Mirages, locations, characters and more showcased in latest World of Final Fantasy screenshots By Wazi the pa on October 3, 2016 at 7:20 AM

With only a few weeks away from the game’s release, the folks over at 4Gamer have released a bundle of new screenshots detailing World of Final Fantasy in more ways than one. The shots below showcase a wide variety of content including locations, Mirages, characters, quests and gameplay systems.

Specifically, we’re given a better look at Tifa (Final Fantasy VII), Rydia (Final Fantasy IV), Snow (Final Fantasy XIII) along with several classic series locations such as Nibelheim and Midgar’s Mako Reactor. The game also features another original character simply known as “The Girl Who Forgot Her Name.”

Additionally, we’re introduced to both Tifa and Snow’s special attacks – Final Heaven and Ruler Fist respectively – which deal massive damage to your opponents. Some of the new Mirages include Titan, Carbuncle, Tiamat and Pudding.





World of Final Fantasy is due out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 25 in North America, October 27 in Japan, and October 28 in Europe.