This Week in Events — Week 4, 2023

Collected below are the latest events posted by Square Enix social accounts from the company’s repertoire of service games, including limited time campaigns and content updates.

Check out what’s new — and stay tuned as we update throughout the week!

Babylon’s Fall

  • Babylon’s Fall will terminate service on February 27, 2023.
  • 11/29 — 2/27/23: Final Season

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

  • Lunafreya’s extra costume is now available until January 31 UTC! This costume is based on Lunafreya’s flowing white dress featured in Noctis’s dream in FINAL FANTASY XV! Don’t miss out on this limited-time wardrobe bundle! [1/23]
  • Machina’s Intersecting Wills brings two new Story Draws to DissdiaFFOO! These draws feature Machina’s new FR “Twin Durandals (0)” and his BT, along with Iroha’s BT and weapons for Zell and Penelo! As part of the 5th Anniversary Countdown, the first multi draw on both is FREE! [1/23]
  • Fusoya from FINAL FANTASY IV arrives to DissidiaFFOO! Watcher of the Slumbering (from LD Lunar Quake) makes party HP atks grant BRV based on Fusoya’s INT BRV, and Omniblast’s FR Time Effect raises party BRV gain and makes party attacks recover HP based on HP DMG dealt! [1/25]
  • Revealed in our 5th Anniversary DissidiaFFOO livestream, Penelo gets her GL-First BT, FR, and rework! Resplendence’s BT effect grants ally BRV when they deal an HP attack, and unlocks Fatal Dance for Penelo! Her FR (ft. Edward) has easy-to-satisfy HP DMG Bonus conditions! [1/27]

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai A Hero’s Bonds

  • Service for the game will be ending on April 26, 2023.
  • Chapter 22: Final Act of Valiance will be added to Dragon Tracks on 1/24 at 10:00 pm PST! [1/23]
  • Chapter 22: Final Act of Valiance will be added to Dragon Tracks on 1/24 at 12:00 am PST! [1/24]
  • Chapter 22: Final Act of Valiance will be added to Dragon Tracks on 1/25 at 12:00 am PST! [1/24]
  • Chapter 22: Final Act of Valiance was added to Dragon Tracks! Stronger bosses than ever before will appear from Dragon Tracks Chapter 22, with difficulties of Hero, Extreme, and Supreme! [1/25]
  • The Weapons of Thunder and Flame Treasure Hunt is now live! Featured Exclusive Equipment: Demon Dragon Blade Blazing Blade Sword of Bonds Staff of Bonds All equipment from Treasure Hunts up to now will appear from this Treasure Hunt on. The rate for 4★ equipment is 6% [1/26]
  • Special Missions are live! Complete missions to get Mission Points, and exchange them at the Mission Points Exchange to get all kinds of items! Exchange Tickets can be exchanged for 4★ equipment and 4★ Souls that can be acquired in Treasure Hunts, and other items! [1/26]
  • The final season of Rank Battle: Season 16 begins on 1/26 at 10:00 pm PST The boss of Term 1 is the King Slime, which is weak to Slash and Shadow! Equip area-of-effect skills to take care of its accompanying monsters, and be sure to hold down the front line with skill counters! [1/26]
  • Term 1 of Rank Battle: Season 16 vs. King Slime is now live! Season 16 is the final season of Rank Battle! Go for a high score with the allies you’ve bonded with! Term 1 runs from 1/26 at 10:00 pm PST to 2/1 at 9:59 pm PST. [1/27]

Dragon Quest Tact

  • DRAGON QUEST VII is now joining the Reminiscence! Tacticians can now recruit the A-rank Hero, Kiefer and take on returning DRAGON QUEST VII-themed event quests! Are you excited for the Reminiscence addition? [1/23]
  • Battle the Dark Lord and Heroes in the 2nd Anniversary Tower! Climb the 50 floors which get harder and harder and earn Gems as first-clear rewards for each floor! How far can you climb on this Tower? [1/24]
  • The arrival of DQVII to Reminiscence brings Talent Blossomings for some familiar characters! Check out new Talent Blossoming Upgrades for Hero Family S-Ranks Maribel and Ruff and ??? Family S-Rank Orgodemir! [1/26]
  • Check out the February Roadmap 2023 for DQTACT! First be frightened by a spooky event then check out the new events, Reminiscence, and Talent Blossomings headed for all Tacticians in the next month! [1/28]

Echoes of Mana

  • Check out the special tech “Red Dragon’s Ascent” for 4★ Sumo -Tomorrow Dawns Anew-. See in-game News for details. [1/23]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Time to settle the score! Will our heroes be able to handle what’s in store for them as they push onwards in their journey? Find out as the story continues! [1/23]
  • Hop on to the celebration with the new event dungeon, Hoppy New Year! [1/23]
  • Get ready for those who fight further! Lay waste to your enemies with ability awakenings and updates for Reno (FFVII REMAKE) and Legendary Hero Sephiroth. Check out the news for more information. [1/26]
  • Descendants of the Warriors of Dawn have arrived! Summon World Wayfarer Bartz and White Mage Krile together with Neo Vision Awakenable unit, Dark Mage Exdeath, with higher rates than usual from 1/26 (end of maintenance) to 2/8 (start of maintenance) PST! [1/27]
  • Traverse a mysterious forest with World Wayfarer Bartz and his allies in the new FINAL FANTASY V event dungeon, The Forest of Slumbering Crystals! [1/28]

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy XI Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Series 3 RankReward
Rank 5:Ballroom Etiquette — Discreet Discussion
Rank 10:Falcons Framer’s Kit
Rank 15:Logistics Node Identification Key
Rank 20:Ravens Framer’s Kit
Rank 25:False Monarchy Attire Coffer

Just Cause Mobile

Just Cause Mobile’s global launch has been delayed to 2023.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link

A prototype test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will be conducted in Japan in January 2023, with closed beta testing planned for Summer 2023.

Marvel’s Avengers

  • Marvel’s Avengers to cease content updates March 31, official support ending in September 30.
  • Update 2.7.2 goes live today offering minor fixes and improvements. [1/24]
  • This week in Marvel’s Avengers: Triple-XP for Thor and Captain America. Week 2 of the Corrupted Vibranium event. Shipments Specialty Item: Iron Man’s Outfit inspired by ‘Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3′ [1/26]

NieR Re[in]carnation

  • Introducing the Uncanny Fortune Teller! Find out what she’s all about by playing the latest chapter of The Sun and the Moon. [1/23]
  • The same story, a new perspective… Find out the truth behind the story of the sailor and the princess in the latest chapter of The Sun and the Moon! [1/23]
  • Abyssal Hunter Summons are here! Gayle has gone Abyssal! Don’t miss out on this opertunity to obtain her exclusive costume! [1/23]
  • Abyss Tower: Radiant Cell IV is here! Traverse through its floors to obtain rewards! [1/23]
  • NieR Day is coming soon! It only lasts for 24 hours, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get materials and enhance your characters! [1/26]
  • A new event quest, Record: Forest of Temptation is coming soon! [1/28]

Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

  • The OCTOPATHCotC Half-Year Anniversary celebration starts in 3 days, and we’ve got a lot in store for all of you travelers out there. While we wait to pull back the curtain on the festivities, we’re sending everyone 30 Rubies! Please check your in-game mail to receive them. [1/23]
  • The OCTOPATHCotC Half-Year Anniversary celebration is just around the corner! Look forward to lots of rubies, two FREE Guide 10s, a unique accessory, guidestones, and much, much more! Be sure to log in every day to join the festivities! [1/23]
  • From the original OCTOPATH TRAVELER, meet Ophilia, a cleric with a pure heart, making her debut appearance in OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent! [1/24]
  • From the original OCTOPATH TRAVELER, meet Olberic, a powerful swordsman searching for a purpose, is making his debut appearance in OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent! [1/24]
  • The Tower of Trials is coming soon! Accept Feintz the Cait Warrior’s challenge and battle for survival as you climb, earning rewards with a mysterious purpose. Be sure to manage your HP and SP well, or your challenge may end sooner than you think! [1/24]
  • Ultimate Techniques are coming soon! Impart your band with mysterious wisdom and unleash their hidden potential with powerful skills that can turn the tide! Devastate enemies with fierce deathblows, save travelers at the brink of doom, and more! [1/24]
  • In our search for the one who calls themselves a “God”, the mastermind behind the Black Scarlet, we find ourselves in the new town, Atlasdam… Find out what happens in Bestower of Fame Ch. 2! Releasing after the 1/25 update! [1/24]
  • The January Monthly Ruby sales will end soon and the February Ruby sales will begin! *Each item can be purchased up to 3 times during the period. ◇Sales Period The 1st of every month 9:00 (UTC) – The 1st of the following month 8:59 (UTC) [1/24]
  • Half-Year Anniversary Guidance: Part 1 available now! Get a free Guide 10 right away and explore the lands of Orsterra with new additions to your band, forging fellowships of wealth, power, and fame! [1/25]
  • The version 1.6 Update is here! Check out what has been added to OCTOPATH TRAVELER: CotC! Bestower of Fame Ch. 2 is out. Bonfires of Battle II areas added. New Nameless Town quests. And more! [1/25]
  • New Memoirs added! The Call of the Wicked God memoirs have been added! Read all 7 acts to learn more about a dark hand reaching out from the past! [1/25]
  • It may be cold outside (depending on where you live), but Chance Encounters warms up with the additions of Molrusso, Nicola, Harley, Alfyn, and Cyrus! If you missed out on their debut Guiding Lights, you now have a chance to guide these wonderful travelers. [1/26]

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

  • The best way to celebrate the Lunar New Year is the Dragon Lantern Fest and its here in #SaGaRS! Use this opportunity to develop characters to around 2,080 HP with Dragonlord (Golden) having a rare chance to appear for bonus rewards! Are you excited for the Lantern Fest? [1/23]
  • during the Lunar New Year! Collect Fireworks Viewing Tickets [Ltd. Time] and get rewards like SS Accessory [Spring Lantern Earrings], Gold Pieces, and more! [1/24]
  • The blessings from the Lunar New Year is here for all players in the Lunar New Year 2023 quest! Take on this event quest with your favorite Styles and get Style Pieces for those Styles! [1/25]
  • The Scarlet Pandemonium Melee makes a return to SaGaRS as part of the Lunar New Year! Defeat mighty foes that get stronger the further you go with rewards including Jewels, Gold Pieces, and more! [1/26]
  • Previous exclusive Styles makes their grand return with Romancing Festival Therese! This is your chance to pick up past Styles like [You’re My Prey Today] Therese, [Trials Up Ahead] Rouge, [Best Moment Ever!] Lyza, and [Punishment, Complete!] Robingirl! [1/27]


  • 30th Gran Colosseum Finals are Underway! The Library’s deadliest guilds have reached the finals! Finalists, keep an eye on the schedule! You won’t want to miss out on these rewards! [1/23]
  • The Developer Note (Jan 22, 2023) is posted below. The following will be available after this maintenance. -Recycled Grimoire [1/23]
  • Events starting today! -Cost 19+ SR x2 Guaranteed Recycled Grimoire -SR x1 Guaranteed Recycled Grimoire [1/23]
  • [Coming Soon] SINoALICE x Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Collaboration set for February 2, 2023! [1/25]
  • -Act of Fusion: New Chapters Unlocked -Act of Fusion New Chapters Release Celebration [1/25]
  • The following will be available after maintenance. -STEP Grimoire: Lavender Lion & Capricious Candlelight [1/25]
  • Event starting today! -STEP Grimoire: Lavender Lion & Capricious Candlelight -Act of Fusion: New Chapters Unlocked -Act of Fusion New Chapters Release Celebration [1/26]
  • Previous exclusive Styles makes their grand return with Romancing Festival Therese! This is your chance to pick up past Styles like [You’re My Prey Today] Therese, [Trials Up Ahead] Rouge, [Best Moment Ever!] Lyza, and [Punishment, Complete!] Robingirl! [1/26]
  • Guild Event! The guild box o’ grimoire, The Forgotten Records, starts 1/30 at 6:00 (UTC+0)! Join the Colosseum to gather character blood to trade for guild box o’ grimoires! More participants means more blood, so work together to get as much as you can! [1/28]

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • NEW YEAR PVP TOURNAMENT 2023 Auto Battle is coming!! [1/23]
  • Sparkle with delight on the battlefield with these new upgrades in WOTVFFBE! Enhance UR Moore the Merrier’s Master Ability by finishing her Character Quest 2! There’s more! You can now upgrade the equipment MR Pious Gloves to +6! [1/23]
  • The number of Slimes defeated in the Slime Hunting Campaign, held in commemoration of the DRAGON QUEST TACT collaboration, has reached 30,000,000! Thank you to all who participated! [1/25]
  • Commemorate the festive season this week in WOTVFFBE! – Enhance N Slime further at A Slime’s Adventure in Ardra #13! – Get up to 2,100 Visiore from the Login Bonus! – Enjoy upgrades for certain Jobs and Abilities! – Grab double the item drops from the Farplane Archives! [1/25]
  • Be jubilant as the UR “Excitement of the Eve” vision card lights the way in WOTVFFBE! It boosts the party’s Spear/Dagger/Mace-equippable Main Job units’ Critical Hit Rate/Slash Attack Resistance Piercing Rate/SPR (when at Max level). [1/25]
  • The wait is OVER! NEW YEAR PVP TOURNAMENT 2023 Auto Battle is tomorrow January 28, 18:00 PST!! [1/27]

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