Dragon Quest Heroes II multiplayer exclusive dungeon no longer exclusive due to fan demand By Red Makuzawa on March 1, 2016 at 5:22 AM

Dragon Quest Heroes II producer Ryota Aomi took to Twitter today to state that the previously announced multiplayer exclusive dungeon titled “Space-Time Labyrinth”, which was revealed in last week’s broadcast, will no longer be exclusive to multiplayer and can be accessed during single-player.

Ryota Aomi: “At first, the Space-Time Labyrinth was a multiplayer-exclusive dungeon, but after the February 24 announcement, after considering everyone’s heated requests, we’ve decided to enable single-player gameplay, as well.”

You can expect more details to come during the next live stream via Niconico on April 8th. Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End is set to release in Japan on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PSVita on May 27th.

  • Metabble

    This makes the game fully enjoyable in solo, which is fantastic for me.

  • Are they implying with these towns and dungeons that DQH2 will be more like an rpg wigh exploration and chests and secrets to find? More than just fights and gear and more fights.

  • Metabble

    Seems like it, but i think the story missions work similarly? (judging from the videos they showed). We’ll have to wait until DQ’s 30th anniversary to find out how it actually works.

  • Yeah, I’m gonna need to see it almost open-world or Kingdom Hearts level exploration before before I can shell out another $60 on this. DQ11 is a given though.