Final Fantasy Explorers screenshots show off new legacy characters, classes, more By Erren Van Duine on October 24, 2014 at 1:48 AM

Square Enix has updated the Final Fantasy Explorers official website, revealing new classes, trance cameos, and summon monsters. Engineers use a gun to attack from long range and have the ability to induce status effects. Red Mages are well-rounded fighters who can use physical attacks and many magic types.

Bartz (FF5), Tidus (FF10), and Yuna (FF10-2) have been revealed to be available transformations for use with the Trance ability. Finally, series’ classic summons Odin and Leviathan, as well as newcomer Amaterasu are newly revealed summon monsters waiting to be conquered. We also have the first artwork and screenshots for the bard, who uses song to a variety of effects such as healing or boosting the status of allies.

Finally, the Crystal Drive system has been introduced, which allows players to chain attacks as well the ability to call a summon creature for assistance performing a finishing move. Everything’s in the gallery below.

Final Fantasy Explorers releases in Japan on December 18th. A localized release has not been announced.