In 2009, Nova Crystallis founder and Editor-in-chief Erren Van Duine created a simple blog with the aim of hosting the latest news on Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII. As an avid Final Fantasy fan, she wanted to create an accessible place for fans to read information from all over the world. As the site grew in recognition and traffic, Erren decided to take things to the next level – as of 2012 the site covered not only FNC but Final Fantasy as a series along with Kingdom Hearts and other Japanese Square Enix properties.

Over time, the site has seen many revisions – each with the aim of hosting more and more content. Today, Nova Crystallis exists to provide readers with the latest news, previews, screenshots, videos, and reviews in the ever growing world of Final Fantasy.

The current design for Nova Crystallis was designed by Andrew Ip and Erren Van Duine, with coding done by Andrew Ip. Some top bar elements and search box designs by Falsate.

Copyright Information

Any trailers, screenshots or artwork in the Nova Crystallis database belong to Square Enix.
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How Our Reviews Work

Nova Crystallis doesn't use review scores in the traditional sense. Instead we invite you to read the content of our reviews to understand what we took in from each game as a whole. Each review typically covers many aspects including story, gameplay, presentation, music and art design as well as additional commentary.

At the end of reviews we offer a small section called 'Verdict' that summarize the general mood of the review in a several paragraphs or so.

While a Nova Crystallis review is there to represent the feelings of the site, it is worth keeping in mind that any review is typically carried out by one member of staff. While their work is edited, proof read and questioned extensively, their opinion is theirs. You may not agree with it - and that's a good thing! Really, it is.

In the case of some larger titles we may post a 'second look', or there may be an import review and a domestic review from two different writers. Opinions may vary, and we encourage you to look over both reviews.

Privacy Policy

Nova Crystallis respects user privacy - we recognize keeping your personal data safe is important. Any data collected by registering for the user features of our site or forums will only be used for purposes of Nova Crystallis and will not be passed to any third parties.

We also collect log files - these are essentially statistics that include the IP Address, Internet Service Provider, Browser, Time Visited, Pages Visited and other general information about your time browsing our site. Again, these will not be used for anything but the uses of Nova Crystallis.

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