Final Fantasy XVI shares a look at its New Game Plus and 'Final Fantasy Mode'

Speaking with IGN, Final Fantasy XVI‘s main director Hiroshi Takai and battle director Ryota Suzuki shared what to expect upon completing the game. After you return to the main menu, you will have a new option for ‘New Game +’ that can be selected. All of your possessions, abilities, and level progression will carry over from the previous playthrough.

Next, you’ll have three options: Story Focused and Action Focused mode that are available the first time around, but a new option for ‘Final Fantasy Mode’ will be available. In Final Fantasy Mode, the level cap will raise to 100 but enemies will be “far more powerful.” You’ll also be able to forge the Ultima Weapon for Clive, and after you start this mode you will be unable to switch to Story or Action Focused modes.

In addition to higher level enemies, new formations will be found in the game that you didn’t previously encounter. In the Greatwood, a Wyvern mid-boss will battle you in the first playthrough, but in Final Fantasy Mode a Chimera will appear instead. In another area, an axe-wielding soldier is replaced with an iron giant enemy. You’ll also have full access to all of the Eikons you’ve acquired and developed from your first playthrough.

Final Fantasy XVI is set to release on June 22, 2023 for PlayStation 5.

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