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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis announced for PC
Recently released mobile gacha title Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is heading to PC, Square Enix announced today. The PC version is still in development and will share data with the mobile version upon release. Not much else was revealed but the game is currently available for iOS and Android devices as of September 7. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is mobile game is a pocket edition of sorts that goes through the story of Final Fantasy VII and the stories of its original Compilation. The game features a chapter-structured single player experience along with new story elements penned by original series author Kazushige Nojima covering the origins of SOLDIER. For more on Ever Crisis, including our full impressions from its closed beta, head here.
Exploring the regions of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
The world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is already proving to be vast, as we saw during stage festivities at this year's Tokyo Game Show. With the weekend done and dusted, Square Enix has sent over a number of new screenshots detailing some of the expansive areas you'll explore in your time with the game when it launches for PlayStation 5 on February 29 next year. There's that, some activities you'll be able to do and returning characters from Final Fantasy VII Remake. Let's take a look: Exploring Kalm & the Grasslands Regions of the World Cloud and friends will journey across a large, open world where each region feels unique - completely with different enemies to encounter and different ways to go about its terrain. Each area comes full of new quests and rare treasures as long as you're willing to explore. The Grasslands A vast expanse of land that is rich with mako. There are smaller outposts and planetary fonts waiting for discovery across these plains. There's more to be had beyond the swamplands, but you'll need to rent a chocobo from the local ranch to make your way across. Gold Saucer A gilded paradise built over the Corel Desert. Owned by Shinra, the Gold Saucer
Foamstars previews open beta gameplay modes and characters
Foamstars is a new online shooter from Square Enix, and features characters who use foam-based weapons to spray foam at each other and on the arena itself. The foam can be layered to make vantage points or cover, and by "foaming up" another character and subsequently surfing over foam and into them, you can knock enemies out of play. This coming weekend (September 29th through October 1st) an open beta will be held on PlayStation 5 where two gameplay modes will be available: Smash the Star and Happy Bath Survival, each bringing a twist on how players operate within a team. Square Enix has also given us a rundown of all the characters that include their unique weapons and skills, as well as their bubble beastie friends. There will be eight characters to choose from in the open beta. Foamstars is currently announced for an early 2024 release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. From Square Enix: Beta Gameplay Modes SMASH THE STAR After knocking out seven enemy players, the best player on the opposing team will be chosen as the "Star Player." Win by knocking out the opposing team's Star Player. Protecting your team's Star Player can result in an epic comeback! HAPPY BATH SURVIVAL A battle where
Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 79 Summary; Patch 6.5 Part 1 launches October 3
In the 79th Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, Final Fantasy XIV director/producer Naoki Yoshida and global community manager Toshio Murouchi shared another round of information covering the upcoming Patch 6.5 Part 1 content during this year's Tokyo Game Show festivities. First and foremost, we now know this patch will release on October 3 and bring with it the next installment of the alliance raid tier, new main scenario quests, and additional updates. The second part of Patch 6.5 will also release from Mid-January 2024. We’ve summarized the major information below — check it out! Patch 6.5 Trailer What's to come in Patch 6.5 As is customary with the .5 patch, it will be split into two parts, including the main scenario quest. This will be the final main scenario update before next summer's Dawntrail expansion. To recap 6.5 content, the main scenario will continue in Part 1 and Part 2. The sidequest 'Tataru's Grand Endeavor' will continue in Patch 6.55. Endwalker Tribal Alliance Quests, Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures, and Further Manderville Weapons will be added in Patch 6.55. Splendorous Tools quests will be added in Patch 6.51. A new dungeon 'The Lunar Subterrane' will be added as well as a new trial 'The Abyssal Fracture' versus Zeromus. The trial will also
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth TGS gameplay deep dive – Kalm, chocobos, piano minigame and more
With Final Fantasy VII Rebirth now dated for arrival next year, Square Enix has lifted the curtain on even more information surrounding the second entry in the Final Fantasy VII Remake series. The company shared a wealth of information and new footage during their Tokyo Game Show stage festivities, which was presented by members of the staff including producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Naoki Hamaguchi and creative director Tetsuya Nomura. Special guest comedian Nobu was also in attendance to sound off on the upcoming sequel. After a quick introduction, we're introduced to the grassland area south of Midgar where Kalm is located. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the game experience will start here and there are dungeons and other terrain that can be explored in seamless fashion. There are various items in the field that can be picked up and crafted such as potions and other restorative items. Field actions will allow you to jump or climb to areas with various heights. There's other points of interest too, such as a baby chocobo that Cloud and co. can follow to unlock chocobo stop fast travel points. Red XIII is playable this time around and his unique skill is that he can charge a
Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince details its story and supporting cast
In the latest round of Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince information, Square Enix highlights more about the game's story and reveals its supporting cast of characters. The game stars an antagonist of the original Dragon Quest IV, Psaro, the Dark Prince, who is cursed by his father and is attempting to aid his ailing mother. There are also many allies that Psaro meets on his journey, including the elf Rose and the magic researcher Toilen Trubble. The game will have you assemble a party of monsters which can be encountered and capture in field areas. Psaro can then level them up to make them stronger and decide what skills and traits to learn. Monster parties also vary in members due to the size of their combatants. We get more of what to expect from the story and characters from Square Enix below: Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince will release on December 1 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Today, SQUARE ENIX revealed new details regarding the overarching story and key characters featured in the upcoming role-playing game DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince. Additionally, fans of the closely connected DRAGON QUEST IV: The Chapters of the Chosen story will also see the return of
Octopath Traveler II coming to Xbox and Windows in early 2024
Square Enix has announced that Octopath Traveler II will be coming to Xbox and Windows PC platforms early next year. The RPG is the second in a series of games that feature a HD-2D presentation, meaning HD visuals in a 3D play space with 2D sprites. It features a new setting so playing the first game isn't necessary, and you choose one of eight protagonists as the main character (though you can recruit the rest) and play through the casts' stories in chapter-based chunks. Combat is a turn-based affair that allows you to build up turns for greater damage and utilize a variety of unique jobs to exploit enemy weaknesses. The game is available now on PlayStaion 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. You can read our review of the game here.
SaGa Emerald Beyond Tokyo Game Show 2023 trailer
Square Enix has released the Tokyo Game Show 2023 trailer for SaGa Emerald Beyond, the newest title in the SaGa franchise announced for release in 2024. Taking cues from SaGa Scarlet Grace which released on the PlayStation Vita back in 2016 and the subsequent HD remaster SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions in 2018, Emerald Beyond features a similar battle system and overworld map. After you select one of six protagonists, the story that unfolds can change in myriad ways based on your decisions, moreso that in any previous SaGa title, according to Square Enix. Turn-based "timeline battles" also return, which have you strategically selecting actions that manipulate characters' positions on a timeline that governs when characters act. Series creator Akitoshi Kawazu returns as game designer and storyteller, Kenji Ito also returns as composer, and character design is handled by Satoshi Kuramochi (SaGa Scarlet Grace, World of Final Fantasy Maxima, Medical 91). Check out the trailer below, as well as the first story, character, and combat details.
Final Fantasy XIV details Patch 6.5 Growing Light Part 1, out in early October
The final major patch following the Endwalker expansion is set to arrive in early October. Split into two major parts, Growing Light - Part 1 will continue the main scenario in a penultimate push towards the Dawntrail expansion releasing next summer. October's update will also conclude the Myths of the Realm alliance raid series with the third duty: Thaleia. This series explores the mysteries of Eorzea's pantheon of gods and their true nature. A new expert dungeon and trial dovetail with the main scenario's Final Fantasy IV kick: inspired after the final dungeon and boss of the game. Additionally, an update to the Duty Support system will make all main scenario dungeons compatible with NPC AI, and the free trial will be expanded to include the second expansion Stormblood and all its post release content - allowing trial players to level up to 70 and participate in content such as the Return to Ivalice raid and the foray into Forbidden Land Eureka. Furthermore, Square Enix has announced that the next Letter from the Producer Live broadcast will take place at Tokyo Game Show on September 23rd. This live letter will be the second of a two-part preview into Patch 6.5. Later in October,
Star Ocean The Second Story R gets a free demo today, gameplay overview trailer
Star Ocean The Second Story R is set to release November 2 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Today, it gets a free demo that you can download and carry over any progress to the retail version. A remake of the second game in the Star Ocean series that originally released on the PlayStation, this version features all new visuals that blend 2D sprites and 3D environments. The game will include flavor text to give players a more realistic sense of journeying with a party, and that text can also be viewed in the party menu. In the fields, symbols will appear that represent enemy encounters. Maneuvering around them can help you avoid battles or chaining them together can be useful for training. Unique spots are sprinkled throughout the map and can help you discover items and experience points. Powerful enemies called "raid enemies" can also appear - and while they're very difficult they will drop powerful items. Fishing has been added to the game at various waterfronts. Fish you catch can be recorded in a fish encyclopedia and can be exchanged for rare items. Battles now have a 'Just Counter' system, where performing a backstep at the