Visions of Mana details Elemental traversal, combat, and class system

In the Mana series, eight powerful Elemental spirits represent the powers of nature, allowing players to use powerful abilities, or in Visions of Mana, powerful Moves bestowed with an elemental affinity.

But that’s not all. By harnessing their power, the game’s five playable protagonists can switch their class and gain new abilities by unlocking nodes on an Elemental Plot. Furthermore, each Elemental has a special ability that allows Val and company to traverse across the world, which Square Enix describes as largely open with minimal transitions.

Courtesy of the Square Enix blog, we get a deeper look at elemental travel and combat. Visions of Mana releases August 29th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, and Steam.

Combat in Visions of Mana

Battles in Visions of Mana are fast-paced and exciting. You’ll take enemies on in real-time, using combos and skills to take them out quickly and with style.

While you’ll start the game with basic attacks, it won’t be long before you’re able to equip and use all kinds of extra skills, from elemental abilities to Moves – powerful manoeuvres that cost MP to execute.

If you’re a fan of the Mana system, you’ll be familiar with the Ring Menu. It’s back in Visions of Mana! Only moves assigned to the Ring Menu can be used in battle, so you’ll have to think carefully about which you use, and how you distribute them across the team.

You can also swap between three active heroes with the press of a button, and even set behaviors so they can perform to your liking while you’re not at the wheel. These heroes are also impressively customizable – not only can you set their Moves, you can also change up their class through the use of Elemental Vessels.

Elemental Vessels

Elemental Vessels are mystical artifacts that house the power of the elements within them. Each vessel contains mana from a different element and our heroes can borrow these powers in combat and while exploring.


Elemental Triggers

When exploring, you can activate Elemental Triggers – glowing marks scattered throughout the land. Using an elemental power here will let you generate gusts of wind to fly through the air, move rocks, slow down time and more.

The more Elemental Vessels you collect, the more of these Triggers you’ll be able to use, so it’s worth revisiting areas you’ve been to once you have new Vessels – who knows what further secrets they may hold.


Switching Classes

Equipping an Elemental Vessel to a character allows you to change their class – and gives them access to special elemental attacks.

Different classes unlock different stats, weapon types, and unique moves or abilities based on their corresponding elemental. For example, some abilities can restrict an enemy’s movements or cast regenerative effects to heal your allies.

Elemental Vessels can be equipped to any character, and each has their own corresponding Classes (and costumes!). That means there’s an enormous potential for experimenting with different teams and characters to find the Class combinations that work for you!


Elemental Plot

We’ve talked about Moves, but how do you get new ones? The answer is through the Elemental Plot.

This shows how attuned a character is to each elemental vessel and advancing along it unlocks powerful moves and abilities. An additional branch of the plot is unlocked whenever you obtain a new vessel.

Moves you learn from the Elemental Plot can still be used, even if you switch Class from that element. However, the abilities are class-specific and can only be used when the corresponding Class (and associated Vessel) is equipped.

Elemental Vessels & Classes

Val – Rune Knight (left)
Careena – Dancer (right)

Morley – Nightblade (left)
Val – Aegis (right)

Val – Duelist (left)
Palamena – Grand Divner (center)
Julei – Scholar (right)

Val – Edelfrei (left)
Palamena – Beastleader (center)
Julei – Sage (right)

Val – Liege (left)
Careena – Divine Fist (center)
Palamena – Masquer (right)

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