Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age tops one million shipments and digital sales worldwide By Erren Van Duine on October 25, 2017 at 11:16 PM

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has topped one million unit and digital sales worldwide, Square Enix announced today. Followings its launch in July, the PlayStation 4 HD remaster introduced a number of additions including remastered HD graphics, soundtrack, a revamped battle system and more.

“Thank you to all the fans for helping us reach this milestone,” said Producer Hiroaki Kato. “We are overwhelmed with the response from both new players and fans of the original.”

To celebrate, Square Enix released a brand-new illustration by series artist Isamu Kamikokuryou.

Additionally, a remastered version of the original title screen trailer has been released. For more on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, including our full review, head here.

  • Carlos René Celano

    I hope they include this trailer back as it was in the original game, via update.

  • Serj_Angelo

    Glad this game did well, one of my favourity FF titles (if not THE favourite) and replaying the Remastered version reminded me why.
    Really hope there will be another title set in Ivalice.

  • King Zeus

    May the gods bless Square-Enix for this masterpiece!

  • Miqote

    nice nice, like the new artwork too!

  • Vallen

    I’m glad it’s doing well, the game deserves it. Now I hope they patch that trailer into the game (as in the original) and fix the PS4 game-start screen from the airship to that new art piece with Fran and Balthier at the center.


  • Codes McGodes

    Since people are sharing what they’d like to see added to the game, I’d like for them to add a Hard Mode bc this version was a thousand times easier than the original. And I’d also like the option to play with the original license board. Tbh I didn’t really like the Zodiac Job system.

  • Yuntu

    They said this game could decide if we get more Ivalice, so I think we might just get something.

    I mean apparantly Matsuno is willing to work with SE again looking at XIV, so fingers crossed.

  • Syul

    What a gorgeous new artwork! <3

    I'm currently playing FFXII:TZA and I'm so, SOOO hooked. Like, a ton. So much that it went, from a FF I didn't really care about, to being my 2nd favourite.

    When I played FFXII for the first time, when it came out so much years ago, the game didn't quite "resonate" with me, so I didn't play too much of it… And right now I'm grateful I didn't.

    I'm grateful because, if I had advanced a lot back then, I would have NEVER enjoyed it as much as I'm enjoying it now, because my perspective of things and my mindset have changed and matured a lot.

    Back then I didn't quite feel attracted by the characters or the story (which looked a bit tangled to me, and I didn't really get the politic things going on because I was 13 and not very much interested in politics), not even by the combat system. Now it's the opposite: I'm absolutely in love with the characters (specially my dear Basch!), totally invested in the story, and the combat style has become one of my favourites.

    The only things that maybe I would change would be: having 2 gambit "sheets" for character instead of one, and adding a gambit or two (like, "all group member's health below X")… and maybe a Hard Mode? But still, even if having these would have been cool, the game's just perfect as it is. I feel like, out of all the FFs I've played, this is the most complete one along with FFIX, to be honest.

    I'm going to cry my heart out when I finish FFXII and I know it, haha. Good thing that I bought its sequel Revenant Wings some years ago so that I'll still have some more adventures with the guys.

    Sooo congrats to this masterpiece called FFXII:TZA for getting one million sales, absolutely deserved it! _<

    PS — Funny fact: FFXII has the record of making me cry the earliest in a game, just with the opening scene I did.

  • Sequel?

  • Kyle

    I got all the trophies and still didn’t 100%. Great game, could never get into it until now.