Where to unlock new content and features in Final Fantasy XIV 6.35

An interstitial patch to follow Final Fantasy XIV‘s Gods Revel, Lands Tremble update goes live Tuesday, March 7th. Patch 6.35 features new content and features that we’ve summarized below — including where to unlock them.

While you’re here, we’ve got details on the return of Little Ladies’ Day seasonal event ending on March 15th or page through the notes from the latest Letter from the Producer Live broadcast.


Deep Dungeon
Eureka Orthos
👤 Koh Rabntah
🗺 Mor Dhona
🧭 X: 21.8 — Y: 8.1
❗ Quest: “Endwalker” (6.0 MSQ)
Palace of the Dead (clear Floor 50)
⚙ Lv. 81 Combat Job
Side Story Quest
Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures
👤 Delion
🗺 Radz-at-Han
🧭 X: 11.9 — Y: 11.1
❗ Quest: “The Imperfect Gentleman” (6.3 SSQ)
⚙ Lv. 90 Combat Job
Manderville Weapons
New Upgrade Phase
👤 Gerolt
🗺 Radz-at-Han
🧭 X: 12.0 — Y: 7.1
❗ Quest: “Make it a Manderville” (6.3 SSQ)
❗ Quest: “Generational Bonding” (6.35 SSQ)
⚙ Lv. 90 Combat Job
Splendorous Tools
Initial Upgrade Phase
👤 Chora-Zoi
🗺 Crystarium
🧭 X: 7.8 — Y: 11.4
❗ Quest: “Endwalker” (6.0 MSQ)
❗ Quest: “The Crystalline Mean” (5.0 SSQ)
❗ Unlock the Boutique of Splendours
(Speak to Mowen in Eulmore X:11.4 — Y:10.7)
⚙ Lv. 90 Crafting/Gathering Job
Tribal Quests
The Lopporits
👤 Dreamingway
🗺 Old Sharlayan
🧭 X: 11.7 — Y: 10.9
❗ Quest: “Endwalker” (6.0 MSQ)
❗ Quest: “Dream a Little Dream” (6.0 SQ)
*Side quest begins with “Name That Way
⚙ Lv. 80 Crafting Job


New furnishings have been added, including ones from a 2019 design contest.
• New Triple Triad cards have been added.
• A new tier of treasure hunt maps has been added to Wondrous Tails rewards.
• The zone Mare Lamentorum will temporarily have three instances to reduce congestion.
• Eureka Orthos will be added to the Party Finder once the instance is unlocked.
• The camera controls when accessing the character preview screen can now be adjusted separately from the standard camera controls.
• New mounts, minions, barding, hairstyles, fashion accessories and emotes have been added.

Deep Dungeon:

Eureka Orthos

Side Story Quest:

Somehow Further

Hildibrand Adventures

Tribal Quests:

The Lopporits

Enhancement Quests:

Manderville Weapons

& Splendorous Tools

New mounts, minions, barding, hairstyles,

fashion accessories and emotes

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