Here’s a bunch of new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots By Erren Van Duine on December 23, 2015 at 1:42 AM

Square Enix has uploaded several direct feed screenshots following Final Fantasy VII Remake’s appearance in Japanese magazines and Jump Festa the past week – giving fans another look at the long awaited project.

While these images aren’t exactly new – they’re all scenes from the newly released gameplay trailer – they do offer a closer look at the game’s visuals and battle system in action. According to director Tetsuya Nomura, the quality we see here will only get better and the gameplay video isn’t representative of what the team wants the final product to be.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4. See the latest screenshots below.

  • sofa king

    Now I know why they call him Biggs.

  • Jesus Christ

    Not impressed. No tingles. No WOOOHOOOO. Nothing. Nothing really stands out for me in these screen shots or the trailer itself. The trailer has a lot of similarities with the old FFVersusXIII trailer. In a sense it’s not fair because you can say had this trailer came out before the former trailer, I’d like it better. I don’t disagree with that. Too bad this is the case.

    The graphics of Cloud is very nice in the shot with the chubby baby face guy.

    Yeah that’s all the nice thing I can say about it.

    #HolyShield on. #HolyWater ready.

  • Dongmatteezzy

    I always see your comments in every FFVIIR article (not all tho) and you always said “oh I’m not impressed” stuff like that….PLEASE…Stop Whining….OKAY We get it! Funny your name is Jesus but you always find something in VIIR that you don’t like and you keep complaining about it…I can see that you appreciate some little things tho—-

  • Jesus Christ

    No. I will not.

    I will exercise my right to point out things I don’t like as long as I don’t violate any rules here. I should be able to do that freely. You don’t see me asking people to please stop praising the games. You remind of the celebrity stans on YouTube comment section. Whenever they see a “hater”, they would say “if you don’t like it, why watch the video” or something to that effect.

    PLEASE …. Stop Praising… OK I get it! Funny your avatar is Maranda Sings but you always find something in VIIR that you like and keep praising about it.

    #HolyShield used.

  • Justice V

    I really hope they keep the weapon changing aspect of the original in. I want to see Barrett with different guns and Cloud with different swords. Only reason I fear for it is because they’ve made the Buster sword so iconic to the game I’m afraid they might just have it change in menu but no visual change. No basis for that fear, just something tingling that I’m hoping never comes to pass hehe. In the same vein I reaaaallly hope we actually see characters wearing their materia this time around too. I want the holes in the buster sword used, little gems in the gauntlets/bracers and other weapons.

  • Dongmatteezzy

    Okay then Jesus good point! but this is just a glimpse of game and this is not the Finaaaaal so they might consider bringing some new things and make it more beautiful so it can satisfy youuuu! Just don’t always look in the BAD side of things because it is too early to judge this game

    AND…what’s wrong about Miranda Sings praising??? (I’m not actually praising the Game if you notice my comments in the other articles…I’m just waiting for AERITH to appear) Miranda can praise other things too! or are you a Hater of her? haha! (and again….I’m not PRAISING….yes I’m not 🙂

  • Jesus Christ

    Well, now Miss Sing. Thank you very much for acknowledging my stance. I appreciate it very much. Bless your voice. I meant heart.

    Look, let’s make it 100% clear. I don’t ALWAYS look at the bad side. You noticed it yourself above. “.I can see that you appreciate some little things tho—-” This applies to FFXV. Oh, gurl, I can hate on that game until the cow NEVER come home. But did you know that I also wants to make love with Cor Leonis? Ahh… you don’t! That’s a positive right?

    But just as you say it’s too early to judge the game. If everyone go by that statement religiously. I don’t want to see anybody praising this game or FFXV saying they will be the best ever. People are allow and will judge positively AND/OR negatively as news goes on. This is the reality. I wouldn’t want to inhibit your freedom to say what you feel. Please don’t do that to Me.

    I’m all smiles. I hope you are too. Let’s move on, gurlfriend.

  • Dongmatteezzy

    I can see that we understand each other huh 🙂

    Oh and I’m a teenager Boy I just don’t have a nice picture to be used as an icon or anything and I’m just a fan of miranda hihi (If my Grammar is not correct…I’m very sorry….I’m not American hehe)

  • dklassic

    Yeah, it’s hard to say if the weapon changing still exists because of the Buster sword. But maybe they’ll turn weapon changing into some sort of weapon modification. I do hope we get to hunt down ultimate weapon. At the meantime, maybe it’s possible that we’d be able to gather the swords Cloud uses in AC along the story, it would make a good replacement to the weapon changing for Cloud alone.
    Though they’d definitely include the material system, it’s not realistic for protagonists to wear glowing bulbs all around them. But I guess they’ll at least make it appear on the weapon.

  • Jesus Christ

    I am IMPRESSED by your maturity for teenage boy. You are willing to accept differences of opinions. For that, I thank you.


  • Dongmatteezzy

    Hah! XD You’re welcome!

  • impactmotion

    Do we have to pass screens that were all featured as frames in a trailer we all saw weeks ago as ‘new’? These aren’t really new. waste of time.

  • Patrick Bateman

    bump lol rather them update when they actually have something to update

  • Patrick Bateman

    “I want the holes in the buster sword used, little gems in the gauntlets/bracers and other weapons.”

    I’m not 100% sure that’s even what the holes are for..for the figures they’re used to hold the sword on the back, it kind of makes sense as well instead of having it magically hold on to nothing

    agree with wanting them to have different equipment though like they did in the classic, some people suggested and upgrade style ( not like XIII because that shit was horrible ) to transform everyone’s starting weapon and improve them, which i’d be okay with if they did it right, but ONLY if they did it right.

    the idea of restoring the Buster Sword to it’s former glory as the final weapon through a side quest makes my wiener tingle, with that said I’d still LOVE to see an updated HD take on his Ragnarok, Apocalypse and Ultimate Weapon.


    The AVALANCHE members need to look more real, Nomura fears the characters wont be recognized if he does that, but does he know how many FF fans are gonna buy and play this (around 97%), Cloud, Sephiroth and everyone will of course fcking be recognizable, this looks way too cartoony for a PS4 game, look at FFXV, that’s what you should do guys, they look amazing, look realistic and are recognizable at the same time.

    This is one the most beloved games in the entire world, so it needs the best treatment possible for its Remake, the visuals are also extremely vital.

  • glorious hd.
    But just like how people want to be flirted with but not by “ugly” people, so too do people want this game but only under their own conditions.
    Is humanity ever on the same page?


    man this game will be huge. cant wait

  • Dick

    Got to keep people clicking. I only bother coming on here now if it’s news I’ve already seen and want something convenient to find it. The content on here is becoming worse and less detailed by the week.

  • Danilo Barion de Oliveira

    I had the same impressions her =X

  • Zeref Dragneel

    Looks awesome!

  • Martian Wong

    You do know that they are creating the game based on how they used to look in the original FF7. So characters that look too cartoony cannot be a PS4 game? I am sorry for Mickey Mouse because he is going to show up in KH3.

  • Ader Bez Fontana

    Greatly impressed, almost cried. Whoohoooed here so much my neighbor had to move. Everything looks and plays amazing, probably no game has ever come to that level of amaziness

    Also, no similarity with FFXV. At All. Congrats Square-Enix, best gaming company of all times. Period.

  • I still can’t believe the visuals. They’re so gorgeous.

  • Its incredibly frustrating.

  • yea it is. but i guess if nothing else at least we know people are paying attention . Just hope people dont buy whole game systems just for what they think a game will be.

  • Yeah, true.


    Tetsuya Nomura said that You will be able to change characters in the battle. Im trying to imagine how Aerith will looks like running through the battlefield casting spells. Or Red or Caith Sith. Haha! This will be awesome! Cant wait to see it.
    Wait a minute!!! Do You all remember tthat moment with Cloud and Sephiroth gameplay? I dont remember it clearly but there was something like that. Cloud traveled with Sephiroth in original FFVII. It was short but I remember it. So that means… Will we be able to play Sephiroth?! That would be awesome!


    So you automatically assumed that I said such thing? Dude, KH has its own, cartoony style that’s widely embraced, FF on the other hand, always used its respective console’s engine to make the best graphics they could, and yes, their style was cartoony all the way, but as far as the entries go, they implement the realistic options the engine allows them to, which in recent FF titles, such as XIII and the still upcoming FFXV, the graphics are more and more realistic, while still keeping the cartoony core essential for a FF game.
    What I meant for FF7 Remake, was that the NPCs should look much more realistic, cause in the way they were portrayed in the trailer, they look DATED, what i meant was that the graphics should look more realistic, in the way of adding detail and expression to their faces and their whole body, they sincerely look like NPCs from a Re-Remastered Final Fantasy X game, which came out in 2001.
    They look horribly dated, and yes they will look cartoony a bit, but its 2016 and we got the PS4 and the Unreal Engine 4, so of course they fck can add lots of detail to their faces, but also realism, a balance between cartoon and real-looking characters can be produced, balance which i hope they’re looking for.

  • Martian Wong

    FF 7 Remake graphic is dated? How so? Re-Remastered of FFX came out this year not 2001. Unless you are referring to the original FFX.

  • stevenm281

    I really don’t share your opinion, it looks amazing for me.

  • Viroz

    If you’re referring to the big guy with the white top and red bandana, then that’s Wedge. Biggs is the guy talking to Jessie at the beginning of the trailer.

  • Nebel

    Would they respect the entired history?
    Because The Avalanche Group was terrorist group, and you killed a large amount of innocent people during the first mission (The explotion of the Reactor). Also, there is the scene when you visit the brothel, the Honey Bee Inn…. and other things.


    I understand your opinion, thanks for ur politeness


    Not the whole graphics, but the NPC’s. While Cloud looks amazing (I do like his sickly arms) , Wedge, Jessie and the others could look much much better, the Shinra soldiers even look slightly better than them.
    I know the FFX PS4 remaster came out this year, but its still a remaster of a 2001 game, what I meant was that the NPCs look like FFX characters remastered for a PS4

  • Martian Wong

    Let me rewatch it.


    Go hed

  • Patrick Bateman

    uhh Shinra killed more people in one moment when they dropped the plate on Sector 7 than AVALANCHE ever did with collateral damage, not to mention Barret leaves on a journey of guilt, Tifa tries to help out orphans with Cloud and Cloud wallows in his guilt. What’s your point? realistically when your in a war there will be deaths. Unless they decide to change a HUGE part of the story, judging by the recent trailer I think they’re sticking with the original story.

  • Chris JT

    Wow, are u serious??? I couldn’t even ask for better graphics. They’re phenomenal! Wow, you’re seriously nitpicking. I honestly wouldn’t mind if they used the anime style from the original game just in PS4 engine.
    Geez, some people are hard to please. And I’m USUALLY that way myself as I am an artist, but man…FFVIIR is spot-on!

  • Chris JT

    What? Wedge, Jesse, etc look on par with Cloud. They look amazing as does Barrett.


    Not at all, the face detail, eye texture, skin care, overall polygons, everything is vastly different from Barrett and Cloud (specially Cloud, duh), but NEVER in any game a Non Playable Character is gonna receive more attention in any way than a main, playable, more relevant character, in any game.


    You could say so for yourself and a lot of people, it is on spot indeed but this is FFVII Remake we’re talking about, it can be even more enhanced graphically-wise (everything-wise in fact), and yes you may call me hard to please for this game, but its just because I love the FF Franchise so much, I just want the absolute best for all titles of it, FFVII is no exception, and since its a title so huge and enormous, so it must be its Remake.

  • Piergiorgio from Italy

    I shiver at the idea of the visuals of THE SPOILER…. I will keep a blanket (=handkerchief HD…) nearby when playing….

  • Justice V

    Think in the Ultimatum or an interview with Nomura or something from waaaay back said the swords were held on via magnet magic or something like that, which would also make sense since not all the swords have the holes in the same spot (or any at all in some cases). But in game the buster sword had two materia slots in the equip screen, and the model of the sword had two holes. So makes sense it’s for the materia heh.