Hitman PS4 Pro enhancements detailed By Erren Van Duine on November 3, 2016 at 11:41 AM

Hitman is the latest title coming to PlayStation 4 Pro on November 10, Square Enix and Io-Interactive revealed today. In a new blog post on the game’s official website, the studio ran down a list of enhancements players can expect.

For those with a 4K TV, Hitman will now sport an increased resolution, reduction in aliasing, reflective surfaces improved and more detailed lighting effects implemented, all without compromising the frame rate or the overall gaming experience. The UI has also been rendered in native 4K. Furthermore, the game uses the extra memory of PS4 Pro to stream in higher quality textures, yielding more details.

Players on 1080p TVs and monitors will also see several improvements as the higher resolution image will be downsampled to 1080p to benefit from higher quality shading and less flickering highlights.

  • Lucas Guimaraes

    Now it’d be great if we got more details about FFXV on the Pro!

  • Yuntu

    But we already know the basics

    4k upscaled from higher resolution
    HDR (well that isn´t Pro exclusive)
    and for 1080p users the downsampling

    maybe a few graphical enhancements, but we shouldn´t expect much

  • Lucas Guimaraes

    All I wanna know is if the frame rate will be 30 or 60! It doesn’t matter which one I just want it to be stable. Because I know in the pre release 5 chapters that some reviewers are getting, the frame rate is kinda shaky

  • Yuntu

    its 30

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