Watch the first 15 minutes of World of Final Fantasy in Japanese By Erren Van Duine on October 23, 2016 at 7:32 PM

The folks over at 4Gamer have gone up with new footage from World of Final Fantasy featuring the game’s opening 15 minutes. The video is from the Japanese version and gives us a look at protagonists Lann and Reynn as they adventure to the mysterious world of Grymoire.

World of Final Fantasy is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on October 25 in North America, October 27 in Japan and October 28 in Europe. A playable demo is now available worldwide for both platforms and includes a bonus “Magitek Armor P” Mirage for those who transfer their data to the final game.

  • What I miss about FFs is the days when there wasn’t some theme or gimmick ruining the wonder of the the magical world. I feel drawn to this game for that reason. But I’m repelled by the forced PokeMon-ness and the lack of limit breaks and overuse of chibi designs.

    Back in FF1-10 it was never a curse to be able to use magic like it was in 13s. And you wouldn’t be forced to only have one mage like in XV. I want FF16 and beyond to go back to the FF4-9 days where people simply went and learned to use spells or summon or sword-fight. It doesn’t have to be a big drama just to get one character to do more the Guard and Attack.

    PS: And if Limit Breaks, talking approachable summons, and unique character skills became common from game to game now, that’d be great.


    Only one mage in FFXV?! i think you can equip the other characters with magic spells.

    Other than that: FFX we only had one character to summon espers… Lulu was the only black mage (in the first half of the game). In earlier games you had characters with fixed job roles as well..

    FFXV has also >8 skill trees to learn new stuff for combat, techniques, magic, passive abillities etc… Btw. i played the Demo of World of FInal Fantasy.. and i realized how ATB bores me out these days. Dont like this game personally. and that pokemon stuff and stapling monsters on your chibi head is awful as well.

    and you see that this game has its origins on the PSVITA..

  • Randy Marsh

    We get it KOKA, you’re not a fan of current FF’s at times and aren’t a huge fan of this game. Do you constantly have to write an essay on this every time a new World of FF article pops up? This is like the 5th one in the span of 2-3 months.

  • I’m trying to figure out where I can go to get the kind of games I want. The majority of the time I wait for something for years then when it comes out its got one good thing about it and a lot of crap otherwise. Example Star Ocean 5 and Exist Archive.
    I write these to get the frustration off my chest and with the hopes that maybe someone out there knows of a gem I haven’t heard of. Some great RPG series I can get that won’t disappoint me after 5 hours. Help a brother out.

  • The one mage thing is about XV, for the most part, canon wise, only Noctis can use magic. I think the majority of the rest of the humanity can’t. I know they get limit break-ish moves but in WoFF they don’t. They just cut and paste in FF Heroes doing chibi versions of stuff they did in their own canon games.
    Fixed jobs are fine, as long as everyone has something unique and cool they can do. One blue mage, red, black, white, that’s fine. Because together they’re all mages and can do the job well. But these days it’s like everyone’s a red mage and you copy and paste spells over the whole cast and hope for the best. X was fine, no beef there. But I wouldn’t do that again.

    They did this monster rancher shit with Symphonia 2, 13-2, and a couple of there times. It’s always some Jane and John with a tone of little cute monsters.


    Thats totally wrong as i said before. Not only Noctis can use magic in FFXV. Ignis and the others can use magic, too. since magic is sumething that you can craft (combinations of wild magic like Firega+cure No problem).

    the magic grenades can be thrown by everyone and you can equip your team mates with magic spells, too.


    maybe you should stop living in the past?


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  • I’m not living in the past I just know what I like. Action RPGs are fun. But is that the only way to sell an RPG nowadays? I played Fallout 4 Witcher 3 Tomb Raider Reboot. I just don’t like them. Its not about nostalgia. Its about a difference in preference and taste.

  • But it’s a grenade not a real fireball spell produced by the soul or chi or something. It feels so manufactured and lifeless.