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Final Fantasy XI’s May Update continues Voracious Resurgence, brings back Cornelia alter go
Final Fantasy XI's May 2022 Update is now available. In the latest developer digest, producer Akihiko Matsui and director Yoji Fujito share a breakdown of what's new in the May 2022 update. In Ambuscade, Volume One features Mamool Ja, while Volume Two features Pteraketos - both of them are returning bosses. In Volume One, the team adjusted the color of the Mamool Ja to match the color of their element for easier recognition. As for Volume Two, they increased the damage dealt when striking the enemy's weakness. However this does make enmity management harder so Matsui warns tanks to be sure and keep things under control. In this anniversary month of May, a Golden Bomb will be making an appearance in Volume Two - players can defeat it for a nice bonus. The version update will also adjust returning Ambuscade bosses. Regarding The Voracious Resurgence scenario update, the story begins with none other than Maat himself. The team teases that it's great timing for his appearance during the anniversary, and they hope you look forward to the story that will unfold. As for miscellaneous updates, a new version of the "Vana'diel March" song has been composed by Naoshi Mizuta for the 20th anniversary
This Week in Events — Week 19, 2022
Final Fantasy XIV arrives in NieR Recarnation this week, Final Fantasy XI players can get a shield for the Uniqlo Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary campaign, and Man with A Mission's latest mission is in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. Check out our summary of events and campaigns in Square Enix's service titles below Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Freya's LD arrives to #DissidiaFFOO, plus her & Zidane's reworks/LV90s! With LD equipped, Beauteous Way of the Dragoon raises 1 lvl after Freya's turn or 3 lvls w/LD use. At lvl 3 she can use Descending Dragon to deal dmg, heal allies, and grant BRV every turn until she lands! The long-awaited May Faire Campaign is back! Tackle the global exclusive co-op event, enjoy FREE first multi draws, new stickers, Daily Hunts, and more! The May Faire celebrations have begun and as part of the celebrations, two new Campaign Draws are available! These Draws feature a new LD weapon for Freya alongside weapons for Zidane, Faris, and Ciaran! As part of the May Faire, your first Multi Draw is FREE! Two new Event Draws have arrived as part of the Six-Warrior Quests event! These draws feature new BT and LD weapons for
This Week in Events — Week 18, 2022
Lightning strikes War of the Visions, Emet-Selch skulks in to NieR, and newly-launched Echoes of Mana kicks off its first campaigns. We've collected postings for the various events and goings-on for Square Enix service games in the summary below. Babylon’s Fall From Tuesday, 5/3/2022, at 02:00 until the start of maintenance on 05/31/2022. Quest rankings are now open for players to compete at earning the most Chapter Points when they complete the target quest, Elpis: Very Hard! You can earn prizes based on your final ranking when the event period ends, so keep pushing yourself and aim for the top ranks! Chocobo GP Season 1 has been extended to 5/29/2022; gil will now carry over from Season 1 to Season 2 instead of applying to your seasonal score.  Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Alphinaud’s LD arrives along with reworks and Level 90s. Terminal Disaster will grant Emissary of the Dawn, which increases BRV and HP damage and cannot be broken and inflicts Bio II and Miasma II, which increases BRV damage and triggers a HP Poison effect that activates before any action. Wakka also has a rework and Level 90s.Kurasame's extra costume is available for a limited time until Wed., May 18 at 01:59 UTC! From
New Final Fantasy XVI trailer expected to release ‘soon’
Merely a week since we heard Final Fantasy XVI is in the final stages of development, producer Naoki Yoshida could not help, but share even more news about the game by way of a special broadcast focusing on the upcoming collaborative event between NieR Reincarnation and Final Fantasy XIV. In a translation of the broadcast provided by @aitaikimochi, Yoshida shared to viewers that the development team have been working hard and dedicated a long time debugging and polishing the game. He also mentioned that he spent much of the Golden Week holidays making adjustments to the marketing plan of Final Fantasy XVI, and expressed a desire to give the team as much time as possible to continue polishing the game. Most noteworthy of all, Yoshida revealed that a brand new trailer for the game is expected to drop "soon", but no exact date or time was shared. Sit tight just for a little while longer, folks. Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PlayStation 5.
Actraiser Renaissance update toggles remake actions and adds soundtrack refinements
A new update for Actraiser Renaissance is available that adjusts a few key features and adds some quality of life touches. The game is a remake of the original 1990 Quintet title published by Enix, that merges a city building sim with a side scrolling action platformer and was praised for its unique design and soundtrack. You, the Lord of Light, enlist a loyal angel to travel to the world of men and guide them through their hardships with your ability to use miracles. You can check out the full list of updates below: Realm Management and Settlement Sieges / Raids The item and SP potion drop rates during realm management and settlement defense has been increased.The population requirements to complete certain objectives in Aitos and Marahna during realm management have been reduced.The option to skip previously completed settlement siege battles has been added. (This feature is only available after completing the game.) Realm Acts The difficulty of the Rafflasher boss fight in Marahna Act 1 has been adjusted.The "Renaissance Actions" setting has been added to the game settings menu. If toggled off, backstepping, combos, rising strikes and overhead slams will be disabled, providing players with an experience closer to the that of the original Actraiser.The
Chocobo GP extends its first season, adjusts Gil to carry over to next season
Square Enix shared today that Chocobo GP's first season will be extended to May 30th, increasing the amount of time players can collect Cloud and Squall as playable racers by spending Gil, an in-game currency obtained by levelling up a pass and participating in daily and weekly challenges, but can also be pumped with microtransactions -- a source of much derision from fans after the game was sold at a premium price. Additionally, Gil you obtain during Season 1 will carry now carry over to Season 2 instead of being converted into a seasonal score, which, seems like a good idea if a new round of racers and other features obtainable through these currencies are incoming. Full details on Season 2 will be coming soon, but Square Enix states that time attack rankings for all courses will be reset with the new season's debut. You can check out our review of the launch version of the game here. Chocobo GP is now available on Nintendo Switch.
Neverland claims World First title with fastest clear of Dragonsong’s Reprise ultimate raid
Final Fantasy XIV's latest Ultimate difficulty raid has been cleared by Neverland, claiming World First cred and the first to receive the coveted Heavens' Legend in-game title. Comprised of a group of North American and European players, the clear was reported to have occurred at 6:55 a.m. Pacific time the morning of May 2nd. An official review followed with a statement of congratulations from the game's development team will follow confirmation of the clear. The long-awaited Ultimate raid was previously delayed from an earlier patch due to ongoing development complications stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of prioritizing the Endwalker expansion's release. The theme of Dragonsong's Reprise is an alternate telling of the Dragonsong War, a thousand-year conflict that the 2015 expansion Heavensward revolves around. In this "what-if" tale, the Wandering Minstrel supposes how events would unfold differently had players saved a key ally that met their end during said conflict. While the events of this duty are only fiction, it colorfully explores key events and characters, showing them in a new light as the fight progresses from phase to phase. The synthesis of raid mechanics and storytelling have made a spectacle out of the Ultimate raid's release, with many spectators
Embracer Group enters agreement to purchase Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics from Square Enix
Breaking overnight, Square Enix have entered into an agreement to sell Eidos Montréal, Square Enix Montréal and Crystal Dynamics to Embracer Group in a $300 million dollar deal that includes IP like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief, and Legacy of Kain. Embracer Group is a conglomerate of many game studios, most notably Gearbox Software, THQ Nordic, and others. Embracer expects the transaction to be approved by the pertinent regulatory bodies and completed by July to September of this year. In a statement today, the stated reason for the sale will "assist in adapting to changes underway win the global business environment by establishing a more efficient allocation of resources." It's also stated that the deal will help the company "move forward with investments in fields including blockchain, AI, and the cloud" and to realign their other overseas publishers under the Japanese branch, such as Square Enix External Studios, Square Enix Collective, and will continue to publish franchises related to Just Cause, Outriders, and Life is Strange. Eidos Montréal has 500 employees across Canada and China, Square Enix Montréal includes 150 employees in Canda and the UK, and Crystal Dynamics has 300 employees across the United States including the new Crystal Northwest
Uniqlo x Final Fantasy collaboration heads to the US on May 16
Fashion brand Uniqlo will be offering up its recently launched Final Fantasy 35th anniversary collaboration in US stores and online beginning May 16 at mid-morning ET. The company launched its official page where the full line-up of limited-edition shirts can be viewed - one for each of the mainline Final Fantasy games including the yet to be released Final Fantasy XVI. Note on the website specific shirts will only be available in select stores, as indicated below their description. Each design is available in various sizes and runs at a cost of $19.90 per shirt. Those who make a purchase will be eligible to receive special 35th anniversary limited edition cards with further details yet to be announced. Check out the designs for each numbered shirt below.
Final Fantasy XVI is in the final stages of development
With Final Fantasy XVI set to reveal itself further sometime this Spring following nearly half a year delay due to the pandemic conditions, the latest bit of information comes from the most unlikely of places. It's not much but Final Fantasy as a series is currently being celebrated by Uniqlo with a number of shirts commemorating the 35th anniversary of the series. The company's latest in-store magazine has an interview with producer Naoki Yoshida, who has offered up a status update in the form of a brief comment. In a translation of said magazine provided by @aitaikimochi, Yoshida notes, "We're in the final stages of development for the new numbered game in the series, Final Fantasy XVI. We aim to deliver a comprehensive game full of story and gameplay. "Unlike an online game that involves many players at the same time, FFXVI offers a different experience where it focuses on the individual player and immerses you in the story. I think it's a very fleshed out story. For those who have grown up and realized that reality isn't kind to you and have drifted away from Final Fantasy, we hope that FFXVI will be a game that can bring back anew