The DioField Chronicle gets a free update today featuring Waltaquin, Very Hard mode

Last year’s strategy RPG The DioField Chronicle has a new, free update available today for all platforms.

This update includes five new missions from the perspective of Waltaquin Redditch, a character that joins you early on in the game’s story. Waltaquin will have access to a new basement area and a “Mind Map” system that will provide certain choices in the scenario. You’ll also have access to a new Magic Tome weapon type as well as Waltaquin’s Necromancy skills, which spawn enemies into the battle field that can then be transformed into skeletal dragons.

You can also challenge a new Behemoth boss, which will be the most powerful encounter in the game. Other challenges have been added with the implementation of a new “Extra Mode” when starting New Game Plus, where enemies have new adjustments to their levels and parameters. A “Very Hard” difficulty mode is also available.

The RPG features a “Real-Time Tactical Battle” system, in which you can move units across the battlefield individually or all at once, and select commands from menus to deploy class-specific abilities or magic and special attacks like summoned beasts.

The DioField Chronicle is available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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