Romancing SaGa 2 Revenge of the Seven details the revamped battle system

In Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven, a 3D remake of the original 1993 RPG, battles commence when you encounter enemies in the field. Like the original, combat is a turn-based affair, but includes some updates similar to recent entries in the franchise – most notably the timeline feature. Player-controlled units and enemies will proceed one after another based on their position in a horizontal timeline at the top of the battle screen.

SaGa staples like enemy weaknesses return here, but this time they’re displayed underneath an enemy’s health gauge. Glimmers, a semi-random event in battle where you learn a new technique by using an existing technique, also return here – but you’ll be able to see in the action menu which selections are capable of producing them.

Exploiting said weaknesses will charge an overdrive bar that appears below your party’s portraits in battle. Once it’s full you can use it to power up your existing actions and launch a United Attack.

Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven launches on October 24, 2024 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Below, Square Enix shares new info and screenshots courtesy of the Square Enix blog.


Abilities & Spells

Glimmers & Evasion

United Attacks

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