Future of Final Fantasy XI press event scheduled for March 19 By Erren Van Duine on March 17, 2015 at 12:02 PM

Square Enix is set to share some information on the future of Final Fantasy XI on Thursday, March 19th. The conference will be broadcast online and it’s there the company will be detailing their plans on the storied MMO going forward.

The event will be available on YouTube from 16:00 JST (3AM EDT).

The stream will be in Japanese only and will be made public when the event begins. An English language digest will be made available on the official forums.
Note that the broadcast may not be available in all regions.

  • Sarif

    Please be a tweaked game of an offline version. Hell, you can even call it “Final fantasy XI” since the older one has “online” in it.

    Full VAs
    Characters from the ground up to make up a party
    Comic book cutsense ala Diablo 3

    There, I just gave you a million dollar idea, and I won’t even ask for cut. Just make it happen

  • Krijn van Alten

    I don´t think that this will be good news. Square Enix mostly tells weeks beforehand that something is coming up. Now it´s just two days in advance.

    And for those who hope that they will make it F2P, dream on. The use of the servers cost SE a lot of money. This game is never made to be F2P.

    And than: there is XIV. Why making an HD version of XI (which will cost SE a lot of time and money) if you already have another MMO which is doing it quit well at the moment.

    So, I am afraid that this is the beginning of the end. But, we will see. just 1,5 day to find out.

  • Starlord

    Seeing this is a “Press Event”, They obviously want to show us something positive. If they were to go F2P or shutdown ( Which is a Negative) They wouldn’t need to schedule a press event, just announce to your fans on their website that FFXI will no longer be playable at X date. ( No need to make an event over it).

    Which leads me to believe they want to potentially do something big ( Maybe make FFXI HD’ed, or maybe announce future Expansion packs that is in early development or more).

    I don’t think this will be bad news. When you talk to the press, You speak of good things, not bad.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Like a press event can´t contain bad news. How naïve. Ever read a newspaper? It’s full of bad news also coming form a lot of press announcements.

  • Starlord

    What would be the point of announcing it to the world? Of course a Press Event “could contain bad news”, but they have to accompany it with good news, or else it’s pointless to even hold a press conference. ( Especially since it’s a conference SE scheduled).

    If there was going to be a “Closing of the game” they don’t need to tell the world that at all, as there would be no point. Simply just put it on the FFXI Website that the game will be discontinued at X date.

  • Krijn van Alten

    I am curious to know: in the meaningwhile we are more than 15 hours after the conference took place, and still no news item about it here, despite the fact that today you made two other articles. Did NC missed something?

  • Ehren Rivers

    Actually, I believe Erren has been working on a post about that. She’ll post it whenever she happens to have time.