Hitman: New details about story, preorders and exclusive content By André Mackowiak on February 7, 2016 at 12:38 PM

Sony and Square Enix shared more information about the new game’s story structure, revealed the preorder goodies, as well as the PlayStation 4 exclusive content.

The episodic storytelling of Hitman is comparable with a tv series, as Hitman Community Manager Travis Barbour wrote on the Official PlayStation Blog.  The game will on the one hand tell individual stories about Agent 47’s targets, but on the other hand there is a longer story arc exploring key characters like the hitman himself, Diana Burnwood , the ICA and completely new characters. All narrative strands from each episode will run together through the course of a season.

As with a tv series, the story will develop through several seasons. The first season will start with the game’s launch and concludes with the content set in Japan, as Travis Barbour confirmed towards Nova Crystallis. This implies that the support for the game will continue in 2017.

No matter if you want to start with the Intro Pack priced 15$ or buy the whole first season for about 60$, preorders will include the “Requiem Blood Money Pack”. It includes the requiem legacy suit, blood money shirt, tie and gloves, a silenced ICA-18 chrome pistol and a white rubber duck explosive as in-game items.


PS4 gamers will receive six exclusive contracts, titled “The Sarajevo Six”. The contracts spin around the private military organization CICADA, who was involved in very doubtful operations in Europe and The Middle East.


The first exclusive contract, called “The Director”, will be available at launch. Your target is CICADA veteran and European boss Scott Samo. He is very attentive, well trained and usually surrounded by several other CICADA agents.

Source: Blog.US.PlayStation.com – Hitman on PS4: Beta and Story Details Revealed