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Final Fantasy XIV official cookbook goes on sale November 9
Square Enix and Insight Editions have partnered to produce a cookbook based on Final Fantasy XIV's culinary creations. Compiled by Victoria Rosenthal, the hardcover features recipes from across the game and its three expansions with varying levels of complexity and difficulty. A foreword penned by the game's producer and director Naoki Yoshida is included. Pre-orders are available now, and those who order through retailer GameStop will receive a version with an alternate cover (paissa plushie version pictured below.) Gallery Promotional Video
NieR Reincarnation chapter “Flickers of Light” arrives August 10
A new chapter arrives in NieR Recarnation, a free-to-play title on mobile devices, on August 10th. Starring "The Reluctant Hero," Square Enix summarizes thusly: A timid military captain who lives in a nation where wars rage without pause.He possessed the arrogance of youth and often butted heads with his commanders."I will do whatever I must to save him."With that thought in mind, the captain reaches down to the injured boy. NieR Recarnation features short stories as part of it's scenario, based on playable characters. The player takes the role of the Girl in White as she navigates a mysterious tower called "The Cage." Square Enix released the following trailer for the lastest chapter. NieR Recarnation is now available on iOS and Android devices.
Final Fantasy XV’s Cor Leonis comes to Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia
Final Fantasy XV's Cor Leonis is the next character to be added to Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Square Enix has revealed. He'll be apart of a limited time event featuring new content starting from now through August 10. Players who participate in the limited-time event called “The Man Known as The Immortal” can obtain global-first character Cor, his armor and weapons for free. Additional limited-time content includes: Free Multi Draw – Each player’s first multi draw is free on Cor’s banner during the campaign period. This banner features Cor’s EX weapon “Kotetsu (XV)” with EX ability “Lion’s Roar,” and his LD weapon “Honebami (XV)” with LD ability “Reflorescere.”Limited-Time Costume Bundle – An alternate costume bundle for Cor based on his older appearance and Crownsguard attire is available to purchase. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is available for smartphones as a free to play app.
Marvel’s Avengers expansion “War for Wakanda” out August 17
Square Enix has revealed the release date for upcoming Marvel's Avengers expansion "War for Wakanda". This free update will launch on August 17 to anyone who owns the base game. The expansion is set to add Black Panther, two new villains, a new environment to explore, new enemies, Birnin Zana Outpost, new solo or multiplayer Drop Zone and Threat Sector missions and more. Additionally, a War Table broadcast dedicated to the expansion will be held on August 16 at 10AM PDT, taking a look at new trailers and everything there is to know about War for Wakanda. An all-access weekend for Marvel's Avengers also begins today and runs through August 1 on PS4, PC and Stadia. To celebrate the all-access weekend, several limited-time special promotions are available for all players, including a 400% bonus to experience gained, a 50%-off sale in the in-game Marketplace, and the return of the Tachyon Anomaly event.
Fan-favorite Final Fantasy XIV books and media to return in 2022
Back by popular demand, Square Enix has announced a selection of popular Final Fantasy XIV books will be reprinted with new editions by 2022 including titles such as Encyclopaedia Eorzea vol.1 and vol. 2, the FINAL FANTASY XIV Poster Collection, and an English-translated edition of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Picture Book. Additionally, two new manga series, SINoALICE and My Happy Marriage, have been slated for release in 2022 as well. A tiny breakdown of these titles are as follows: Encyclopaedia Eorzea ~The World of FINAL FANTASY XIV~ The first of two volumes including a full-color in-depth look at the locales, factions, and history of Eorzea fully written and put together by the game's development team themselves. This book also includes a bonus item code for the in-game Namingway minion. Further details, as well as pre-ordering, can be found here. Both Vol.1 and 2 have been slated for a release on April 12, 2022. The second half of Square Enix's Encyclopaedia Eorzea collection contains a multitude of new lore and info on the new additions to the story of Final Fantasy XIV detailing new locales such as the new Eastern Continent explored in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Much like the first volume, this
Final Fantasy I, II, III Pixel Remaster Review
Classic Final Fantasy games from the 8-bit and 16-bit era have been ported and remastered several times before. From the first PlayStation, to the GameBoy Advance, to the PSP, and then smartphones, each iteration takes a certain approach whether it be adding new features and content or an updated graphical style. With many of these platforms now receding into relative obscurity, the call for Square Enix to update and port these games to more current platforms has rang ever louder. Final Fantasy III, for example, has never released in 2D outside of Japan. Announced earlier this year, the first six Final Fantasy titles will be given the "Pixel Remaster" treatment, with the first three launching on July 28th, and the next three to launch later this year. Currently, these remasters are only announced for Steam and smartphones. What's interesting is that there are remasters that currently exist on these platforms, but are being phased out in favor of the Pixel Remasters - as if Square Enix is positioning them as definitive versions. But are they really? From what I've played between each of the first three Pixel Remasters, it seems like a grab bag of features from every version, which is bound
Final Fantasy XVI will have a focus on British English; English recording going first
With Final Fantasy XVI's voice recording underway, producer Naoki Yoshida further elaborated on the current process during an appearance on the latest episode of Washagana TV. These comments come following words said during Final Fantasy XIV's 14-hour broadcast where it was revealed XVI's main scenario is now complete and English voice recording is underway. He shared a bit of insight into his role on Final Fantasy XIV - wherein he does not attend voice recording sessions due to his own policies. He wants to let the proper staff for those roles do their thing without being overbearing. As for Final Fantasy XVI, he doesn't attend those recording sessions either since he's not the scenario writer. "During story meetings, I do say my opinions like, ‘I think this line should be changed, considering the protagonist Clive’s emotions…’ Although the team has been doing a great job of taking my opinions into consideration," said Yoshida. He also notes that English recording is being approached first with a focus on British English. The team is recording facial movements because they can't possible hand-animate every cut of a scene. They're instead doing full facial motion capture and adding voices on top of that. "So this
Marvel’s Avengers is going free to download for an all-access weekend
Marvel’s Avengers, an action RPG from Square Enix, will be entirely free to download for a limited time to mark it's upcoming one-year anniversary. Starting July 29 and lasting until August 1, players will be able to download Marvel’s Avengers and play the game throughout the weekend at no cost on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia and PC via Steam. A similar all-access weekend will also be available for Xbox consoles in the coming months. Anyone interested in trying out this super-hero packed title only needs to visit their platform’s digital store and download the game during the all-access weekend. Players who purchase Marvel’s Avengers after the weekend concludes will have their progress carried over on the same platform and can continue where they left off. “There’s never been a better time to assemble in Marvel’s Avengers. We’re nearing our one-year anniversary, and players who jump in will get eight heroes, tons of single- and multi-player content, ongoing events, and more,” said Scot Amos, Co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “In addition, we have the War for Wakanda expansion coming in August, so now is a great opportunity to get started so you’re ready to play as Black Panther and take on
War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius celebrates Summer with a limited time in-game event
A new Summer celebration event is officially underway in Square Enix’s tactical mobile RPG War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Starting on July 21 and lasting until August 24 2021, players can log into the game and take part in special themed campaigns and events, summon limited-time units in fun summer-themed attire and obtain rewards by logging in and more. Here is the list of campaigns, summon banners and events, which include the following: New Limited-Time Summer Units: Ultra Rare units Lilyth and Kitone (both in summer attire) make their Global version debut through limited-time summons. Lilyth has a immobilization attack and can perform the Limit Burst "Beach Attack!", which will lower the resistance for Missile Attacks while simultaneously dealing damage. Kitone has a wide range of debuffs and can perform the Limit Burst "Swim Ring Attack", which deals damage to enemies within rage and has a chance to inflict Sleep. You can see both these units in action in the two trailers below. Lilyth (Summer) Kitone (Summer) Limited Time Summons: Various summon banners are now available throughout the campaign, including the Summer 2021 Part I Featured New Unit Summon, which will guarantee ten units, with one of them being of MR rarity
Final Fantasy XIV director apologizes for server congestion, lays out relief plan
Final Fantasy XIV has seen a boom in recent weeks. Positive word of mouth following the Shadowbringers expansion has kept the game in the conversation, and a global pandemic that saw many of us spending more time gaming saw to a steady rise in the number of active players. Players of another popular MMORPG World of Warcraft took notice. Dissatisfied with the state of the most popular game in it's genre, an exodus of sorts occurred, with popular content creators carrying many in tow to a game that seems to be in a prime state to welcome them in. It's been so rough that servers have had trouble accommodating login requests from the massive amounts of new players on top of existing ones, causing waits of up to 10-20 minutes to be able to play the game. Today, the game's director and producer Naoki Yoshida penned a letter apologizing for the disruption and laid out a plan to relieve the pressure on the game's servers. First, maintenance conducted last night re-introduced an automatic logout should players remain idle for a certain amount of time. In the past, we've seen this implemented around expansions to steady the incoming and outgoing flow of players