Ehren’s 3FP: Final Fantasy VII ~Open~ [Hiatus] By Ehren Rivers on June 4, 2013 at 1:11 AM

Today’s update will be very, very short. Because E3 is in just a week and I have to prepare for a lot of stuff, I decided it would be a good idea if I went on a bit of a break from these articles. I had planned to make an announcement sooner, but a good time hadn’t come up and I felt I should at least have gotten to play a little bit of VII beforehand so you’d have something to read. I’ll be back the Friday following the week of E3, so hang on until then!


~Monday, June 3rd

  • Started Final Fantasy VII
  • Fought to the end of the train platform and broke into the North Gate of a Mako facility
  • Forced to go with Barret on the way to the #1 Reactor Core
  • Defeated the Guard Scorpion security bot and escaped the soon-to-explode reactor
  • Snuck aboard the train and avoided the security measures
  • Met back at the bar, and planned the next attack
  • Had to jump the train early, but successfully snuck into and destroyed the #5 Reactor

…And that’s where I stopped, to write the article.

Now, just one other thing. Like I said, E3 is going to be a pretty busy time. There’s expected to just be sooo much content coming at us that I will probably have tons and tons of tabs open at all times. Do me a favor, everybody, and please remain civil during the event week. I know that emotions are running high, that everybody is anxious, and that everyone has their own titles they are excited for (or not). All I ask is that you don’t purposefully antagonize other people or get into fights! As far as I know, with Erren actually on the event floor I will probably be the only one around. So if you have questions during that week, don’t hesitate to reply to one of my comments.

Please look forward to E3, guys! I’ll catch you on the other side.