Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part 1) scenario is complete By Red Makuzawa on December 15, 2015 at 4:14 AM

The main scenario for the first entry in Final Fantasy VII Remake has been completed, according to a new staff interview in Famitsu this week. Below is a preview of the magazine’s next issue – an 8-page piece with interviews with director Tetsuya Nomura, producer Yoshinori Kitase and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima as well.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to be released as a multi-part series in order to preserve the quality of the original using today’s game development standards. It’s currently in development for PlayStation 4.

  • Jesus Christ


    FFVII Remake this. FFVII Remake that.


  • ElAbuelo69

    Disney probably has him by the balls.

  • impactmotion

    Stay tune? proofread pls

  • Red Makuzawa

    This does not mean one bit that the first part will be releasing really soon, so don’t get too excited. It’s still good news to hear though.

  • Um, yeah… Back in 1996!! This isn’t news! I mean, yeah they said they were gonna tweet the scenario a little so that us oldies can get a few surprises here and there but seriously, how long could that take??

  • Patrick Bateman

    I am mostly eager to know how big scenario 1 is..it has to be more than just Midgar…

  • Wazi the pa


  • stevenm281

    I believe they mean that the scenario is done on paper, not in actual in-game development.

  • Matthew Ocampo

    WHAT THE HECK!? I thought one part will be just like a Full-Game? so now what? the part 1 is just the midgar thing!? -_- Still hoping for more newsssss!!! especially about AERITH!!!

  • SNK

    Dude, it’s just the scenario, not the game.

  • Wazi the pa

    Scenario refers to the story writing of a game. In this case, the story writing for Part 1 is complete. Everything else for Part 1 is still in development.

  • Matthew Ocampo

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m sorry

  • Actually I’m assuming it might be just Midgar, or up to the point where Cloud re-tells the story of Nibleheim in Kalm.

  • Matthew Ocampo

    Ooooohhhh!!! HAHAHA!!! Sorry I overeacted there!

  • Wazi the pa

    Yeah, it basically means that. They’ve got the story outlined but have yet to implement it into the game itself.

  • James Stine

    Not enough content.

  • They said they were gonna expand on it. I’m thinking the Shinra headquarters infiltration alone could last a good 10 hours, if properly explored.

  • stevenm281

    The whole Midgar slums and areas above the plate will be explorable this time around.

  • Miqote

    You most certainly did >.>

  • Patrick Bateman

    that would be soo boring…just saying lol going off what i already know about the story unless they plan to drastically change the story ( which doesn’t sound like something they want to do, they want to cut some things and add others, particularly things they couldnt fit or wouldnt work on a PSX but from the interviews sounds like they want to stick true to the core story)

    I can’t imagine a full 50-60 hour game of Midgar, even if it’s completely opened up, getting out of Midgar is when the game really starts. I hope they at least make it to Nibelheim, sounds like a lot of content but remember that’s just scratching the halfway point to Disc1…there’s still a whole 2 1/2 discs worth of story, unless they plan on farting out 8 “episodes” i honestly think the majority of people are really under-balling what episode 1 will consist of.

  • stevenm281

    The interview mentions that they’re adding a lot of backstory for Biggs, Wedge and Jessie.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    KHIII *yawn*

    I don’t care about some kids game.

  • Well, at this point all we can do is speculate but yeah apparently they plan on expanding on the compilation and exploring the stories of some other characters like Jesse, Biggs, Wedge, maybe the Turks, etc. I mean, who knows, maybe the game will start with Before Crisis, go all the way into Crisis Core and then we’ll start off with VII up to the end of Midgar. I dunno…

  • stevenm281

    no, they already mentioned that what we saw at PS Experience was the beginning of the game, so it does start at the same starting point than the original.

  • James Stine

    They never said the whole of the slums, but I imagine a large section of Midgar will be explorable now. I doubt that’s enough content for an entire game though…

  • James Stine

    Spending 10 hours in the original Shinra infiltration seems like a waste of time, the whole original deal was to bust into Shinra to get Aeris back but they get captured and then the final climax to that section with the death of the President and the escape.

    If I had to spend 10 hours in Shinra alone, I can’t imagine what the hell I would be doing in there for that long. You’re trying to be as quick as possible, not take your time.

  • Ralph

    Kill yourself now.


    FFVII shattered memories huahuahuahua.. seriosly, maybe they are breaking it into continent areas, so like for this chapter, the first continent, where you can find the whole midgar surrounded by plains and Maybe small villages here and there. (…) But I doubt it ! huahuahuahuahuahua

  • Zeref Dragneel

    Game looks pretty cool so far

  • Well, think of it this way. I bet the first time you played FF VII all those years a go when you didn’t know your way around it probably took you (not you specifically, just a random player) about 2-3 hours with all the random encounters and stuff. With a bit of expanding, it could easily go up to 7-8.

  • I’d like the game to be Part 1 everything leading up to the Weapons appearing. And Part 2 to be everything after the Weapons appear and all the way till Sephiroth’s death. If they did it like that that’d be two full games that wouldn’t need to leave anything out. But in this day and age of people hating on World Maps in development, I doubt they’ll have one. And they’ll likely do 4 or 5 parts instead of 2. Each one short like 35 hrs and then wait 2 yrs for the next part.

  • James Stine

    Where do you get Midgar from?

  • Mihel

    This guy are sick.

  • Matthew Ocampo

    No no that’s just a phrase, the “thing” thingy….gets?

  • Martin Hague

    part 1 should as it was on original?? but i suspect Part one will be Midgar to kalm village where cloud explains what happened 5 years ago before crisis.

  • Godsbane777

    Probably a long time. To ensure, to the best of their ability, us “oldies” don’t tear of their faces and **** down their throat for changing the “wrong” content. I would be terrified to remake this game for the world.