of battle. There is also an action-focused mode in which all the operations are performed by the player. You can switch between these modes at any time, depending on your preference.

Clive’s sword skills and the power obtained from eikons are called “abilities” which come in a wide variety. It’s up to the player to decide what abilities to learn and which to strengthen. If you’re worried about training, use can use the support function to learn and strengthen all at once.

The ‘Buddy’ system will make use of Torgal, Clive’s reliable companion. He supports Clive by attacking enemies alongside him and restores Clive’s health. You can also enjoy battles more strategically by issuing instructions to Torgal. (See bottom left.)

Party members will also join Clive on his journey, and in battles they are operated by AI. Below, you can see Clive enhancing his abilities in the camp menu, issuing buddy commands to Torgal, and fighting alongside Cidolfus Telamon, Ramuh’s dominant.

In the map menu, the tabs include: Map, Journal, Item, Status, Equipment, Ability, System. Clive spends ability points to enhance the ‘Lunge’ ability.

New Character Artwork

Final Fantasy XVI will launch on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023.

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