Final Fantasy VII Rebirth update 1.030 fixes trophy quest progression bugs

A new minor update is out for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that addresses a progression bug impacting a quest needed to claim a PlayStation trophy – preventing some completionists from their Platinum trophy.

It involves a quest chain players can undertake upon their return to the Gold Saucer in Chapter 12. The quest requires a player to achieve a specific number of points in the G-Bike minigame, and it appears it was not functioning correctly between the last minor update and now. Players who want to progress this quest after the update will need to play G-Bike and obtain the requisite score again, but the quest progress up until that point will not need to be replayed.

The “Cactuar Crusher” trophy also has fixed due to an issue that prevented its acquisition despite meeting the score requirement, as well as issues preventing the progression of Chadley’s intel, and, in rare circumstances, situations where certain Battle Simulator challenges would not activate after completing the requisite challenges.

Other updates address issues where under certain conditions where the game would soft lock after loading a save. It will also display the state of the last game’s save data for players who may be repeatedly loading saves.

Additionally, some “display bugs” were fixed, but eagle-eyed players have pointed out that some images of Stamp, the cartoon canine that changes in appearance for story reasons have also been “corrected”.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available for PlayStation 5. Catch our review here.

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