This Week in Events — Week 50, 2022

Collected below are the latest events posted by Square Enix social accounts from the company’s repertoire of service games, including limited time campaigns and content updates.

Check out what’s new this week!

Babylon’s Fall

  • Babylon’s Fall will terminate service on February 27, 2023.
  • 11/29 — 2/27/23: Final Season

Chocobo GP

  • Version 1.4.0 is live, and includes: a new ‘Midgar’ course, seven new series, changes to the matchmaking process for the first race in Chocobo GP mode, and adjustments to various characters and story mode. [12/14]

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

  • Have you taken on the Guardian Raid yet? Individual event missions await players for dealing up to a total of four million damage during raid battles! These mission rewards include Power Orbs, Guard Orbs, Bloom Fragments, & more! Don’t miss out on these rewards! [12/13]
  • With Tier 12 right around the corner, there is no better time to take on Dimensions’ End: Transcendence in #DissidiaFFOO! Obtain lots of Gems by getting a PERFECT on each tier through support missions during the DET Campaign ongoing until December 29 UTC! [12/14]
  • Seymour’s BT and FR (ft. Kadaj!) arrive to #DissidiaFFOO! Oblivion’s BT effect lowers enemies’ stats and strengthens the party’s, and the effects increase with lower enemy HP! When the enemy HP is below 50%, party attacks remove 1 buff from target(s) (once per turn) as well! [12/15]

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai A Hero’s Bonds

  • Term 3 of Rank Battle: Season 14 opens on 12/12 at 10:00 pm PST! The boss of Term 3 is the Prism Peacock, which is weak to Fire and Shadow! Beware of its breath attack over a wide area, and use long-range attacks for a chance to counter! [12/12]
  • The Winter Holiday Campaign begins on 12/12! You can get Free Treasure Keys for up to x50 Treasure Hunts, and tons of Blue Gems from the limited-time login bonus! Plus, the Winter Holiday Present Quest is coming at the same time! [12/12]
  • The Cold Winds, Warm Hearts event is live! Proceed through Event Quests to team up with Popp (Winter Holiday) and Merle (Winter Holiday)! Upgrade materials, Blue Gems, and other items will randomly appear in Present Boxes, which you can get from quests! [12/13]
  • The Festive Fortune Teller’s Winter Seasonal Treasure Hunt is live! Featuring: Fir Tree Baton (Miracle Box special move) Winter Bolero Winter Skirt Paid Gems Only! Limit Five! 4★ Guaranteed Treasure Hunt ×10 is also live! [12/13]
  • The Festive Outfits Winter Seasonal Soul Hunt is now live! Seasonal Soul Crystals of Popp (Winter Holiday) and Merle (Winter Holiday) appear! Equip them on the allies you can team up with in the Cold Winds, Warm Hearts event with to gain an edge in the event! [12/13]
  • Term 3 of Rank Battle: Season 14 vs. Prism Peacock is now live! Term 3 runs from 12/12 at 10:00 pm to 12/18 at 5:59 pm PST. Don’t forget to collect your rewards when you check your results from Term 2 in the Battle Arena! [12/13]
  • The Winter Holiday Campaign is live! Log in daily to get up to 3,000 Blue Gems and Free Treasure Keys for up to x50 Treasure Hunts! Plus, you can get presents of 4★ Soul Crystals Gomechan (Winter Holiday) and Pinky (Winter Holiday) by logging in after 12/24! [12/14]
  • The Winter Holiday Present Quest is now live! You can take on quests for allies whose Bond Level is 6 or higher. Complete them to get Blue Gems, Experience Scrolls (Gold), and more! Deepen your bonds with allies and take on the Present Quest! [12/14]
  • The Festive Grand Sorcerer’s Winter Seasonal Treasure Hunt begins on 12/15 at 10:00 pm PST! Featuring: Horn Staff (Mystic Flames special move) Mystic Flames inflicts magical Fire damage in a wide area, weakens the target, and raises all allies’ Fire damage! [12/14]
  • Winter Free Treasure Hunt Keys x10 These can be used for either the ongoing Festive Fortune Teller’s Winter Seasonal Treasure Hunt or the Festive Grand Sorcerer’s Winter Seasonal Treasure Hunt, which begins on 12/15! You can get Treasure Keys for up to x50 hunts! [12/15]
  • In the Cold Winds, Warm Hearts event quest, Dai and co. had a great time exchanging presents! What was your favorite present exchange inthe story? Now it’s your turn! You’ve been tasked with getting a gift for the character you take a screenshot of, so what are your best ideas?! [12/15]
  • Venture further into Dimensions’ End: Transcendence with the arrival of Tier 12! Clear Tier 12 with a PERFECT to obtain rewards including Ruin’s Ultima Nuggets and Force Stone Fragments! In addition, take on the Grating Dead co-op token challenge available now! 12/15]

Dragon Quest Tact

  • Take on a Special Battle: Strongest Swimsuit Tag against Beach Goddess Jessica and Summer Angel Seraphi! Conquer this Special Battle and earn EX Icons for both Beach Mindini and Beach Majellan! [12/12]
  • There are tons of festivities to celebrate Silver Week in #DQTACT! Here’s a quick guide so that Tacticians won’t miss out any of the content in the Silver Week campaigns! Which Campaign are you most excited for? [12/13]
  • Let’s celebrate Silver Week, Tacticians! Log in for 2022 SW Ch. SP Scout Vouchers and get up to 30 free scouts! In theme with Silver Week, if you get all 10 silver scouts, you’ll get an additional scout ticket later with a guaranteed S-Rank! [12/14]
  • A new collab. arrives to #DQTACT on Dec. 22, 2022 (PST)** from the tactical mobile RPG, @wotvffbe ! Celebrate the event with a login bonus now for 1,000 Gems for free. **Start time of the event may vary based on the maintenance on Dec. 21 (PST) [12/15]
  • Get ready Tacticians, the War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Crossover Event is scheduled to launch on Dec. 21 (PST)! To celebrate, log in today for a special login bonus including up to 1,000 Gems! [12/15]

Echoes of Mana

  • Check out the special tech “Gift Tide Greetings” for 4★ Honeycomb -Shyest Santa-! Check in-game News for details. *Footage taken from a build that was under development.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Conquer an enormous aquatic monster in the new highly difficult quest, Twelve Types Takedown: Octomammoth! Be sure to equip your aquan killer to your wind and dark damage dealing units! Defeat Octomammoth in two levels of difficulty and obtain rewards! [12/12]
  • The time to put strategy into action has come in the new event dungeon, The Second Gate – The Light of Babel! [12/12]
  • Stand strong against daunting foes with the arrival of our allies from Xenogears! Check out new Neo Vision units, Holy Mother Reborn Elly, and The Emperor’s Emissary Citan and start planning out your way into victory with them in your team!

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

  • Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will end service on January 11, 2023.
  • Planned Future Updates! We’ve prepared a notice that highlights the planned upcoming events. We hope you’ll enjoy FF7FS until the end.
  • The Last Battle – Team Tournament Round 6 Starts Soon. Round 6 of Team matches is starting at 04:00 UTC today (12/12)! Come and join us! 04:00 UTC: uzpr47

Final Fantasy XI Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Just Cause Mobile

  • Just Cause Mobile’s global launch has been delayed out of this year.

Marvel’s Avengers

  • The Winter Soldier’s ‘White Wolf’ Outfit is in your Shipments rotation as the current Specialty Item until Jan 5! It’s guaranteed on your 100th claim. [12/13]
  • Update 2.7.1 goes live today on all platforms. It focuses on refining our new Omega-Level Threat: AIM’s Cloning Lab, and it introduces a new mission chain for the Winter Soldier that rewards PL 165 gear! [12/13]
  • “The Avengers. That’s what we call ourselves; sort of like a team. Earth’s mightiest heroes-type-of-thing.” Iron Man’s Outfit inspired by Marvel Studios’ ‘The Avengers’ lands in the Marketplace tomorrow! [12/14]

NieR Re[in]carnation

  • Last year’s holiday event quest is making a return! If you missed out on Rion’s holiday costume last year, this is your chance! [12/14]

Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

  • Meet Nicola, a thief in pursuit of the Red Hat’s legends, is making her debut appearance in OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent after the 12/14 update! [12/12]
  • In addition to Nicola’s Chosen Traveler Guiding Light, you can also guide her through a STEP UP Guiding Light with Free Rubies! Exchange 100 fragments for “Nicola’s Seal (★★★★☆)”, which will guide a Nicola at ★★★★☆ (4★ that can be raised to 5★)! [12/14]
  • Ri’tu Cup Race — Event Period: 12/14-12/21 PT Let’s take on the Ri’tu Cup TOGETHER! Unlock prizes through completing missions: Defeat Ri’tu for the first time! Defeat Ri’tu in 30/20/10 Turns or less! Check the in-game notice for more details!

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

  • The Seeker’s Path is back! Use this opportunity to develop your new characters or develop your existing characters to be ready to tackle the upcoming events! Which characters will you be focusing on? [12/12]
  • Rock out on the Fierciest Stage of them all in this new event! Collect Fierce Tickets [Ltd. Time] that drops in SaGa the Music Conquest/Main to take on the fiercest stage of them all and earn up to 3,000 Gems, have a rare chance of dropping Event Styles, and more! [12/12]
  • Limited-Time missions have arrived to each difficulty of Passion! Azami’s Training Dojo with Music! Deal as high TOTAL DAMAGE as you can to complete missions to get rewards like Promotion Scrolls, Gold Pieces, and more! [12/14]


  • The following will be available after this maintenance.
    -STEP Grimoire: Mistletoe Misfits: 1st Noel
    -STEP Grimoire: Mistletoe Misfits: 2nd Noel -2.5th Anniversary Medal Grimoire
    -More Twilight Crystals Promotion
    -Twilight Crystal/SR Weapon Set [12/12]
  • Co-op Guild Event: Advent of Revolution [12/12]
  • Events starting today! -STEP Grimoire: Mistletoe Misfits: 1st Noel -STEP Grimoire: Mistletoe Misfits: 2nd Noel -2.5th Anniversary Medal Grimoire -Twilight Crystal/Weapon Set -More Twilight Crystals Promotion -Co-op Guild Event: Advent of Revolution [12/13]
  • Holiday Event! Starting today, the new event Advent of Revolution is available to play! Gather Back Alley Shooting Gallery tickets in the event to win fantastic rewards! “An extravagant Xmas party?” [12/13]
  • The following will be available after maintenance. -STEP Grimoire: Dorothy’s Workshop/Light-up Bondage & Toybox of Brutality -TCs/Purification Ticket & Skip Ticket (Royal) Set [12/15]

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Relive the summertime with these units returning to #WOTVFFBE! Complete the Training Challenge Missions for UR Kilphe (Summer), UR Elsirelle (Summer), UR Kitone (Summer), and UR Lilyth (Summer) to get their respective unit shards! [12/12]
  • Relish the summer breeze in #WOTVFFBE! Clear the Beach Blossom Training Quest and obtain Job-enhancing materials for UR Helena (Summer)! [12/12]
  • Cool your head off in #WOTVFFBE! Complete the Jayden (Summer) Training Challenge Missions and “Stag of the Shining Summer” Training Challenge Missions to get their respective unit shards, vision card shards, other items like Ovalite (XL), JP Keys, and more! [12/13]
  • Celebrate this week’s amazing events in #WOTVFFBE! – Earn up to 2,100 Visore from the Login Bonus! – Get ready for the Raid Boss Revival! – Triple the items you can get from Daily Quests! – Unlock UR Howlet, MR Tyytas, and MR Chel’s second Character Quest! [12/14]
  • Brave the storm with the release of the new UR “Sage of Umbral Storms, Dark Ramuh” vision card in #WOTVFFBE! This Vision Card boosts the party’s Wind-type and Lightning-type units’ MAG/Slash Attack Resistance/Earth Attack Resistance (when at Max level). [12/14]
  • Interlude II: Part I, Scene 2 is now underway! [12/14]
  • WOTV FFBE Community Stream with Justin & Friends #14 will be held on SQUARE ENIX’s official Twitch and YouTube channels on December 19th at 7pm, World Time (PST)! [12/15]
  • Dominate the Porcelain Tower in #WOTVFFBE! Get the new equipment — UR Tempest Ring (Accessory) when you finish Floor 90! You can also collect Tower Medals that you can exchange for awesome rewards upon clearing floors. [12/15]

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