Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven announced, launches October 24

Square Enix is bringing back the likes of Romancing SaGa 2, with the announcement of Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct. The game will launch this year on October 24, and is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven tells the tale of a multi-generational journey to protect and expand one’s empire. After your homeland is attacked by one of the legendary Seven Heroes, the story branches off into one of vengeance and redemption where the player must fight to protect all they hold dear. Players will choose how the story develops, including who inherits the imperial throne with each successive generation.

Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven will feature the original and rearranged compositions from composer Kenji Ito, Japanese and English audio, the timeline system – which is a unique twist on strategic battles, new game mechanics, and more.


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