Dissidia Final Fantasy NT open beta test begins today By Raptorchan on January 12, 2018 at 6:22 PM

The open beta test for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT begins today. Players interested can download the newest version of the game off the Playstation Store and will have access to the online and offline modes of the game, stages from mainline Final Fantasy games, character customization, ferocious summons you can call to battle and more.

According to Square Enix, access to the open beta will be open during the following times, with each session featuring a different selection of characters for fans to play:

  • From Friday, January 12 @ 6:00am PST to Monday, January 15 @ 1:00pm PST
  • From Monday, January 15 @ 2:00pm PST to Thursday, January 18 @ 1:00pm PST
  • From Thursday, January 18 @ 2:00pm PST to Sunday, January 21 @ 1:00pm PST

The open beta of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is free and available for everyone to participate in, does not require a PS Plus for online play and has the space requirement of 18 GB. The open beta will run from today, January 12, until January 21.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is scheduled to release for Playstation 4 in America and Europe on January 30 2018.

  • stevenm281

    Well its better than the previous BETA for sure, but it still takes forever for matchmaking and some matches have insane lag and framerate drops.

  • Artemis Polara

    Still not impressed with it… It just feels restrictive. I know I’ll sound like a broken record here but they didn’t need to make it feel so slow. Gundam Versus managed to be smooth, fast, and not feel restrictive. And it doesn’t really matter if they add a huge roster to this eventually, the underlying combat system just doesn’t feel as good. 012 was obviously better and I kinda wished people would mod in ways to do more than 1v1.

  • Kyle

    I’m definitely having fun with it. It’s a nice package overall delivering: addicting gameplay, crisp graphics and cool remixed soundtrack. Personally, I play the traditional 3D and 2D fighters, but this is a nice change of pace.

  • MajoraMan28

    Overall a very subpar soundtrack and I felt like it just doesn’t live up to the previous Dissidias
    Just my two cents though

  • Justice V

    Yeah first thing I did was pretty much go through the soundtrack and I’m not feeling any of these arrangements. I’m sure they’ll have the original versions to unlock somewhere in the game at some point, and hopefully include the original Dissidia’s music.

  • Justice V

    Surprisingly I never had much lag in the last Beta, but this one had my screen pretty much freeze for a few seconds at a time a bunch of times during different matches. Granted I just moved and I think my new internet is worse than my previous one so that could be a major factor. Just thought it was funny since so many complained about lag last time and for me it’s much worse this time around.

  • MajoraMan28

    I highly doubt it. The OST for the Arcade and NT is already out. We don’t have many of the old arrangements. The only musics I found to be great were OWA from the old Dissidia and the children choral version of the Dissidia theme

  • Kyle

    Hmmm… I definitely do not care much for the new soundtracks added specifically for Dissidia, but since I’ve played every FF, I enjoy hearing the remixes from the official source; wouldn’t understand what’s wrong with those.

  • mintiel

    Is the full release going to require PS Plus?

  • stevenm281


  • Randy Marsh

    I think this game is honestly fine as it is now that I’ve been able to give it a full go somewhat. Soundtrack is meh at times, but personally I’ve never been a fan of Ishimoto’s work, so that’s a me thing. I find the combat requiring somewhat more level of strategy than the original two Dissidia’s get EX Burst = Win mechanics that I kind of dreaded. Although the online is still a bit wonky and being paired with a person that is not that all too good or flat out has internet lag the equivalent of Taco Bell wifi frustrates me a bit on end at times, but that is just beta problems and people not being used to the game at times.

  • Ryuke

    The closed beta put me off, but this open beta has been much better. It’s put the game back on my radar, although still not a day one purchase. It’s definitely one to pick up in the sales though.

    Every online match I’ve played has lagged like crazy. Stutters and rubber bands every few seconds. Hopefully they sort that out as an outcome from this open beta.

  • Ryuke

    I agree, this definitely feels very sluggish even when comparing to the original Dissidia and 012. Movement, performing actions, there’s animation delays that make things take far too long to do what you want to do. And that stamina bar for rushing is totally unnecessary, needs ditching asap!

  • Artemis Polara

    The dashing by the way feels like on the XII Omega stage where the wind is constantly pushing against you and slowing down everything. That’s how the NT dashing feels all the time.