Hitman: Episode 2 release date announced By André Mackowiak on April 3, 2016 at 7:59 AM

IO-Interactive announced the the release date of the second Hitman episode Sapienza, which will come out on April 26.

The new episode is set in a sunny, fictional costal town and will include new targets, disguises and challenges.

Hitman releases as an episodic game, allowing players to give feedback and improve the game over several seasons.

In the last weeks IO released a patch, improving the rating system, overall experience and bringing back the disappeared “Requiem Pack” items. While the team added new Escalation Mode missions, the Illusive Target mode is still missing in the final game, but was promised to be released before Sapienza.

Illusive Targets are NPC targets, which show up in the game world for a limited time and players only got one chance to kill them before they are gone forever. There are no save games or restarts available.