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Harvestella announced for Nintendo Switch and PC; launches November 4
Square Enix revealed today a new game in development for Nintendo Switch and PC titled Harvestella - a new RPG that combines adventure and simulation elements such as crop tending, befriending townspeople and discovering the story of "Quietus" - a life-threatening calamity that comes with each passing season. It's said that the length of Quietus is getting longer every year. As with most RPGs, players will be out in the world exploring various cities and dungeons such as "Nemea Town," where cherry blossoms bloom all year round, "Seaside Town Shatolla," with a lively bar scene, "Lethe Village," with its colors of the four seasons, and the snow-covered "Holy Capital Argene." In order for players to reach the "Seaslight," the four giant crystals that govern the seasons, they're tasked to cross a rugged and beautiful path. Daily life involves the growing of crops which can be sold for money or used as crafting materials. They can also be used for cooking, with food items used to recover HP or increase stats. While at home, players can take care of animals including a round bird called Cluffowl, a goat named Woolum and their pet Totokaku. Along the way, you'll encounter new friends - Shrika, a
Live A Live demo prologue demo out today for Nintendo Switch
Live A Live fans can check out the beginning of three chapters of the game starting today. Nintendo's offering up a demo, available on the eshop, to give players a taste of what's to come when the full game launches on July 22. Said chapters include Imperial China, Twilight of Edo Japan and The Distant Future - which are just part of the game's major time period locations. Spanning across seven different eras, players can go through them in any order they wish – each of them unique in their own right. Save data from these locations in the demo can be carried over to the full game. Recently, it was revealed that the game will feature an exclusive theme song, “Go! Go! Buriki Daioh!” sung by Hironobu Kageyama of JAM Project and Dragon Ball Z fame in both Japanese and English for their respective versions during the Near Future chapter. Those looking to experience said song will have to wait for the final game when it releases on July 22.
Dragon Quest Treasures coming to Nintendo Switch on December 9
Dragon Quest Treasures will be heading west on Nintendo Switch on December 9, Square Enix and Nintendo announced today. The Dragon Quest XI-related spin-off features Erik and his sister Mia as protagonists as they dream of the day they can search for a grand treasure. Upon discovering a pair of mysterious creatures, they're spirited away to a land known as Draconia - a place filled with plenty to explore and treasures to be had. Erik and Mia will team up with various monsters that can be recruited throughout the game. By making use of these monsters' magical visions of hidden treasure and unique treasure-hunting abilities, scaling the terrain for treasure will be made that much easier. Trailer Screenshots
NieR Automata: The End of YorHa Edition announced for Nintendo Switch; launches October 6
NieR: Automata is making the jump to another platform under the guise of NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition, Square Enix revealed today. Featured on Nintendo's Direct showcase, the game will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on October 6 later this year. Priced at $39.99, the Switch version is slated to come packed with the 3C3C1D119440927 downloadable content. Three types of colosseums are included, along with three costumes from NieR Replicant, which can be obtained as rewards. Of course, in order to access said content, you'll need to have progressed through a certain point into the game's main scenario. Players can also download the free downloadable content 6C2P4A118680823. This Switch-exclusive downloadable content features six new costumes and four new accessories that can change appearances of your playable characters. It also includes two pod skins based on characters from the mobile title NieR Recarnation. Additionally, the physical release of the game will include a new reversible box art featuring A2 designed by concept artist Koda Kazuma. Character designer Akihiko Yoshida's art will of course be on the front cover. Originally released in 2017, NieR: Automata is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam. Screenshots Key Art
Mighty Thor update for Marvel’s Avengers arrives June 28
Jane Foster, "The Mighty Thor," is available Tuesday, June 28th in the latest Marvel's Avengers update. This update expands the roster with another version of Thor Odinson's kit, but with Jane-specific flair. It also includes a new scenario based around the character, who is pulled through a rift in spacetime from an alternate dimension. There, Odinson has given up his hammer Mjollnir after the events of A-Day, which cause cancer to develop in Jane — yet, she is chosen by Mjollnir and transforms into the Mighty Thor. Jane's abilities differ from Odinson's in that she has a more finesse to her kit. Quick Fire is a new ranged attack combo that allows the Mighty Thor to make a second powerful ranged attack by timing her next throw as she catches Mjollnir on its return. Her ranged power attacks draw inspiration from the comics, such as the Seek and Pin upgrade, which empowers Mjollnir to seek out and pin down enemies without needing to manually aim. Earth's Finest is her melee combo, and it integrates a hammer toss into her light attack combo for extra reach. Thunder Kick will send nearby enemies flying backwards. Mighty Thor's ultimate heroic All Weapon will send
This Week in Events — Week 26, 2022
Collected below are the latest events from Square Enix’s repertoire of service games, including limited time campaigns and content updates. Check out what’s new this week! Babylon's Fall 5/31 — 11/29: Season 2 - The Light of Aaru5/31 — 7/11: New items have been added to the Garaz Shop. The shop inventory has been expanded with exciting new gear to decorate your Sentinel, such as the refined beauty of the Crystal Attire Pack and the Gigant Gallu Attire that lets you dress up just like a Gigant Gallu! Chocobo GP Chocobo GP patch (Ver.1.1.0) is now live, featuring updates for the upcoming Season 2! Prize level rewards for Prize Pass holders will also be available for purchase at the Ticket Shop from Season 2 onwards in #ChocoboGP! Any Gil you earn during a season will be carried over into the next season too.Some rascals from the Chocobo series are making their way into #ChocoboGP! Chip from Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon series and the Kwackeys from #FinalFantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon have joined the race in Season 2. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia The King of Destruction Token Challenge brings another Event Draw to #DissidiaFFOO! This Draw features Jegran's Realizable BT "Candescent Crystal Blade (FFCC)", along with weapons for Amidatelion! Additionally,
Meet the characters in The DioField Chronicle
The DioField Chronicle is a new strategy RPG developed by Square Enix and Lancarse Ltd., set to release this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Enjoying peace for 200 years, the Kingdom of Alletain is drawn into a conflict between magic-wielding nations when it is discovered their homeland on the DioField Island is rich in a resource that powers said magic. You'll play as a member of the Blue Fox resistance group, elite mercenaries banded together to to repel invaders and to restore hope to your homeland. In battle you'll use what the team dubs the "Real-Time Tactical Battle" system that takes place on diorama-style sets and actively order units around battle. A variety of skills, classes and equipment will be at your disposal to claim victory. Below, we get a look at the backgrounds of the Blue Foxes: Andrias Rhondarson Voice Actor: Toby Regbo One of the four heads of the Blue Foxes. He is a calm, cool, and resourceful leader.  As a child he caught the eye of a nobleman who recognised something special in him, and after being trained as a soldier he became the chamberlain and bodyguard of the fourth in line to the throne,
Final Fantasy Record Keeper ends service for global client on September 29
Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Square Enix's longest-lived Final Fantasy-themed gacha title, will be ending service for its global client on September 29, 2022. In an announcement posted in-game, the team shares that they are "incredibly thankful to have enjoyeed the support of so many of you over the almost seven and a half years.. We make this announcement with a heavy heart, but hope you will be left with fond memories of adventure once the journey comes to an end. Developed in partnership with DeNa, Record Keeper puts you in the titular role, delving through "records" of key moments in the Final Fantasy franchise history. In doing so, the Record Keeper can recruit various characters from many titles, all represented by a unified 2D pixel aesthetic similar to Final Fantasy VI. Combat sequences were built on an Active Time Battle system, with abilities that could be deployed with a button press. As the game approaches the end of service, it will no longer sell its premium currency called "Gems" as of August 30, but any Gems you've purchased previously will be retained until the official end of service on September 29.
A quick look at what’s new in Crisis Core Reunion’s combat
Last week, Square Enix announced Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, a “high-quality remaster” that liberates the 15-year old prequel from the PlayStation Portable and brings it to modern platforms. The game was originally part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII multimedia project that sought to expand the universe of the original PlayStation game into console games, mobile games, anime, and CG film. Crisis Core features Zack Fair and his rise through the ranks of SOLDIER, a corporate military force that is given supernatural strength by imbuing their bodies with mako stolen from the planet which it uses to sustain all life. With that strength, the Shinra corporation uses it to wage war against its enemies as it seeks to expand and exploit any mako-rich resource it can find to power its central nervous system in Midgar. As they wage these wars, “heroes” emerge — manufactured in more ways than one. Zack befriends its most elite members but finds himself entangled in their struggles. As he seeks to join their ranks, he learns there is a steep price to pay for power. A minor character in the original game, Zack’s story is heavily intertwined with its main character — Cloud Strife,
Final Fantasy XVI will have AI party members, mature rating, new trailer in Autumn
A new salvo of Final Fantasy XVI interviews have bestowed new details about the 2023 action-RPG set to release on PlayStation 5. Featured is the game's producer Naoki Yoshida, who is also the producer and director of the franchise's latest MMORPG: Final Fantasy XIV. As the latest numbered entry, Yoshida says he faced a lot of pressure taking on two Final Fantasy projects simultaneously, insisting to upper management that he would only take it on if he limited himself to a producer role rather than serving in two roles as he does on FFXIV. There's also a lot of pressure in deciding the next destination for Final Fantasy, a series that has changed in myriad ways over its 35-year history, so much so that change is part of the tradition. However, Yoshida's role here is more keeping things on the rails rather than participating in the day to day creative decisions. The division Yoshida now helms, Creative Business Unit III, houses a lot of developers have a soft spot for the earlier titles in the series and their more medieval high-fantasy settings, and it was that affinity that lead them to create FFXVI's setting as you see it, rather than a modern