Life is Strange 2 coming to Nintendo Switch on February 2

Life is Strange 2, a narrative adventure game developed by French studio Don’t Nod and published by Square Enix, is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 2nd. Originally released back in 2019, it features branching paths based on your decisions at critical junctures, influencing how the story will play out.

The story revolves around the Diaz family, a pair of brothers: the older Sean, and the younger Daniel. It’s a seemingly normal day when tragedy strikes. A traumatic event awakens supernatural powers in Daniel, and the two are forced on the run from the police. Sean must look after his younger brother as they travel cross the United States toward Mexico, where they encounter myriad obstacles and characters on the way.

Catch the announcement trailer and screenshots below. You can pre-order the game beginning today.

Life is Strange 2 is also available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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