Nomura comments on the possibility of The World Ends with You sequel, Final Fantasy VII Remake still far away By Red Makuzawa on June 15, 2016 at 3:57 AM

In an interview with Famitsu at E3 this week, Tetsuya Nomura discussed the possibility of a The World Ends with You sequel and also gave a minor update on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Regarding a sequel to The World Ends with You
Nomura noted the game has a big following outside of Japan and acknowledges that many people – especially from overseas have requested a sequel to be created. He points out that it won’t be an easy task to do, though the chances of doing one hasn’t been completely ruled out. First, he wants make sure he will have the staff/team required to produce a game equal to the original title.

Update on Final Fantasy VII Remake
Additionally, the director gave an update regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake. He mentions that the game is still a while away, but says not to worry as development is going at a steady pace. Square Enix will share more information about the game at a later time and when they do, Nomura will make an appearance to publicly reveal it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

  • Jesus Christ

    “He mentions that the game is still a while away,”

    Let S = infinity (a number greater than any countable number) = ∞
    Let Q = “Please be excited” = bull shoot
    Therefore, S x Q = infinite “Please be excited” = vaporware = when it comes out many people have already passed away. #MathematicalProof

  • Mina-P

    FFVII remake is the new XIII Versus confirmed, you heard it from the word of god

  • Josh Asher

    Are we gonna have to wait 10 years for VII REmake? And then someone has to come in and take over for Nomura and change a bunch of stuff?

  • Luke Watts

    So TGS?? PSX???

  • All Seeing Eye

    I’d give my right nut for an FFVI, VIII and IX remake. Hope SE is okay with one nut.

  • Krijn van Alten

    O, as exited that I am for the XII remaster (and a little for de VII remake), I should have been much more existed if they should have shared with us the first XVI teaser this E3. After 10 years of waiting for XV want something new, something fresh to look forward to, but after Nomura’s words here i am afraid it’s all remakes we got to see for the coming years.

  • As long as he’s still getting work that is his to control that’s fine. I want them to give him a break from drawing characters so he can rest up and come up with new designs. Too often he or his bosses tell him to make Roxas lookalikes. He’s been overworked like Motoi Sakaraba is for music.

  • strifev1

    16 is a blip in the back of SquareEnix’s minds right now. Would be surprised if they didn’t do sequels for 15 before going to 16. To me 16 is several years off.

  • Krijn van Alten

    They might well do that. But that doesn’t mean that XVI can come along as well. I mean, XIII was not even released and XIV was announced, and XI was announced before X-2. In other words: sequels don’t stop new instalments from happening, they are developing them at the same time only with different teams.

  • strifev1

    Eh, I wouldn’t use those as examples. They are both the MMOs of the series and are completely different.
    I just can’t see them showing 16 until they are completely done with 15 and it’s sequels if any.

  • They’ve stated before (thankfully) that XV won’t have any sequels. It WAS going to when Nomura was at the helm, but not anymore.

  • Krijn van Alten

    And why not use those examples then? Because you don’t play them? Well, I do, so for me these are perfect examples. I don’t mind if XVI should be an MMO, although i think it’s a little unlikely.

  • strifev1

    I play 14.
    But its an MMO so I don’t count it among the other main entries.
    I doubt 16 would be an MMO. 14 still has a lot of life left.

  • strifev1

    I would be down for some story DLC, but yeah I don’t think they should do sequels.

  • Krijn van Alten

    It is XIV, one of the main entries, but you don’t count is as such. Yeah right….

  • Gail Hays
  • All Seeing Eye

    Wow. You fund the remake then if you’re so rich.

  • Justice V

    I agree they shouldn’t be counted in those examples, but less for the fact that I don’t count them as main entries, but for the fact that the MMO’s are using completely different teams in almost every sense than the non MMO main entires. So them working on them simultaneously doesn’t really mean anything, unless yeah XVI is another MMO, but I doubt it. The main entries usually get people taken away to start working on the new games, or if they’re a completely new thing they’ll just get a team together of people from different projects kind of how Vs XIII started.

    The example that makes the most sense would be when XIII was announced and then Agito, and vs XIII were all announced even before XIII was released. And we’ve seen how that worked out for SE. So I think they’re doing fine for right now by playing it safe. Gamescom is a month before the release date and they should be far enough done with XV that no one would doubt them so maybe we’ll hear something then, TGS is September so again promotions of XV would be winding down and prepping for release so maybe an announcement there. But they’re probably just in the pre-development stages for XVI right now, though script could have been done years ago. Maybe they are waiting for XV to come out and see how it fares before jumping in to XVI, or focusing heavily on KH3 and VII:R next and most of BD2 will be split up and reassigned to those projects.

    If we don’t hear by the first conference in 2017 I would be a little more surprised though, but more so just because it’s the anniversary so you’d expect some news of the next FF. But yeah overall something new would be nice to see, but not really expecting it yet.

  • Ressan Sharif

    True but don’t forget that at the moment SE has 3 AAA games in the works in their main office. That doesn’t leave much room for people to be working on XVI outside of a few people coming up with ideas. I wager that VII:R has taken up the development that XVI would have received so we do need to wait for XV to come out before they start working on XVI.

  • Krijn van Alten

    First: XV is almost done, which means that a lot of persons who worked on XV are very likely already working on something else.

    Second: 3/2 AAA titels, you call that much? You are aware from the fact that SE alone has at least 8 different divisions, and then I don’t include the fact that more and more games are partly outsources (X/X-2 remaster was done for the most part outside SE for example). 3 Titles is really nothing these days.

  • Ressan Sharif

    They do have a lot of divisions, but the AAA titles are only done by a few teams usually. The other divisions are responsible for smaller titles, such as Dragon Quest builders, Type-0 and the like.

    Also, while XV is almost done they’ve still got a lot to do – UI redesign, porting & optimization, improving npcs, and the like. The tail end of a games development is also the part with the most effort needed to get the game out in time.

    I’m sure there are people working on the foundations of XVI but I doubt it would go into development for a long time. As far as I’m concerned, FFVII:R is taking the place of XVI and only when XV is out and VII:R is near release will they announce XVI.